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  • ID:4-5937076 2017-2018学年北京朝阳区八十中学初二下学期期中英语试卷及答案(PDF版)


    单项选择 1. A. My B. Your C. His D. Her The lovely boy is my brother. name is Jason. 2. A. in B. from C. at D. on Toy has two English lessons Saturday morning. 3. A. so B. or C. for D. but Speak louder, everyone can understand you. 4. A. look B. smell C. feel D. taste The flowers very sweet. Let's go for a walk in the garden. 5. A. How often B. How far C. How long D. How old — have you studied English? — Since 2008. 6. A. grow B. to grow C. growing D. grown Hobbies can make you as a person. 7. A. plays B. played C. will play D. is playing — Where is Tony? — On the playground. He basketball with his friends. 8. A. appeared B. appears C. will appear D. has appeared Tintin in China in the 1980s and has been popular ever since then. 9. A. goes B. went C. has gone D. has been Miss Green isn't in the office. She to the library. 10. A. was driving B. has driven C. drove D. will drive Mr. Black a city bus for over 25 years till now. He likes his job. 完形填空 11. 1. A. sitting B. moving C. talking D. fighting 2. A. so B. while C. because D. although 3. A. read B. give C. spell D. change 4. A. anger B. worry C. sadness D. satisfaction 5. A. toy B. letter C. success D. surprise 6. A. notes B. faces C. boxes D. newspapers 7. A. broke B. darkened C. changed D. brightened 8. A. easy B. hard C. dull D. happy 9. A. yet B. ever C. never D. already 10. A. made B. brought C. taken D. taught It's been over eleven years now. One cold afternoon, my older son, Stephen, was at school. and Reed, my husband, at work. My two little boys were 1 around the kitchen table. Tom was perfecting a paper plane, 2 Sam was busy drawing. But Laura, our only daughter, sat quietly, working on her project. Once in a while she would ask how to 3 the name of someone in our family. Next, she would add flowers with small green leaves, complete with grass at the bottom. She finished off each with a sun in the upper right hand corner. Holding them at eye level, she let out a long sigh of 4 . "What are you making, Honey?" I asked. "It's a 5 " , she said. It wasn't until later that evening that I noticed a "mailbox" on the doors to each of our bedrooms. For the next few weeks, we received mail usually. There were little 6 showing her love for each of us. There were short letters full of thanks. I was in charge of Sam's letters, page after page full of colored sights including flowers with happy faces. "He can't read yet. But he can look at pictures." She said. Each time I received one of my little girl's gifts, it 7 my heart. I was touched at how carefully she watched. When Stephen lost a baseball game, there was a letter telling him she thought he was the best ballplayer in the whole world. After I had a particularly (特别) 8 day, there was a message thanking me for my efforts (努力), complete with a smiley face near the bottom corner of the page. This little girl is grown now, driving off every day to college. But some things about her have 9 changed. One afternoon only a week ago, I found a love note next to my bedside. "Thanks for always being there for me, Mom," it read, "I'm glad that we're the best of friends." I couldn't help but remember the precious child whose smile has 10 me countless hours of joy throughout the years. There are angels among us. I know I live with one. 阅读理解 12. (1) At what time can you see the stamps? A. B. C. D. (2) Which activity takes place at 8:00pm on Thursday? A. B. C. D. (3) If you are a football lover, which day is your lucky day? A. B. C. D. A Stamp Collection Show Do you want to see a large number of nice stamps from home and abroad? Come to the Stamp Show in the school hall from May to July. You can go there every Saturday from 9:00 am to 5:00p.m.. Game News Attention, please! Here is the news for football fans. There is a wonderful soccer game between Class One and Two on the school playground at 5:00 on Friday afternoon. Please come and watch it. You're sure to love it! Poster Special Night for English Film Fans Place: School hall Day: Thursday Time: 6:00 p.m.-11:00 p.m. Programs: King Kong 6:00pm-9:00pm The Sound of Music 9:15pm- 10:57pm You are sure to enjoy them! At 9 a.m. Sunday. At 8 p.m. Monday. At 5 p.m. Wednesday. At noon Saturday. Watching English movies. Enjoying a stamp show. Enjoying a football match. Watching the Sound of Music. Monday. Thursday. Friday. Saturday. 13. B Have you ever heard the saying "Don't rest on your laurels" ? “Laurels means the achievements (业绩) you have already got. The saying suggests that you shouldn't be so satisfied with your achievement that you'll no longer try to improve. As to this saying, Mike Perham has set us a good example. Mike Perham was born in 1992 in Hertfordshire, England. Mike started sailing at the age of seven. When he was 14 years old, he sailed across (1) Where was Mike born? A. B. C. D. (2) What's Mike's new dream? A. B. C. D. (3) What did Mike encourage young man to do? A. B. C. D. the Atlantic Ocean. he became the youngest person to sail across the Atlantic Ocean. You might think the achievements are good enough, but Mike doesn't think so. At the age of 17, he became the youngest person to sail all by himself around the world on a nine-month voyage(航海). Mike is now still trying his best to break the records and push himself further. For his next dream, he plans to fly around the world on his own, making him the first person of all ages to both sail and fly around the world. Mike wants his achievements to encourage young people to realize their dreams. Since his adventures, he has travelled widely, and he gives speeches at schools and youth clubs in the UK, Hong Kong and Australia on the theme (主题) of "Live the Dream" . In America. In England. In Hong Kong. In Australia. He plans to fly around the world. He wants to fly to the Atlantic Ocean. He plans to give speeches at schools. He wants to join youth clubs. To travel in the world. To get great achievements. To realize their dreams. To set others a good example. 14. C In 1937, Disney's cartoon, Snow White and Seven Dwarf's, was produced. It was the first full-length movie cartoon ever made. The film remains popular today. Snow White was followed by a number of other cartoon films, including Pinocchio, Fantasia and Bambi. In1950, Disney's company began to make non-cartoon films of the best novels in the world for young people. The company became not only one of the main producers of films but also a publisher(出版商) of books for children. In 1955, Disney opened a large amusement park called Disneyland in Los Angeles. Very quickly the park became an attractive place for both men and women, young and old. Disney died in 1966. He didn't live to see the opening of another Disney amusement park. The new park, opened in Florida in 1971, is called Walt Disney World. It is even larger than Disneyland and has become one of the world's most popular holiday places. (1) Disneyland was successful, because . A. B. C. D. (2) "Both of the parks" in Paragraph 4 refers to parks . A. B. C. D. (3) Which of the following is true? A. B. C. D. In both of the parks, visitors can ride, walk, or boat as they like. There is fairyland(仙境), where you can meet the characters from fairly tales and Disney's cartoons and films. If you want something more exciting, you may experience your own adventures. Since its opening, Disney World has been made larger and larger. It is made up of several wonderful and magic parts. Besides, Disney amusement parks have been built in other parts of the world. Tokyo Disneyland, for example, was opened to public in 1983. it became an attractive place for both men and women, young and old Snow White and Seven Dwarfs was popular people could not only see films but also read books there there were few amusement centers at that time in New York and in Los Angeles in Los Angeles and in Florida in Florida and in Tokyo in Tokyo and in Los Angeles Disney died before the 1960s. Disney died before Walt Disney World was set up in Florida. Snow White and Seven Dwarfs were not produced by Disney. Walt Disney World is smaller than it used to be. 15. D Space tourism might be the dream of many people on the planet, but a journey to space is not as easy as simply buying some tickets at a travel search engine; it is only reserved for the privileged few that can afford the cost. One of the options that impressed me most is the one offered by accompany called Space Adventures. What they have in place is a space tourism program that slows you to travel with the Soyuz to the International Space Station(ISS). The trip starts a few months in advance with intensive training dealing mainly with gravity operations, fight control and survival activities. When all tins training is over, your space trip begins. The trip can be planned exactly according to your needs, whether you're going for scientific research, or simply for an adventure. I doubt whether you will find any other kind of trip that has such a thorough preparation period beforehand. One of the great things to do, even if it makes you space trip a bit more expensive, is that you could go on a space walk during your trip. That would definitely be a good opportunity to dance with your loved one to a slow waltz…Sorry, I forget there's no sound in space! 选词填空 阅读与表达 (1) The underlined word "that" in the fourth paragraph refers to . A. B. C. D. (2) According to the passage, who is most likely to take part in the space tourism program? A. B. C. D. (3) Which of the following can be the best title of this passage? A. B. C. D. Whatever option you choose, the only obstacle you might face is the cost. All The other requirements seem to be less than those for getting a visa to a foreign country. Generally your height should be between 160 and 185 cm, your weight between 50 and 95 kg and be in good health. Finally, in answer to the question you've been wondering about. It is true that space tourism is expensive, but exactly how expensive would a normal scheduled fight to the ISS cost? Would you believe it costs between 40 million?! A Russian language course is included! a space walk a space program a space trip a space dance Mike, a millionaire, 180cm in height and 98 kg in weight, in good health Julia, a model, 177 cm tall and 48 kg heavy, with heart disease Ivan, a worker, 172 cm tall and 70 kg in weight, in excellent health condition Steve, a very rich businessman, very healthy, 178 cm tall and 89 kg heavy. Are you ready for a space trip? How to participate a space program? Space tourism--a dream come true? What is needed for space tourism? 30and 16. part enter result expect nervous latest My school life is quite happy in this semester for I have learnt a lot in my English class. My English teacher has not only helped us improve our English knowledge but also told us plenty of things about culture in English- speaking countries. As a 1 , I really become more confident when I speak English and I no longer feel 2 now. In class, my English teacher sometimes chooses an interesting topic about the 3 technologies. And we often 4 the English class for it is fun and full of knowledge. After class, my English teacher often encourages me and other students to 5 all kinds of English competitions. When we take 6 in these activities, we really feel that they can make us grow as a person, develop our interests and help us learn new skills. I really love my English class because I have a good English teacher. 17. 阅读短文,根据其内容简要回答问题。 书面表达(二选一) (1) How many suggestions are mentioned in this passage? (2) Why is the physical exercise good for seeping? (3) Can the alcohol and drugs make people relaxed? (4) How can you relax yourself before going to bed every night? (5) What is the main idea of this passage? Most teens need about more than 9 hours of sleep each night. But about 1 in 4 teens has trouble sleeping. How can we get the sleep we need? Here are some ideas: Be active during the day. You've probably noticed how much running little kids go and how soundly they sleep. Get at least 60 minutes of exercise a day. Physical (身体的) activity can reduce (减少) stress and help people feel more relaxed. Just don't work out too close to bedtime because exercise can wake you up before it slows you down. Avoid alcohol(酒精)and drugs. Lots of people think that alcohol or drugs will make them relaxed, but that's not true. Drugs and alcohol disturb (干扰) sleep, increasing a person's chance of waking up in the middle of the night. Keep a sleep habit. Going to bed at the same time every night helps the body expect sleep. Creating a set of bedtime routine can improve this relaxation effect (松弛效应). So before going to bed every night, you can do some reading, listen to music, spend time with a pet, keep a diary or do anything else to relax yourself. Expect a good night's sleep. The more you worry about not sleeping, the greater the risk you'll lie awake staring at the ceiling. Instead of worrying that you won't sleep, remind yourself that you can. Say "Tonight, I will sleep well" several times during the day. 18. 假如你是李华,你即将飞去英国见你的笔友Peter,为了使得Peter在机场接你时方便认出你,请根据以下问题给Peter写一 封电子邮件,介绍一下你自己的外貌与着装、你的爱好与特长、你遇到事情时的感受等。提示词语供选用。 提示词语:tall, hair, wear, hobby, enjoy, be good at, proud, happy, excited 提示问题:● What do you look like? ● What's your hobby? ● How do you feel when different things happen to you? To Peter From Li Hua Subject Re: Welcome to England Dear Peter, Thanks for inviting me to visit you in England. I can't wait to meet you........ I'm looking forward to seeing you. Yours, Li Hua 19. 健康对我们大家来说都很重要。学校正在举办题为 "Healthy living" 的英文征文活动。请你写一篇短文,谈谈健康的重要性 以及你在日常生活中在饮食和运动两个方面是怎么做的,并给大家提几点如何保持健康的建议。 提示词语: important, breakfast, exercise, walk, run, advice, healthy food 提示问题: ● What do you think of health? ● How do you keep healthy? ● What advice can you give on keeping healthy? Healthy Living 单项选择 完形填空 阅读理解 1. 【答案】C 2. 【答案】D 3. 【答案】A 4. 【答案】B 5. 【答案】C 6. 【答案】A 7. 【答案】D 8. 【答案】A 9. 【答案】C 10. 【答案】B 11. 【答案】ABCDD ADBCB 12. 【答案】(1)D (2)A (3)C 13. 【答案】(1)B (2)A 选词填空 阅读与表达 书面表达(二选一) (3)C 14. 【答案】(1)A (2)B (3)B 15. 【答案】(1)A (2)D (3)C 16. 【答案】1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. result nervous latest expect enter part 17. 【答案】(1)Four. (2)Physical activity can reduce stress and help people feel more relaxed. (3)No. (4)Do some reading, listen to music, spend time with a pet, keep a diary or do anything else (5)Some ideas about getting enough sleep. 18. 【答案】略 19. 【答案】略

  • ID:4-5915713 [精] 江苏省扬州市邗江区2018--2019年八年级下学期期中英语 解析版


    中小学教育资源及组卷应用平台 江苏省扬州市邗江区2019年春学期八下期中英语 解析版 第Ⅰ卷(选择题) 一、听力(略) 二、单项选择 从A、B、C、D四个选项中选择一个能填入题干空白处的最佳答案。 1.—Is Paris ______ European city? —Yes. It is one of the most beautiful cities in ______ France. A. a; the B. a; / C. an; the D. an; / 1. B考查冠词。句意:——巴黎是一个欧洲城市吗?——是的,它是法国最美丽的城市之一。第一空,根据句意,European以辅音音素开头,不定冠词用a,故排除C和D;第二空,in+国家,在....。是固定搭配。in France在法国,故排除A,故选B。 2. — She’s never been to Hainan, _________? — ________. She went there last week for the first time. A. has she; Yes, she has B. hasn’t she; No, she hasn’t C. is she; Yes, she is D. isn’t she; No, she isn’t 2. A考查反意疑问句。句意:——她从没去过海南,是不是?——不,她去过,上周她第一次去。第一空是考查反意疑问句,陈述句中有never,所以简短问句用肯定形式;第二空是考查反意疑问句的回答,根据“根据事实,前后一致”原则,事实情况她去过,所以用肯定形式的回答,故选A。 3. —What a poor old man! He has lived here _______for many years. —But he never feels ________, he always has many friends to talk with. A. alone, alone B. alone, lonely C. lonely, alone D. lonely, lonely 3. B考查形容词。句意:——多可怜的老人啊!他在这里独居多年。——但他从不感到孤独,他总是有许多朋友可以交谈。第一空,根据空前lived here可知,此空应填alone,是副词,意为“独自”;第二空,根据空前feels可知,此空应填lonely,是形容词,指“(情感上)孤独的,孤单的”,作表语。故选B。 4.—Does your father still write letters? —No, he _______ e-mails now. A. used to send B. is used to send C. used to sending D. is used to sending 【答案】D句意:——你父亲还在写信吗?——不,他现在习惯发电子邮件。根据 be/get used to doing sth.表示习惯于做某事或习惯于某事,to是介词,后面要跟名词、代词或动名词,而used to do sth.则表示过去常常,to后跟原形动词。可知,根据句意,此空应填is used to sending,故选D。 5.—How long have you ______ your new car? —________. A. had; For 2 years. B. bought; In 1999 C. kept; For half a year ago D. borrowed; Since 2007 5. A 考查现在完成时的用法。句意:——你的新车开了多久了?——两年了。根据句意可知,此句是现在完成时态;根据答语For 2 years,表示一段时间,要用延续性动词。故选A。 6.—Yangzhou is becoming a more and more popular tourist attraction. —Yes. There were many tourists in the Slender West Lake ______ it rained at the Qingming Festival. A. although B. unless C. until D. but 6. A考查连词。句意:——扬州正在成为一个越来越受欢迎的旅游胜地。——是的。虽然清明节下雨,但西湖还是有很多游客。根据空后it rained at the Qingming可知,此空知道,此空表示“虽然;尽管;即使;;不过;然而”,此空故题although。故选A。 7.—It’s too hot in the room. Would you mind me ______ the window? —_______. Go ahead. A. to open; Of course not. B. opening; Certainly not. C. opening; Of course. D. to open; Good idea. 7. B句意:——屋里太热了.你介意我打开窗户吗?——当然不介意。打开吧。考查动名词。前者考查固定mind doing sth介意做某事;后者考查Certainly not意为“当然不”。故选B。 8.―Why did you put a ladder the wall just now? ―Because I wanted to put up some beautiful pictures on the wall. A. opposite B. from C. against D. above 8. C考查介词的用法。句意:——刚才你为什么把梯子靠在墙上?——因为我想在墙上挂一些漂亮的画。根据句意可知,此空表示“紧靠”,应用against,故选C。 9. Don’t try to do everything at once. Take it a bit __________. A. at that time B. all the time C. at times D. at a time 9. D考查介词短语。句意:不要设法马上就做完所有的事情。一次做一点。at times 有时 ; at that time 在那时;at all times 总是;at a time 一次。故选D。 10.―Judy, do you know ? ―By speaking more and reading a lot. A. where to learn English B. who to ask for help with English C. how to improve English D. when to learn English 10. C考查动词不定式短语。句意:——朱迪,你知道如何提高英语吗?——通过多说多读。根据答语By speaking more and reading a lot.可知,是对方式的提问,故用how与动词不定式连用。故选C。 11. —How far is it from Yizhen to Yangzhou? —It’s about _________ ride by bus. A. one hour’s B. an one-hour C. one-hour’s D. one-hour 11. A考查名词所有格与复合形容词的用法。句意:——从义镇到扬州有多远?——坐公共汽车大约要一个小时。根据空后ride可知,此空应填形容词作定语,表示“一小时”,故用名词所有格,此空应填one hour’s,应选A;B选项由连字符构成的复合形容词也可以,但是one的首发音为/W/,是辅音,其前的不定冠词应用a。故选A。 12.Don't put the food out of his if you leave. It's difficult for him to move with his broken legs. A. reach B. feel C. taste D. touch 12. A考查名词。句意:如果你离开,不要把食物放在他够不到的地方。让他用伤腿移动太难了。首先,out of,表示在...之外。根据后一句,他用伤腿移动太难了。所以前一句要表达不要把吃的放到他够不到的地方。根据句意,此空意为“触摸,到达”,应用reach,故选A。 13.一 Shall we buy a map first, Simon? 一 No, you . Professor Wang will show us around the city and he's a know-all. A. can't B. shouldn't C. needn't D. mustn't 【答案】C考查情态动词。句意:——我们需要先买一张地图吗,西蒙?——不,你没有必要买。王教授将带我们参观这个城市,他无所不知。needn’t,意为“没有必要”。故选C。 14.—What a good __________ you’ve given me! —Don’t mention it. A. advice B. progress C. suggestion D. information 14. C考查名词。句意:——你给我多么好的建议啊!——不要再提了。根据What a可知,后加可数名词单数,这里是感谢別人提的一条建议,带有敬意,所以用suggestion。故选C。 15.—Excuse me, could you tell me where I could make a call? —Sorry, I’m a stranger here. —_____. A. Thanks a lot. B. That’s a pity C. Thanks anyway D. Sorry to hear that 15. C考查交际用语。句意:——对不起,你能告诉我在哪可以打电话吗?——对不起,我不是当地的人(对这里不熟)。——无论如何还是要谢谢你。根据对话情景可知,对话发生在两个陌生人之间,一人请求他人帮忙,但因为都是陌生人,未能提供帮助.对这种情景的回答,也要表示感谢,但在后面常用"anyway 或all the same"。故选C。 三、完形填空 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从各题所给的四个选项中选出一个最佳答案。 When Jan walks into the kitchen, her mum is reading a book at the table. Jan goes to the fridge and looks inside___16___ a drink. Mum doesn’t look up from her book. It’s always___17___. When she starts reading a book, she can’t stop___18___she reaches the end. “Can you give something for my time capsule?” Ann asks. “Your what?” Jan can’t ___19___ her mother doesn’t know___20___a time capsule is. “You put things inside it___21___then bury it in the___22___for somebody to find it in the future.” Mum puts down her book and looks___23___at Jan. “What do you put inside?” “ ___24___things… a letter… things related to___25___, a diary, a newspaper. When the person finds it, he can___26___ things about the past and …me…” “Why do you want to do this?” “It’s a school___27___ for Mrs. Zinger” “And you want me to give you something to put ___28___the time capsule?” “No, I want something to put the things into. I need a container, maybe a box, I need something strong to ___29___the things inside.” Mum goes to one of the cupboards and ___30___a large biscuit tin. Jan thinks that it is a perfect choice. 16. A. of B. for C. to D. up 17. A. same B. different C. the same D. the different 18. A. till B. until C. to D. towards 19. A. realize B. trust C. believe D. think 20. A. that B. what C. why D. which 21. A. but B. or C. and D. so 22. A. room B. house C. park D. garden 23. A. cross B. across C. towards D. through 24. A. Small B. Old C. Interesting D. Personal 25. A. past B. now C. future D. time 26. A. find B. research C. discover D. find out 27. A. thing B. task C. work D. project 28. A. in B. to C. inside D. outside 29. A. keep B. protect C. cover D. hold 30. A. take out B. take into C. put up D. put on 【答案】16. B 17. C 18. B 19. C 20. B 21. C 22. D 23. B 24. D 25. B 26. C 27. D 28. C 29. B 30. A 【文章大意】简走进厨房时,她妈妈正在桌旁看书。简去冰箱里找了一杯饮料。妈妈从不从书上抬起头来。总是一样的。当她开始读一本书的时候,她不能停下来直到她读到最后。“你能给我一些时间胶囊吗?”安问。 “你怎么了?”简不敢相信她妈妈不知道什么是时间胶囊。“你把东西放在里面。然后把它埋在花园里,让别人在将来找到它。”妈妈放下书,看着简对面的“你放了什么?”““私人物品……一封信……与现在有关的物品……一本日记,一份报纸。当这个人发现了它,他就能发现过去的事情……我……”“你为什么要这样做?““这是Zinger夫人的学校项目”“你想让我给你一些东西放进时间胶囊里吗?““不,我想把东西放进去。我需要一个容器,也许是一个盒子,我需要一些坚固的东西来保护里面的东西。”妈妈走到一个橱柜前拿出一个大饼干罐。简认为这是一个完美的选择。 16. B 考查介词。句意:简去冰箱里找了一杯饮料。根据句意可知,此空是表示对象,此空故填介词for。故选B。 17. C 考查形容词的用法。句意:总是一样的。根据上句Mum doesn’t look up from her book.可知,此空的意思是相同的,同一事物,上述事物,此空故填the same,故选C。 18. B 考查连词。句意:当她开始读一本书的时候,她不能停止读到最后。根据空前 she can’t stop可知,此句是not….until…引导的时间状语从句,此空故填until,故选B。 19. C 考查动词。句意:简不知道她妈妈不知道时间胶囊是什么。根据空前can’t可知,此空故填动词原形,此句是宾语从句,根据上句Your what?可知,此空是相信的意思,此空故填believe,故选C。 20. B 考查宾语从句。句意:简不相信她妈妈不知道时间胶囊是什么。根据空前her mother doesn’t know可知,此空缺少宾语,此空故填what。故选B。 21. C 考查并列连词。句意:你把东西放在里面,然后埋在里面,让别人在将来找到它。根据前句You put things inside it与下句then bury it in the___7___for somebody to find it in the future.是顺承关系,此空故填and,故选C。 22. D 考查名词。句意:你把东西放在里面,然后埋在里面,让别人在将来找到它。根据空前定冠词the可知,此空应填名词,根据then bury it in the可知,此空应填garden,故选D。 24. B 考查介词。句意:妈妈放下书,看着简。根据短语look across眺望。可知,此空故填across,故选B。 25. D 考查形容词。句意:私人物品……一封信……与现在有关的物品……一本日记,一份报纸。根据空后things可知,此空应填形容词,根据句意可知,此空意为“个人的; 私人的”,应用personal,故选D。 26. C 考查动词。句意:当这个人发现了它,他就能发现过去的事情……我……。根据空前情态动词can可知,此空应填动词原形,此空是(出乎意料地)发现,找到的意思,此空故填 discover,故选C。 27. D 考查名词。句意:这是Zinger夫人的学校项目。A.事情;B.任务;C.工作;D.项目。根据隔空前a school可知,此空应填名词,根据句意可知,此空是项目的意思,此空故填project,故选D。 28. C考查介词。句意:你想让我给你一些东西放时间胶囊吗?根据短语put inside放在里面。可知,此空故填inside,故选C。 29. B 考查动词。句意:我需要一个容器,也许是一个盒子,我需要一些坚固的东西来把里面的东西放进去。根据need something to do需要做点什么。可知,此空应填动词原形,此空是保护,防护的意思,此空故填protect,故选B。 30. A 考查动词短语。句意:妈妈走到一个橱柜前拿出一个大饼干罐。根据空前Mum goes to one of the cupboards可知,此空是拿出的意思,此空故填take out,此空故选A。 四、阅读理解: 阅读下列内容,从每小题所给的四个选项中选出一个最佳答案。 A Harry was walking along the street when he found a bottle. He opened it and out came a genie(精灵). “Make a wish,” the genie said. “I’ll try my best to make your wish come true.” “Well,” Harry said, “I’m trying to start a new business and I have a very important meeting with a rich man.” “I’ll give you a one-time good luck charm(咒语). To start it, say ‘123’. To end it, say ‘1234’,” the genie said. After that, the genie disappeared in a puff of smoke. Harry couldn’t believe his good luck. That night, he knocked on the rich man’s office. “Come in,” the man said. Harry went inside. Before he started, he quietly said “123” to himself. He thought everything would go well. He opened up his mouth to start speaking. But before he could say anything, the man behind the desk asked, “ What did you say ‘123’ for?” 31. The correct time order of the story should be . a. Harry knocked on the rich man’s office. b. Harry met a genie in a bottle along the street. c. The genie taught Harry a good luck charm. d. Harry said “123” to himself quietly. A. adbc B. abdc C. bcad D. bacd 32. What may be Harry’s wish? A. Harry wishes to make friends with the genie. B. Harry wishes to start a business with a rich man. C. Harry wishes to be rich and have a lot of money. D. Harry wishes to see the genie for a second time. 33. How would Harry feel after hearing the rich man the words? A. Excited. B. Thankful. C. Sad. D. Happy. 【答案】31. C 32. B 33. C 【文章大意】哈利在街上散步时发现了一个瓶子。他打开门,出来一个精灵。“许个愿吧,”精灵说。“我会尽力实现你的愿望。”“好吧,”哈利说,“我正试着开一家新公司,我和一个有钱人开了一个非常重要的会议。”“我会给你一个一次性的好运咒语。”开始时,说“123”。为了结束它,说“1234”,精灵说。在那之后,精灵消失在一股烟雾中。哈利简直不敢相信他的好运。那天晚上,他敲了敲富人的办公室。“进来,”那人说。哈利进去了。开始之前,他悄悄地对自己说“123”。他认为一切都会好起来的。他张开嘴开始说话。但他还没来得及开口,桌子后面的人就问:“你说‘123’是为了什么?“ 31. C 理解排序题。根据Harry was walking along the street when he found a bottle. The genie taught Harry a good luck charm. Harry knocked on the rich man’s office. Harry said “123” to himself quietly.可知答案,故选C。 32. B 细节理解题。根据Harry said, “I’m trying to start a new business and I have a very important meeting with a rich man.”可知答案,故选B。 33. C 理解猜测题。根据Before he started, he quietly said “123” to himself. He thought everything would go well.He opened up his mouth to start speaking. But before he could say anything, the man behind the desk asked, “ What did you say ‘123’ for?可知,他的愿望没有实现,一定会伤心的,故选C。 B I like travelling. I have been to many places, such as Beijing and Shanghai. Yet, I still have a wish - to go somewhere to experience differences and changes. Thanks to the Belt and Road Initiative(一带一路), my mother’s university has a Polish Research Center. I got to meet a boy named Tomek. He came to China with his mother from Poland(波兰) this summer vacation. We were so excited to meet each other. He found it interesting to learn Chinese and Chinese culture. I even taught him some Ningbo dialect(方言). It was a fun experience for me. Then I began to wonder how these two countries, thousands of kilometers apart, are able to be closely linked today. My mother told me it is because of the Belt and Road Initiative. More than 2,000 years ago, Chinese people explored and opened up routes of trade and cultural exchanges. This was called the Silk Road. In 2013, President Xi Jinping came up with the idea of building the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road. It is a great project. I live in Ningbo, which is s starting point for the maritime Silk Road. I want to to go to other countries taking part of the Belt and Road Initiative, including Russia, Pakistan and Poland. I want to make many friends like Tomek from these countries. I want to bring Chinese gifts to foreign friends and tell them stories about China. Also, I want to see the beautiful views around the world. 34. The second paragraph is written to . A. introduce the Polish Research Center B. describe the author’s new friend Tomek C. explain what the Belt and Road Initiative is D. introduce the author’s summer vacation experience 35. More than 2,000 years ago, Chinese people traded on . A. the Belt and Road Initiative B. the Silk Road C. the Silk Road Economic Belt D. the Maritime Silk Road 36. We can infer from the story that the author . A. hopes to visit countries along the maritime Silk Road B. hopes to do more cultural exchanges C. will become a businessman in the future D. will travel to Poland to visit his friend Tomek 37. Which can be the test title? A. The Belt and Road Initiative and Me B. The History of Belt and Road Initiative C. My friend Tomek and Me D. The Introduction of Belt and Road Initiative 【答案】34. D 35. B 36. B 37. A 【文章大意】这篇文章介绍了我因为“一带一路”而结识了朋友,并简单介绍了“一带一路”。 34. D 细节理解题。根据I got to meet a boy named Tomek. He came to China with his mother from Poland(波兰) this summer vacation. We were so excited to meet each other. He found it interesting to learn Chinese and Chinese culture. I even taught him some Ningbo dialect(方言).可知,第二段介绍了作者的暑假经历,认识了他的朋友,Tomek,来自波兰,作者还教他学习方言。故选D。 35. B 细节理解题。根据More than 2,000 years ago, Chinese people explored and opened up routes of trade and cultural exchanges. This was called the Silk Road.可知答案,故选B。 36. B 细节理解题。根据I want to to go to other countries taking part of the Belt and Road Initiative, including Russia, Pakistan and Poland.和Also, I want to see the beautiful views around the world.可知答案,故选B。 37. A 最佳标题题。文章介绍了我因为“一带一路”而结识了朋友,并且简单介绍了“一带一路”。故选A。 C Tom listens to Jan’s description of Port Prime in the future and all the gadgets people have. Jan says: “ It must be difficult to live without mobile phones and the Internet”. “Why? We live OK without them.” “How do you find information for school or communicate with friends?” “There are books… encyclopaedias… and I can talk to my friends. How many friends do you have?” “Oh, on Facebook I have 320 friends.” Tom laughs. “How can you have 320 friends ? When do you see them all?” “I don’t see them. They’re on the Internet.” “They don’t sound like real friends to me. How many real friends do you have? I mean friends like Pauly and Jamie.” “I don’t know. There’s … Michael.” “That’s one. I don’t know, Jan. Life in the future doesn’t sound great. You don’t spend a lot of time with your parents. You’ve only got one real friend. You can’t go out on your own. And you can’t cycle anywhere.” They both lie back on the grass laughing. 38. It seems that ________. A. Tom is from the future. B. Tom is from the past. C. Jan is from the future. D. Jan is from the past. 39. Tom finds information or communicate with friends by ________. A. using mobile phone. B. using the Internet C. reading books and talking D. by facebook 40. To Tom, why life in the future doesn’t sound great? A. He may have to many friends. B. It’s to easy for him to make friends. C. Although he may have many friends , they are not “real.” D. They don’t spend time with their parents, real friend or having fun. 41. The author may hope that ______. A. we should live in the old ways. B. we should make few friends. C. we should live with modern things, like mobile phones and the Internet. D. we should live with our parents and real friends instead of spending too much time on modern things. 【答案】38. C 39. C 40. D 41. D 【文章大意】 汤姆倾听简对普莱姆港未来的描述,以及人们所拥有的所有设备。简说:“没有手机和互联网生活一定很困难。”为什么?没有他们我们生活得很好。”“ 有书……百科全书……我可以和我的朋友交谈。你有多少朋友?“哦,在Facebook上,我有320个朋友。”汤姆笑了。你怎么能有320个朋友?你什么时候看到他们?““我没看见他们。他们在互联网上。”“我觉得他们不像真正的朋友。你有多少真正的朋友?我是说像保利和杰米这样的朋友。”“我不知道。有……迈克尔。”“就是这样。我不知道,简。未来的生活听起来不太好。你和父母在一起的时间不多。你只有一个真正的朋友。你不能一个人出去。你不能在任何地方骑车。”他们都躺在草地上,笑着。 38. C 细节理解题。根据Tom listens to Jan’s description of Port Prime in the future and all the gadgets people have. Jan says: “ It must be difficult to live without mobile phones and the Internet”可知,简似乎来自未来。故选C。 39. C 细节理解题。根据How do you find information for school or communicate with friends?可知答案,故选C。 40. D 细节理解题。根据You don’t spend a lot of time with your parents. You’ve only got one real friend. You can’t go out on your own. And you can’t cycle anywhere.”可知答案,故选D。 41. D 细节理解题。根据文章内容可知,根据Jan. Life in the future doesn’t sound great. 简。未来的生活听起来不太好。we should live with our parents and real friends instead of spending too much time on modern things.可知答案,故选D。 D If you look at the top of your phone, you’ll usually see a little symbol that say 3G or 4G. The “G” stands for the “generation(代)” of your mobile phone network. But these symbols will become things of the past after 5G networks fully arrive. On March 30, Shanghai vice-mayor(副市长) Wu Qing made the first 5G video call on a Huawei Mate X smartphone, CGTN reported. Shanghai has also become the first city in China to start testing 5G networks. About 100 times faster than 4G networks, 5G will let people download and upload data faster than ever before. But 5G won’t just bring faster mobile internet. People can use it for many other things as well. For example, 5G will help to make self-driving cars safer. Today’s self-driving test cars have one problem - lag (延迟). When the car “sees” an obstacle(障碍物), it sends this information to a data center and receives instructions. However, it takes time to send and receive this information. With this kind of lag, the cars might crash because they don’t receive instructions in time. With 5G, this lag will be greatly lowered, making the cars safer, according to CNN. 5G could also be used to power the internet of things (IoT). This refers to a large online network that connects all things and people. Fast internet speeds will be the key to developing this technology. The IoT could be used in a lot of ways. For example, with IoT, your fridge could automatically(自动地) place an order online for eggs when it finds that there are no eggs left. 42. In which city was 5G tested for the first time in China? A. Beijing. B. Shanghai C. Shenzhen D. Guangdong 43. The writer uses self-driving cars as an example to . A. explain how self-driving cars work B. show us how 5G bring faster mobile internet C. tell us the possible dangers of self-driving cars D. explain how 5G’s fast speed can be helpful 44. According to the story, the IoT is . A. a robot that can do housework B. a type of high-technology fridge C. an online store where you can buy anything you want D. a large online network that connects things and people 45. We can know from the passage that . A. We can live a better life with 5G B. 5G has been all over China C. we can buy self-driving cars D. 5G is a kind of faster mobile phone 【答案】42. B 43. D 44. D 45. A 【文章大意】 本文主要讲述了5G网络的到来。上海成为中国第一个开始测试5G网络的城市。5G比4G网络快大约100倍,它将让人们下载和上传数据的速度比以往任何时候都快。但是5G不仅仅带来更快的移动互联网。人们也可以把它用于许多其他的事情。中国正在努力建设一个全国性的5G网络。中国最大的电信公司——中国移动、中国联通和中国电信——正在全国17个城市进行5G系统的试运行。据《中国日报》报道,中国将成为世界上最大的5G市场,到2025年拥有4.6亿用户。 42. B 细节理解题。根据短文第二自然段的最后一句话CGTN reported. Shanghai has also become the fust city in China to start testing 5G networks .可知答案,故选B。 43. D 细节理解题。根据短文第五自然段内容With 5G, this lag will be greatly lowered , making the cars safer , according to CNN .可知答案。故选D。 44. D 细节理解题。根据短文第六自然段This refers to a large online network that connects all things and people.可知答案,故选D。 45. A 推理判断题。根据5G比4G网络快大约100倍,它将让人们下载和上传数据的速度比以往任何时候都快。但是5G不仅仅带来更快的移动互联网。人们也可以把它用于许多其他的事情。可知,我们可以用5G过上更好的生活,故选A。 第Ⅱ卷(非选择题) 五、词汇运用 根据句子意思,用括号中所给汉语提示或英语单词的适当形式填空。(每空一词) 46. It is amazing to know that the cows have three more _____________ (胃) than humans. 47. After _______________(交流) with the partners, they achieved the final decision. 48. There is only one _______________(一本)left. Can I share it with you? 49. In fact, this is _______________(正是) what we need. 50. He often uses his computer for _________(接收) e-mails. 51. The girl was ____________ (able) to pay tennis after the car accident. 52. I think this famous football player is from _____________(German). 53. This picture was much _______________(ugly) than we expected. 54. When I saw him in the hall, he was busy ____________(tie) his tie. 55. Tony jumped up with _______________(please) when he saw his old friend. 46. stomachs 句意:我们应该和父母和真正的朋友一起生活,而不是花太多时间在现代事物上。根据空前three more 可知,此空应填名词的复数形式,根据汉语提示可知,此空故填stomachs。 47. communicating 句意:在与合作伙伴交流之后,他们达成了最终决定。根据空前 after可知,此空应填名词、代词、动名词,根据汉语提示可知,此空故填communicating 。 48. copy 句意:只剩下一本了。我可以和你分享吗?根据空前短语only one唯一; 只有一个; 独一无二的意思,根据汉语提示可知,此空故填copy。 49. exactly 句意:事实上,这正是我们需要的。根据句意可知,此空是正是如此,完全正确的意思,根据汉语提示可知,此空故填exactly 。 50. receiving 句意:他经常用电脑接收电子邮件。根据空前介词for可知,此空应填名词、代词、动名词,根据汉语提示可知,此空故填receiving 。 51. unable 句意:那女孩在车祸后不能打网球。根据固定短语be unable to不能/不会(做)…;可知,根据句意和英语单词的提示可知,此空故填. unable。 52. Germany句意:我认为这位著名的足球运动员来自德国。根据空前介词for可知,此空应填名词、代词、动名词,根据句意和英语提示可知,此空故填 Germany。 53. uglier 句意:这张照片比我们想象的要丑得多。根据空前much可知,此空应填比较级,根据句意和此空应填ugglier,, 54. tying 句意:我在大厅看见他时,他正忙着系领带。根据固定短语 be busy doing sth忙着干某事。可知,,根据句意和英语提示可知,此空故填. tying。 55. pleasure句意:托尼见到他的老朋友时高兴地跳了起来。根据空前介词with可知,此空应填名词、代词、动名词,根据句意和英语提示可知,此空故填pleasure。 六、任务型阅读 阅读下列短文,根据短文内容填写表格。(每空一词) After spending 40 hours playing the online game King of Glory, a 17-year-old boy suffered a stroke (中风) and nearly died. This happened in Guangdong province in April last year, China Daily reported. It shows how bad things can get if teenagers lose themselves in the Internet. And if it still goes on like this, the situation will be even worse. To stop more teenagers from becoming addicted (沉迷) to the Internet, the Ministry of Education (MOE) sent a letter on April 20 to all parents in China. It calls on them to pay more attention to their children’s online activities. The MOE also sent an urgent(紧急) notice to primary and middle schools, asking them to monitor(监督) students’ Internet use, as well as their use of mobile phones, China News Service reported. Schools also teach students how to avoid(避免) violent(暴力) or vulgar(粗俗)online content. If students show signs of being addicted to the Internet, they can get help from their teachers to give up their addiction. To make better use of the Internet, experts(专家) advise that students should limit (限制) their screen time to less than 1.5 hours a day, People’s Daily noted. To make better use of their free time, they can develop healthy hobbies, like reading or playing sports. Many other countries are also taking action and have made some progress successfully Australia has called for schools to confiscate (没收) mobile phones during school hours. And South Korean government forbids (禁止) children under 16 from playing online games between midnight and 6am. To teenagers, internet can never be all the things they have. Phenomenon (现象) A 17-year-old boy suffered stroke and was nearly ____56____ after playing computer games for 40 hours. If things _____57_____ like this, the situation will be even worse. Solutions The MOE Send a letter to _____58_____ to ask them to pay more attention to children’s online activities. Send a _____59_____ to schools, asking them to monitor internet use. ______60______ Teach children how to get _____61_____ from bad online content. Children can get help from their teachers. Experts Advise children to limit their screen time and develop healthy _____62_____ . _____63_____ and South Korean governments Confiscate mobile phones during school hours and limit children’s online time. Conclusion Internet can never be _____64_____ to teenagers. Luckily, after taking these actions, some countries have _____65_____ to make some progress. 【答案】56. dead 57. continue 58. parents 59. notice 60. Schools 61. away 62. hobbies 63. Australian 64. everything 65. managed 【文章大意】 本文是一篇议论文,主要介绍了青少年沉迷网络的现象。在广东省,有一个17岁的男孩由于连续40个小时上网,导致中风并差点死亡。这值得我们很多人深思。 56. dead 根据After spending 40 hours playing the online game King of Glory, a 17-year-old boy suffered a stroke (中风) and nearly died. 在玩了40个小时的网络游戏《荣耀之王》之后,一个17岁的男孩中风(中风),差点丧命。可知,此空作表语,此空故填dead 。 57. continue 根据And if it still goes on like this, the situation will be even worse. 如果继续这样下去,情况会更糟。可知,go on= continue继续,此空故填continue。 58. parents 根据he Ministry of Education (MOE) sent a letter on April 20 to all parents in China. It calls on them to pay more attention to their children’s online activities. 教育部于4月20日给全国所有家长发了一封信。它呼吁他们更多地关注孩子的在线活动。可知,此空故填parents。 59. notice 根据The MOE also sent an urgent(紧急) notice to primary and middle schools, asking them to monitor(监督) students’ internet use, 教育部还向中小学发出紧急通知,要求他们监测(监督)学生的互联网使用情况,可知,此空故填notice。 60. Schools 根据Schools also teach students how to avoid(避免) violent(暴力) or vulgar(粗俗)online content. 学校还教学生如何避免(避免)暴力(暴力)或粗俗(粗俗)的在线内容。可知,此空故填Schools。 61. away根据If students show signs of being addicted to the internet, they can get help from their teachers to give up their addiction. 如果学生表现出对网络上瘾的迹象,他们可以从老师那里得到帮助,戒除上瘾。可知,此空故填away 。 62. hobbies根据To make better use of their free time, they can develop healthy hobbies, like reading or playing sports. 为了更好地利用他们的空闲时间,他们可以发展健康的爱好,如阅读或运动。可知,此空故填hobbies。 63. Australian根据Australia has called for schools to confiscate (没收) mobile phones during school hours. 澳大利亚呼吁学校在上课时间没收(未收)手机。可知,此空故填Australian。 64. everything 根据To teenagers, internet can never be all the things they have. 对青少年来说,网络永远不是他们拥有的一切。可知,此空故填everything。 65. managed根据Many other countries are also taking action and have made some progress successfully. 许多其他国家也在采取行动,并取得了一些成功。可知,此空是完成,取得的意思,此空故填managed。 七、缺词填空 根据短文内容和首字母提示,在下文空格处填入适当的词使短文完整。(每空一词) Two travelling angels stop at the gate of a rich family. The family was very rude and r____66____ to let the angels stay in the cold basement for a night. As they made their bed on the cold floor, the older angel saw a hole in the wall and fixed it. When the younger angel asked w___67___, the older one said, “Things aren’t always what they seem.” The next night they r____68____ at the house of a very poor farmer. The kind farmer and his wife shared what little food they had with them. Then the couple let the angels sleep in their bed. This way, they got a good night’s sleep. When the sun r____69____ the next morning, the angels found the farmer and his wife in tears. Their only cow died. The younger angel asked the older angel a____70____, “How could you let this happen? The f____71____ family has everything, and you helped them fix the wall. The second family has l____72____, but was willing to share everything, and you let the cow die.” “Things aren’t always what they seem,” the older angel replied. “There was gold mine b___73___the wall of the rich family. Since the family is unkind and unwilling to s___74___, I fixed the whole in the wall so they wouldn’t find it. Then last night, Death came for the poor man’s wife. I gave him the cow i____75____. The cow will come back to life after a few minutes. Things aren’t always what they seem.” 【答案】 66. refused 67. why 68. rested 69. rose 70. angrily 71. first 72. little 73. behind 74. share 75. instead 【文章大意】 文章介绍了有两个旅行的天使第一个晚上住在了一个富人的家里,富人让他们住在地窑里,这两个天使在休息的时候发现地窑的墙上有个洞,就把它堵上了。第二天住在了一个穷人的家里,虽然穷,但他们拿出了他们很有限的食物和天使一起吃,让他们好好的休息。不幸的是,这个穷人家里唯一的收入,一头奶牛去死了,一个天使就问为什么不帮助这个穷人。另一个天使说,那个富人太贪婪,我就把那个储藏金子的洞堵上了,而死神是要把穷人的一妻子带走的,而我就给上帝说,让那头奶牛代替了那个妻子的命,所以人看到的都是表面现象。 66. refused 句意:这家人很粗鲁,拒绝让天使们在冰冷的地下室里过夜。根据短语refuse to do sth. 拒绝做某事。根据句意和首字母提示可知,此空故填refused。 67. why 句意:当年轻的天使问为什么时,年长的天使说,“事情并不总是他们看起来的那样。”根据句意可知,此空是为什么的意思,此空故填why。 68. rested 句意:第二天晚上,他们在一个非常贫穷的农民家里休息。根据句意可知,此空是休息; 放松的意思,结合语境,要用过去式,根据句意和首字母提示可知,此空故填rested 。 69. rose 句意:第二天早上太阳升起时,天使们发现农夫和他的妻子泪流满面。根据句意可知,此空是升起的意思,结合语境,要用过去式,根据句意和首字母提示可知,此空故填rose。 70. angrily 句意:小天使愤怒地问老天使。根据空前asked the older angel可知,此空应填副词修饰动词asked,根据句意可知,此空是愤怒地;生气地意思,此空故填angrily。 71. first 句意:第一个家庭什么都有,你帮他们修了墙。根据下句The second family可知,此空应是第一的意思,根据句意和首字母提示可知,此空故填first。 72. little 句意:第二个家庭几乎没有,但愿意分享一切,你让牛死了。根据空后but was willing to share everything可知,此空是几乎没有的意思,根据句意和首字母提示可知,此空故填little 。 73. behind 句意:富裕家庭的围墙后面有一座金矿。根据空后the wall of the rich family.此空应填,根据句意可知,此空是在…的后面,根据句意和首字母可知,此空故填behind。 74. share句意:因为这个家庭不友善,不愿意分享,所以我把整个墙都固定好了,这样他们就找不到了。根据前面Since the family is unkind可知,此空是分享; 共享的意思,根据句意和首字母提示可知,此空故填share。 75. instead句意:我让奶牛代替了他。根据上句Death came for the poor man’s wife可知,此空是代替的意思,根据句意和首字母提示可知,此空故填instead。 八、书面表达 完成句子 76. 到目前为止,大多数学生已经意识到了学好英语的重要性。 ____________________________ 77. 对我们而言,像以前一样经常保持联系是不可能的。 ___________________________ 78. Tony一直梦想着乘坐直达航班出国旅行。 ___________________________ 79. 直到精疲力竭他才停下来休息。 ___________________________ 80. Peter为什么没有准时上交报告? ___________________________ 【答案】 76. So far, most students have realized the importance of learning English well. 77. It’s impossible for us to keep in touch with each other as often as before. 78. Tony is dreaming of taking a direct flight to travel abroad. 79. He didn’t stop to have a rest until he was tired out. 80. Why didn’t Peter hand in the report on time? 81.作文 假设你是李华,上周你们班进行了“怎样有意义地过假期”班会活动,大家在班会上畅所欲言。请你根据表格中的提示内容,结合你自己对此事的看法,用英语给校报写一篇短文。 过去 打游戏、看电视占用了大部分业余时间 现在 看书、旅游 你的观点 读书的益处:获取知识,使人快乐,开辟新世界,让我们的生活丰富多彩。(自拟一点益处) 旅游的益处:了解世界,享受自然之美,使身心放松。(自拟一点益处);旅游礼仪:不随便扔垃圾,不插队。(自拟一点) 要求:1)要点完整,可适当发挥,使句子通顺、连贯。 2)正确使用时态,语法正确,书写整洁。 3)90词左右,开头结尾已给出,不计入总词数。 Last week, we held a class meeting. In the meeting, we talked about how to spend the holiday meaningfully. 【答案】Last week, we held a class meeting. In the meeting, we talked about how to spend the holiday meaningfully. We had a discussion about whether to shorten the summer and winter vacations and add the spring and autumn vacations last week. In the past,I liked playing games and watching TV took up most of their spare time.Now, I like reading and traveling. Some students think that the present terms are too long and we often get bored without a good rest.Besides, nature provides us with more beautiful views in spring and autumn. It is really a good chance for us to go out and enjoy the beauty. The benefits of reading: acquiring knowledge, making people happy, opening up a new world, and enriching our lives..Benefits of tourism: Understanding the world, enjoying the beauty of nature, and relaxing the body and mind. Travel etiquette: no littering, no queue jumping. 【解析】 本文是一篇给材料作文。根据表格中的提示内容,结合你自己对此事的看法,用英语给校报写一篇短文。文章时态用一般过去时,人称主要为第一人称。本文所给材料比较详细,考生要做的就是用正确的英语把这些内容表达出来。动笔前要认真阅读材料,不可遗漏要点,并可适当发挥。在写作时,注意紧扣主题,连句成篇,要层次清楚,要点分明,中心突出。同时要注意语言的表述应该符合语法的结构,造句应该符合英语的表达习惯;尽量使用自己熟悉的单词句式,最好不要写太长的复合句;尽量选取简单的易拼写的单词,确保正确率;词汇、句式要丰富多样,可以为文章增色添彩。最后要细心复核检查,确保正确无误。 21世纪教育网 www.21cnjy.com 精品试卷·第 2 页 (共 2 页) HYPERLINK "http://21世纪教育网(www.21cnjy.com) " 21世纪教育网(www.21cnjy.com)

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  • ID:4-5914708 北京师大附中2018-2019学年下学期八年级期中考试英语试卷(含答案有听力材料无音频)


    北京师大附中2018-2019学年下学期初中八年级期中考试英语试卷 本试卷有9道大题。考试时长90分钟,满分100分。 第Ⅰ卷 听力部分 一、听对话,根据对话的内容,从下面各题所给的A、B、C三个选项中选择最佳选项。每段对话将读两遍。(共12分,每小题1.5分) 请听一段对话,完成第1—2小题。 1. When did Jim see the cartoon film? A. Last week. B. Last night. C. Last month. 2. What does the woman like about the hero in the cartoon? A. His shoes. B. His schoolbag. C. His coat. 请听一段对话,完成第3—4小题。 3. What was the man doing when he saw the accident? A. Listening to music. B. Swimming in the pool. C. Running along the river. 4. What does the woman think of the man? A. Honest. B. Brave. C. Kind. 请听一段对话,完成第5—6小题。 5. What will John talk about in class? A. How to make friends. B. How to give a speech. C. How to learn English. 6. What is the woman’s advice for John? A. Looking at his friends. B. Talking to his friends. C. Listening to his friends. 请听一段对话,完成第7小题。 7. Why is the woman’s aunt unhappy? A. She lost her job. B. She had a cold. C. She can’t run well. 请听一段对话,完成第8小题。 8. Where are these people? A. In a garden. B. In a flower shop. C. In a toy store. 二、听对话,根据对话内容笔头回答问题。每段对话将读两遍。(共8分,每小题2分) 请听一段对话,完成第9小题。 9. How many women astronauts have been to the space in China? __________________________________________________________________ 请听一段对话,完成第10小题。 10. What is Mary’s hobby? __________________________________________________________________ 请听一段对话,完成第11小题。 11. What did the man get in the competition? __________________________________________________________________ 请听一段对话,完成第12小题。 12. What does the woman ask the man to do? __________________________________________________________________ 三、听独白,记录关键信息。本段独白你将听两遍。(共10分,每小题2分) Mr. Brown works in Singapore General 13 . Alice has a bad cold; take medicine 14 a day and drink more hot water. Tom has a sore back because of spending too much time on 15 ; take medicine once a day and lie in the bed. Bob has a 16 ; stop eating sweet food. Mary has a sore throat; take medicine once a day and have some porridge(粥) for 17 . 基础知识部分 四、单选(共10分,每小题1分) 18. —__________________? —He is tall and thin. He usually wears jeans. A. What would he like B. What does he look like C. What does he like D. What is he like? 19. —Who will go to the airport to meet Jenny? —I will. I ___________ her several times. I can find her easily. A. Meet B. will meet C. have met D. met 20. I spend two hours ___________ my homework every, day. A. do B. to do C. doing D. did 21. I have learned English ___________ I was six years old. A. since B. for C. before D. after 22. After doing sports for two months, I feel quite ___________ now. Every day I go to school with a smile on my face. A. awful B. weak C. sleepy D. fit 23. —Have you ever ___________ to Haikou? —Yes, I ___________ there with my family last August. A. gone; went B. been; went C. gone; have gone D. been; have gone 24. Again and again the doctor ___________ the crying baby, but he couldn’t find out what was wrong with her. A. looked for B. looked over C. looked after D. looked out 25. If you watch the film, you ___________ more about Chinese history and culture. A. learnt B. learn C. will learn D. have learnt 26. Thank you for inviting me ___________ basketball with you. A. to play B. play C. played D. paying 27. His sister ___________ her hometown for three years. She’ll return next year. A. has gone B. has left C. left D. has been away from 五、根据上下文内容选择最佳答案,使文章完整(共8分,每小题1分) I learned how to accept life as it is from my father when he was ill. My father was once a strong man who loved being active, but a terrible illness 28 all that away. Now he can no longer walk, and he must sit quietly in a chair all day. Even talking is 29 . One night, I went to visit him with my sisters. We started talking about life. I said that we must very often 30 things as we grow--our youth, our beauty, our friends--but it always seems that after we give something up, we gain something new in its place. Then suddenly, my father spokeup. He said, “But, Peter, I gave up 31 ! What did I gain?” I thought and thought, but I could not think of anything to say. Surprisingly, he answered his own question: “I 32 the love of my family.” I looked at my sisters, and saw tears in their eyes, along with hope and thankfulness. I was touched by his words. After that, when I began to feel irritated (愤怒的) at someone, I would remember his words and become 33 . If he could replace his great pain with a feeling of love for others, then I should be able to give up my small irritations. In this way, I learned the power of 34 from my father. Sometimes I wonder what other things I could learn from him if I had listened more carefully when I was a boy. For now, though, I am 35 for this gift. 28. A. took B. threw C. sent D. put 29. A. impossible B. difficult C. stressful D. hopeless 30. A. make up B. write up C. give up D. take up 31. A. something B. anything C. nothing D. everything 32. A. had B. accepted C. gained D. enjoyed 33. A. quiet B. calm C. relaxed D. happy 34. A. words B. sisters C. love D. acceptance 35. A. happy B. ready C. sorry D. thankful 六、阅读(共26分,每小题2分) A. I have always admired students who hand in their homework on time. Me, on the other hand, I should say my big problem is that I can’t get myself organized! So, I am wondering what your ways of getting organized are. Reply below. I’m hoping you can offer some suggestions on better study skills. Replies: Lately, I’ve started keeping a small study diary. I write down everything I need to do and when it needs to be done by. Then I write a reminder a few days before the date just in case. It’s helping. Good question, Amy. I always spend about five minutes at theend of the day tidying up the desktop on my computer. I make a copy of important documents. The most important thing is to start a few weeks before the exams and not to leave it until the night before! That s just common sense, I think. My tip is to have a big notice board in your bedroom, divided into different parts. I’ve got one. It’s a white board. I’ve got a part for each school subject and another part for other things. I use board pens to write reminders and I make sure I look at them every day. 36. What’s Amy’s big problem? A. She can’t do her homework. B. She always forgets study skills. C. She can’t get herself organized. D. She always asks others for help. 37. Who has kept a small study diary? A. Ted. B. Hana. C. Gloria. D. Lou. 38. Gloria thinks the most important thing is ___________. A. to start early before the exams B. to write a reminder C. to make a copy of important things D. to use a big white board B. From Nobody to Somebody Brian was a funny student. He loved watching comedies (喜剧) best and hoped to become a comedy actor one day. When he heard about the talent show to be held at this school, Brian decided to take part. He had never acted on stage (舞台) before, and he was very excited. But some students laughed at him. “You are not funny but silly,” Ken, one of his classmates, said to his face. “No one will like what you do,” another boy also said to him, loudly. Brian couldn’t understand why they were so unkind to him. For a moment, he thought about giving up the show. But he remembered how much his friends liked his jokes, and also his teachers said he was very funny. So he decided to prepare for the show. Brian did a great job at the talent show. Everyone loved his performance, and he won the first prize! His teachers and friends were proud of him. Even so, Ken told Brian that he was not funny, and that he would never be successful. Brian didn’t understand why Ken said so, but he realized that it had nothing to do with him. He confidently continued to work towards his goal. As the years went on, Brian met more people like Ken. “You’ll do a terrible job,” they said to him. Luckily, most people encouraged him and some helped him to become even funnier. He got a lot of opportunities to perform in movies. He was even invited to appear on television. His fans thanked him because his comedies made them feel good when they were unhappy. Now Brian is a big comedy star! He is doing what he loves best. He never feels stressed like those unkind people, and he laughs all day long! 39. Brian decided to prepare for the show because ___________. A. his friends liked his jokes B. he was invited by a TV station C. he wasn’t busy acting in movies D. Ken was expecting his performance 40. After winning the first prize, Brian ___________. A. began to understand Ken B. became a teacher of acting C. encouraged others to join him D. continued to work towards his goal 41. Brian’s fans thanked him because his comedies brought them ___________. A. success B. happiness C. luck D. pride C. Does it seem like everyone you know is, too busy, or tired? Do you feel like you never have time to just relax? Do you daydream about being on vacation? Well, you are not alone. Most people have too much to do, and too little time. It is not surprising that stress (压力) is a common part of everyone’s life. We often think that a vacation will help us relax. But most of us find that after a few days back at work or school, we feel the usual stress again. The question is: how can we make relaxation and leisure (休闲) time part of our daily lives? Here are some ways to reduce stress in your everyday life. Exercise! Exercise is one of the simplest and best ways to reduce stress. When we exercise, our body produces natural relaxants into our bloodstreams. Our stress level is then reduced. If your day is stressful, take 20 minutes or more for a walk, a bike ride, or a sport. Get enough sleep. If you don’t get enough sleep, you may feel more nervous or get angry more easily. In addition, you will have a harder time concentrating (集中注意力) and doing your work. When you can’t work well, you create stress for yourself. Enjoy a sense of humor. It is good to have a good laugh about something that relaxes us. Laughter breaks worry and helps us take a break. Take time to read the cartoon stories in the newspaper, watch a funny TV play or movie, or trade jokes with a friend. Eat properly. If you don’t eat healthy food, your body will feel tired and run down. Eat normal meals, and don’t eat too much sugary food. Sugar gives quick energy, but soon you will feel tired again. Practice relaxation methods. There are many different relaxation methods that can help you reduce stress. Some methods just take a few minutes, and can be done at any time during the day. Other methods require more time, and space for quiet time. Some common relaxation methods are: deep breathing and thinking, imagining peaceful scenes, massage (按摩), or yoga (瑜伽). Make time for some free time activity every day. What do you like to do to relax you? Is there something you enjoy doing that always makes you feel less stressful? Think about hobbies or activities that give you pleasure. 42. The purpose of the passage is to ___________. A. explain why many people feel lonely B. prove that stress is part of our life C. suggest taking more relaxing exercise D. introduce some ways to reduce stress 43. From the passage, we can ___________ to help us reduce stress. A. take 5 minutes for a walk B. trade jokes with our friends C. try getting less sleep D. change hobbies and activities 44. The writer may agree ___________. A. a short holiday can’t reduce the stress completely B. sugary food can provide more energy for people C. eating proper food can help our body produce natural relaxants D. deep breathing and thinking are much better methods to reduce stress D. No one wants to work at a messy desk and look lazy or sloppy. But does a messy desktop actually make you either of those things? Not all disorders mean you’re out of control. Even Steve Jobs thought his personal charm came from his messy desktop. Many famous thinkers also had cluttered (凌乱的) desktops. Disorder can bring creativity. Many people are labeled as “sloppy” and “inefficient” (不高效的) because of messy desks. However, when we see the desks of Albert Einstein, Mark Twain and Mark Zuckerberg--pioneers of their times —things might change. Obviously, the world welcomes order; it also never refuses regular disorder, which seems like a mess but runs in an organized way. “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, Of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?” ~ Albert Einstein Why do messy desks bring creativity? In an experiment done by psychologist (心理学家) Kathleen Vohs, participants (参与者) were asked to think about new uses for ping-pong balls. Both participants in the messy and clean offices created the same number of ideas. However, those in the messy room came up with more interesting and creative ideas. In spite of great disorder, a messy desktop presents information clearly, which can sometimes inspire us unconsciously (无意识地). Research has found people working with a messy desktop are more likely to be creative and willing to take risks (冒险), while people with a tidy one tend to (倾向于) follow the rules and are less likely to try new things. Vohs says, “Disorderly environments seem to inspire people to break tradition, which can produce fresh ideas.” Why do they prefer messy desks? Usually, there are three reasons why some people prefer a messy or cluttered desk. First, it makes them comfortable. A too-tidy room can sometimes make them uncomfortable, because it seems there is no place to rest their feet. Second, it helps them concentrate more easily. Messy tables can make it easier to focus on the tasks, just like some novelists can write patiently in a noisy café. Third, they may be perfectionists (完美主义者). For those who strive for perfection, tasks are either 100% or 0% performed, so they usually put away the less important things and do the most important ones perfectly, which leads to paper mountains on the desktop. But a messy desk might not be good all the time. When you need new ideas, a messy desk might be a good choice; but when you want to be efficient, it seems better to make a desk clean and tidy. But no matter what kind of desk you prefer, we hope you feel comfortable and enjoy it! 45. The underlined phrase “strive for” in Paragraph 2 probably means “___________”. A. fight for B. are interested in C. are afraid of D. keep away from 46. The writer talks about the experiment in paragraph 3 to ___________. A. encourage people to have messy desks as they like B. explain the reasons why people like the messy desks C. introduce a new way of being creative and interesting D. show the good result that messy desks bring 47. Which of the following is right according to the passage? A. It’s always good to have a messy desk. B. Disorder means that you are out of control. C. People who have messy desks may be creative. D. People who like messy desks also like a noisy café. 48. Which of the following would be the best title for the passage? A. Messy Desk: Do People Need to Change It? B. Messy Desk: Do People Find Excuses for It? C. Messy Desk: Does It Make People Comfortable? D. Messy Desk: Does It Help People Work Efficiently? 第Ⅱ卷 笔试部分 七、阅读回答问题(共10分,每小题2分) The Third Apple Three Apples changed the world. The first one seduced (诱惑) Eve. The second one awakened Newton. The third one was in the hands of Steve Jobs. Here are some famous words from Steve Jobs to share. On character: I am the only person I know that’s lost a quarter of a billion dollars in one year. It’s very character-building. On good design: That’s been one of my mottoes(座右铭)-focus and simplicity. Simple can be harder than complex. You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it is worth it in the end because once you get there you can move mountains. On his outlook: Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me. Going to bed at night saying we’ve done something wonderful, that’s what matters to me. On your working life: Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. On the importance of death: No one wants to die. Even people who want to go to heaven don’t want to die to get there. And yet death is the destination we all share. No one has ever escaped (逃跑) it. And that is as it should be, because death is very likely the single best invention of life. It is life’s change agent (生命轮换的媒介), for it clears out the old to make way for the new. Right now the new is you, but someday not too long from now, you will become the old and be cleared away. 49. How many kinds of famous words from Steve Jobs are mentioned? ________________________________________________________________ 50. According to Steve Jobs, which is easier to get, simple or complex? ________________________________________________________________ 51. Why does Steve Jobs think that death is life’s change agent? ________________________________________________________________ 52. As for “outlook”, what matters to Steve Jobs most? ________________________________________________________________ 53. In Steve Job’s opinion, how can people feel satisfied with their work? ________________________________________________________________ 八、根据提示翻译下面句子(共6分,每小题2分) 54. 我等不及要吃这个奶油蛋糕,因为它闻起来太美味了。 I ______________________ eat this cream cake, because it ________________________. 55. 吃太多快餐对你的健康有害,你应该多参加体育活动。 Eating too much fast food ______________________ your health, and you should ______________________ more sports activities. 56. Tom集邮两年了。 Tom ______________________ for two years. 九、写作(10分) 请根据中文和英文提示,完成一篇不少于50词的文段写作。所给提示词语仅供选用。 假如你是李华,我校校刊《附中人Further》要举行主题为“My Hobby”的英语征文活动。请你用英文介绍你的爱好是什么,你是怎样培养你的爱好的,以及你从爱好中收获了什么。 提示词语:reading, travelling, be interested in, join a... club, relaxing, bring pleasure and success 提示问题:What’s your hobby? How did you develop your hobby? What have you got from your hobby? 【试题答案】 听力理解 一、听对话,选择答案。 1-8 BBCBCAAA 二、听对话回答问题 9. 2/Two 10. Singing and dancing. 11. The first prize. 12. To take her to the airport. 三、听对话,记录关键信息。 13. Hospital 14. twice 15. computer 16. toothache 17. breakfast 知识运用 四、单项选择 18. B 19. C 20. C 21. A 22. D 23. B 24. B 25.C 26. A 27. D 五、完形填空 28. A 29. B 30. C 31. A 32. C 33. B 34. D 35. D 阅读理解 六、阅读短文,选择最佳选项。 A篇:36. C 37. A 38. A B篇:39. A 40. D 42. B C篇:42. D 43. B 44. A D篇:45. A 46. D 47. C 48. A 七、阅读短文回答问题 49. 5 50. Complex. 51. Because it clears out the old to make way for the new. 52. Going to bed at night saying we’ve done something wonderful. 53. To do what people believe is great work and to love what people do. 八、根据提示翻译下面句子 54. I can’t wait to eat this cream cake, because it smells so/too delicious. 55. Eating too much fast food is harmful to your health, and you should take part in more sports activities. 56. Tom has collected stamps for two years. 听力原文 一、听后选择 听对话或独白,根据对话或独白的内容,从下面各题所给的A、B、C三个选项中选择最佳选项。每段对话或独白你将听两遍。 请听一段对话,完成第1至第2小题。 W: Hey, Jim. Have you seen the latest cartoon film in the cinema? M: Yes, I saw it with my brother last night. W: What do you think of the hero in the cartoon? M: He is very brave and smart. He leads others to go on adventures on a small island. W: I think so, too. And I like his orange-and-white schoolbag. It’s really nice. M: Yes. It looks very special. And he can get everything in his schoolbag. How wonderful! 请听一段对话,完成第3至第4小题。 M: I had a special experience yesterday! W: Tell me about it, David. M: Well, I was running along the river when I heard someone calling out for help. W: What did you do? M: I looked around, and there in the water was a little boy. W: Then what happened? M: I called the police and jumped into the water, with the help of other people the boy was saved. W: You were really brave. 请听一段对话,完成第5至第6小题。 W: You look nervous, John. M: Yes. In fact, I am so nervous that I even want to hide myself. W: What’s wrong? M: Ten minutes later, I will stand in front of all the teachers and students to talk about my ways to learn English. I am not sure if I can do it well. W: Don’t worry. I can give you some advice. If you feel nervous while giving a speech, you can look at your friends once or twice. It will calm you down. 请听一段对话,完成第7小题。 M: Why is your aunt so sad? W: Mr. Brown fired her yesterday. M: Really? Why? W: She wasn’t careful with the dishes in his gift shop. She broke almost twenty of them last week. 请听一段对话,完成第8小题。 M: Are you picking some tomatoes? W: Yes. They’re ready to eat. M: How about this lettuce and these cucumbers? W: They’re still growing. They’ll be ready to pick in a week or two. I should water them, though. Q: Where are these people? 二、听后回答 听对话,根据对话内容笔头回答问题。每段对话你将听两遍。 请听一段对话,完成第9小题。 W: How many astronauts have already been to the space in China? M: Eleven. Nine men and two women. 请听一段对话,完成第10小题。 M: My hobbies are swimming and drawing. What’s yours, Mary? W: I like singing and dancing. 请听一段对话,完成第11小题。 W: Where have you been, Jack? M: I took part in a photo competition in Beijing. W: Have you got any prize? M: Yes. I have won the first prize. W: Congratulations. 请听一段对话,完成第12小题。 W: Hi, Stephen? M: Oh hi, Anna. What’s the matter? You sound upset. W: I’m calling all my friends to say good-bye. I’m going to England tomorrow. M: But that sounds great! W: Well, I know.. but I’m nervous! M: You shouldn’t be! I wish I were going. I wish my life were more exciting! W: Ok, I’ll try to calm down. Stephen, could you please take me to the airport? M: Nothing easier. Sure, I will. What time is your flight? W: At a quarter past eleven. M: I’ll pick you up at ten. 三、听短文,记录关键信息 请听一段短文,根据所听到的短文内容和提示信息,将所缺的关键信息填写在相应位置上。短文你将听两遍。 Mr. Brown is a good doctor. He is 35 years old and he works in Singapore General Hospital. He has a terribly busy day every day. Four people came to his office this morning. Mr. Brown gave them different medicine and advice. Alice has a bad cold. She has a runny nose and streaming eyes and she also gets a headache. Mr. Brown says she needs to take medicine twice a day and drink more hot water. Tom has a sore back because he spends too much time on computer. He needs to take medicine once a day and lie in the bed to have a good rest. Bob has a toothache, because he eats a lot of sweet food these days. Mr. Brown suggests that he should stop eating sweet food now. Mary has a sore throat. She needs to take medicine once a day and have some porridge for breakfast. 第12页

  • ID:4-5913251 北京师大附中2018-2019学年下学期初中八年级期中考试英语试卷(含答案及听力原材料无MP3)


    The Third Apple
    Three Apples changed the world. The first one seduced (诱惑) Eve. The second one awakened Newton. The third one was in the hands of Steve Jobs. Here are some famous words from Steve Jobs to share.
    On character: I am the only person I know that’s lost a quarter of a billion dollars in one year. It’s very character-building.
    On good design: That’s been one of my mottoes(座右铭)-focus and simplicity. Simple can be harder than complex. You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it is worth it in the end because once you get there you can move mountains.
    On his outlook: Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me. Going to bed at night saying we’ve done something wonderful, that’s what matters to me.
    On your working life: Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle.

  • ID:4-5903032 [精] 人教新目标英语八年级下册期中测试卷(含答案)


    ( ) 1. A. snack B. passenger C. hand D. pass
    ( ) 2. A. letter B. repair C. rest D. stress
    ( ) 3. A. fix B. sick C. disabled D. sign
    ( ) 4. A. notice B. alone C. strong D. fold
    ( ) 5. A. throw B. throat C. neither D. three
    6. I have a ____________ (头疼), I must see a dentist.
    7. Why don’t you sit down and (交流)with your brother.
    8. These days everyone doesn’t want to get into ____________ (麻烦).
    9. To my ____________ (惊奇、惊讶), he passed the exam successfully..
    10. Don’t ____________ (依靠) on your parents again, please do it by yourself.
    11. We should try our best to help those ____________ (home) people.
    12. Lucky makes a big ____________ (different) to my life.
    13. Today, many students have a lot of ____________ (press) about school.
    14. Who knows the ____________ (own) of this big house
    15. The old man (sudden) fell ill.



  • ID:4-5898693 新疆库车县乌尊镇中学2018-2019初二下学期期中考试英语试卷(无答案,无听力音频及材料)


    2018–2019学年第二学期 期中考试 八 年级 英语 科目试题
    26. ----- -Could I hang out with my friends?
    -------___. You have to prepare for your math test.
    A. Yes, sure B. No, you can’t C. That’s OK D. You’re right
    27. ----What's the matter _____you? ----I have ___headache.
    A. with; a B. with; C. on; a D. ; a
    28. The old man lives _______, but he does not feel _______
    A. alone, alone B. alone, lonely C. lonely, alone D. lonely, lonely
    29. You could ___ _ on the road?
    A. not to play B. not play C. play not D don’t play
    30. The new kind of car is ________dear. I don’t have _______money.
    A.too much; much too B. much too; too much
    C. too much; too much D. much too ; much too
    31. Kate, May I _________your bike ?
    Sure, But you’d better not _______it to others.
    A. lend ; lend B. lend ; borrow C. borrow; borrow D. borrow; lend
    32. I like these photos and they can _____ me ___the life of living in the countryside.
    A. let; down B. remind; of C. wake; up D. think; of
    33. Why did you give up smoking , Mr. Green .
    ----Because it may ______cancer(癌症) if I smoke all the time.
    A. hurt B. hit C. play D. cause
    34. Allen _____ TV in the living room when I _____home yesterday.
    A. watched ; got B. was watching; got
    C. watched: was getting; D. was watching; was getting
    35. -------Why don’t you get up a little earlier next time?
    A. OK, I will B. Sorry, I don’t know C. Thank you D. That’s OK


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  • ID:4-5893063 浙江省台州市坦头中学2018-2019学年第二学期八年级英语期中考试试题(word版含答案,含听力音频,无听力材料)


    二、完形填空(本题有15小题,每小题1分,共计15分) 阅读下面短文,然后从各题所给的四个选项中选出一个最佳答案。 Students learn their lessons in class. In class 16 teach them. Students sit in the classroom listening to the teacher. This is a way of 17 . Is this the 18 way for students to learn something Of course not. There is 19 way to learn. Students can teach 20 . For example, if you can’t remember something 21 you are doing your homework, you can look at your book to find the 22 . This is a way to teach yourself. And it is not a 23 thing. We can do this at any place and at any time. How do you teach yourself The first thing you must do is 24 . Read something you are 25 in, or you have to read. The second is that you must ask yourself questions. The question is something you don’t 26 or you want to know more about. You can write down these questions. A 27 student is usually good at asking questions. The 28 you must do is that you must answer the question yourself 29 thinking hard, by reading the text of other books, but 30 by asking other people. This is the way of teaching yourself. And you must do this by yourself. If you keep doing like this for a long time, you are sure to be successful in your study. ================================================ 压缩包内容: 2018学年第二学期八年级第二次学情调研英语试题.doc 8年级.mp3 参考答案.doc 坦头中学2018学年第二学期八年级英语第二次学情调研答题卷.pdf

  • ID:4-5892105 浙江省天台县赤城中学2018-2019学年第二学期八年级英语期中检测试题(word版含答案,含听力音频和材料)


    八年级英语期中参考答案及听力 一 听力(本题有15小题,第一、二节每小题1分;第三节每小题2分;共20分) 1-5 CABAB 6-10 BCBCA 11-15 BBACB 二、完形填空(本题有10小题,每小题1分,共10分) 16-20 CDACA 21-25 CBBDC 三、阅读理解(本题有15小题,每小题2分,共30分) 26-28 DCC 29—32 CCDC 33-36 BDAC 37-40 CDAA 四、词汇运用 (本题有15小题, 每小题1分, 共15分) 41-45 opinions borrowing completely asleep importance 46-50 accident death alone while/when Instead 51-55 offering excited decision Whatever argued 五、语法填空(本题有10小题,每小题1分,共10分) 56-60 were broken seriously for was eating 61-65 fell to climb but minutes them 六、任务型阅读(本题有5小题,每小题1分,共5分) 66-70 shake 3/three age cold after 七、书面表达(本题共1小题,计10分) 76. One possible version: Last Saturday evening, all my family had dinner in a restaurant. We enjoyed ourselves while we were at table. However, some teenagers sitting beside our table began to talk and laugh loudly. They shouted and said rude words on the mobile phone. What’s worse, they began to smoke in the restaurant, which made us angry. After a while, I stood up and advised them to stop smoking and talking so loudly. To my surprise, they didn’t follow my advice. Instead, they laughed at me. In my opinion, it’s wrong to do that in public. The future lies in teenagers, we should not only obey the rules in public but also set good examples for others. 听力材料内容: 一、听力(本题有15 小题,第一、二节每题1分;第三节每小题2分;共计20分) 第一节:听小对话,从A、B、C 三个选项中选出正确的选项,回答问题。每段对话仅读一遍。 W:What do you and your brother like to do in the free time, Bill M:My brother likes to play chess while I like to play soccer. W: What’s wrong with you M:I have a headache and I have to see a doctor. W: Bill, I saw your mother go out just now. M: She was going out for a dinner with my father. 4. W: Mike, there will be a pop music concert at 7:30 tonight. Would you like to go with me M: Yes, I’d love to , Jenny. Let’s meet at the bus stop at 6:00. W: Welcome to Jiaojiang, Tom! Did you come here by train M: Yes. And I saw a lot of interesting things on the train. 第二节:听长对话,从A、B、C 三个选项中选出正确的选项,回答问题。对话读两遍。 听下面一段较长的对话,回答第6-7两个问题。 W: Excuse me, sir. I lost my suitcase in the waiting hall. M: What’s your name, please W: Sun Young. M:: Could you describe your suitcase, Miss Young W: Sure. It’s brown, not very new,and about so big. M:What did you have inside W: My ID card and all my money, about fifty dollars. 听下面一段较长的对话,回答第8-10三个问题。 M:Helen,did you go to the concert last Sunday W: Yes , it was great and we had a great dinner before then, too. Why didn’t you come, Paul M: I didn’t come because I was feeling sick and then my daughter got sick as well, so we ended up watching TV at home. W: What a pity! I hope you will be better soon. There is another concert in two weeks, how about going together M: Neither my daughter nor I am better yet , but I will let you know as soon as we get better. W: OK, give me a call so I can book tickets. 第三节 听短文回答问题 从题中所给的 A、B、C 三个选项中选出最佳选项。 短文读2遍。 Last summer holiday, Tony went to Weihai. The weather there was warm but not hot. He had a long walk along the beach every morning. He went swimming and he had great fun playing in the sea. He lay on the beach and enjoyed the sunshine. He ate many different kinds of seafood and he liked them very much. He liked talking with the people there, because they were very friendly. He had an exciting holiday in Weihai. He thought Weihai was a beautiful city. He wants to go there once again next summer with his parents or his friends. ================================================ 压缩包内容: 2018-2八年级英语参考答案.doc 2018-2八年级英语期中试卷.doc 2018-2八年级英语答题卷.doc 八年级英语期中2019.3d.mp3 听力材料内容.docx

  • ID:4-5881980 山东省德州市九中2018-2019学年八年级下学期期中考试英语试卷(学生版+解析版含答案无听力材料及音频)


    山东省德州市第九中学2018-2019学年八年级下学期期中考试 英语试卷 二、阅读理解:阅读下列短文,然后从每小题A、B、C、D中选出能回答所提问题的最佳答案。 (A) Timetable  Monday 19:00—21:30 Space and Man Dr. Thomas West Would you like to know more about the universe (4 weeks) Wednesday 18:30—21:00 Computer Science Prof. Harry Morison from Cambridge University Learn to use Windows 2000 (12 weeks) Friday 19:00—21:30 Modern Medicine Prof. Lucy Green Would you like to know medical science (6 weeks)  Saturday 14:00—17:00 Technical English Prof. Rose Beet Do you want to learn technical words and read technical articles (16 weeks) Sunday 8:30—11:30 Exhibition of personal Inventions You can see many inventions by the students; you may also bring your own inventions. (2 weeks)   1. The computer science teacher comes from ___________. A. Canada B. China C. America D. England 2. You may have a chance to show your inventions on _____________. A. Monday B. Sunday C. Wednesday D. Friday 3. You may learn how to keep healthy from ______. A. Dr. West B. Prof. Beet C. Prof. Green D. Prof. Morison 4. If you want to learn something about Mars, you can go to the class from ____. A. 19:00—21:30 on Monday B. 8:30—11:30 on Sunday C. 14:00—17:00 on Saturday D. 19:00--- 21:30 on Friday 5. You can learn something about English on________. A. Monday B. Wednesday C. Friday D. Saturday (B) A man once had a dream about the Black Forest in Germany. In his dream he was walking in the forest when two men ran out and tried to throw him to the ground. He ran off as fast as he could,but they followed him. He reached a place where he saw two road in front of him,one to the right and the other to the left. Which road should he takeHe heard the two men behind him, getting nearer, and at the same time he heard a voice in his ear. It told him to go to the right,and he did so. He ran on and soon came to a small hotel. He was received there kindly and given a room,and he was saved from the two men. That was the dream. Twenty years later he was really in the Black Forest and , as happened in the dream long ago, two men ran out and tried to throw him down. He ran off, and came to a place with two roads, like in the dreams. He remembered the dream and took the road to the right. He soon reached a small hotel , was taken in, and so was safe. His dream of twenty years before had saved his life. ================================================ 压缩包内容: 山东省德州市九中2018-2019学年八年级下学期期中考试英语试卷(学生版).doc 山东省德州市九中2018-2019学年八年级下学期期中考试英语试卷(解析版).doc

  • ID:4-5859750 甘肃秦安县2018-2019下学期八年级期中试卷英语(无答案)


    甘肃秦安县2017-2018学年度第二学期中期考试题 八年级英语 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?A?卷 I.语音10分 A.选出于划线部分读音相同的选项?? ( ?)1.danger ? ?A.gave ? ? ? B.appear ? ? C.mad ? ? ?D.camel ( ?)2.while ? ? A.still ? ? ? B.mix ? ? ? ?C.rise ? ? ? D.trick ( ?)3.look ? ? ?A.bamboo?? ?B.spoon ? ? ?C.root ? ? ?D.push ( ?)4.head ? ? ?A.heat ? ? ? B.leaves ? ? C.pleasent ? ?D.realize ( ?)5.chair ? ? A.Chistmas ? ?B.choice ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ??C.school ? ? D.stomach ( ?)6.needed?? ?A.protected?? B.opened?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ???C.hurried?? ? D.showed B.根据下列对话的情景,找出划线句子中一般要重读的词 ( ?)7.Who came to see me this morning?? who,to ,me ? B.who ,came ,see,morning ? C.came , see ? D.who ,came,see ( ?)8.-What is the matter with him ? -He must be mad. must ? ? B.must ,mad ? ?C.be,mad ? D. He,must,be,mad C.找出下列每组三个句子的正确语调 ( ?)9. -Does Lucy go to school on foot ? -No ,she usually goes to school by bike -When does she leave home in the morning? A.?升调、升调、降调?? ? ?B.?降调、降调、降调?? C.?降调、升调、降调?? ? ?D.?升调、降调、降调?? ( ?) 10.①—Tom, you have never been to Beijing, ? ? ? ? ? ? have you? ? ②—No, I haven’t. ? ③—Me neither. A.?升调、升调、降调?? ? ?B.?升调、降调、降调 C.?降调、升调、降调?? ? ?D.?降调、降调、降调?? Ⅱ词汇(15分) A)按要求写单词(10分) 11.hole(同音词)?? ? ??? ?12.bamboo(复数)?? ? ? ? 13.lie(现在分词)?? ? ?14.danger(形容词)?? ? ? 15 rise(过去分词)?? ? ? ??16.leave(过去式)?? ? ? ? 17.tired(比较级)?? ? ? ???18.they(反身代词)?? ? ? ? 19.happy(反义词)?? ? ? ?20.twenty(序数词)?? ? ? ? B)英汉互译(5分) 21.从…获取能量_____22.沙尘暴_________ 23.打动某人_______24. in balance__________ ? ?25.set up a time____________ Ⅲ.语法与情景交际.(25分) ( ?)26.-Yesterday I saw ____elephant. _______elephant was from Africa ? ? ?A. a, The ? ? B.the ,An ? ?C an, The ? ?D the ,A ( ?)27. My hair is a little longer than________ ? ? ?A she ? ? B her ? ? ?C her’s ? ? ? ? ?D his ( ?)28.Jack is my good friend. He often helps me______my homework ? ??A. does ? ?B. do ? ? C. done ? ? ? ?D. doing ( ?)29.I didn’t go to the park last week, ________. ? ? A too ? ? ?B also ? ? ? C either ? ? ?D as well ( ?)30.Poeple go _______the entrence______the cinema one by one ? ? A through, in ? B through, to ? ? ??C.for, in ? ? D. across, to ( ?)31.She always drives very______ ? ? A. carefully ? ?B. careful ? ?C. careless ? D care ( ?)32.They used ______ in the river,now they are?? ?used_____ along the river. ? ? A .to swimming,to walk?? B ?to swim , to walk? ??C. to swim , to walking ?D. to swimming,to walking ( ?)33.He didn’t go to bed ________ he finished his homework last night. ? ? A after ? ? ? ? ?B until?? ? ? ?C when ? ? ? ? D while ( ?)34.The sun will set ______ about fifteen minutes. ? ? A at ? ? ? ? ? ?B in ? ? ? ? ? ? ?C for ? ? ? ? ? ?D after ( ?)35. ---How many students are there in your school? ? ---There are about _______ students. A. two thousand ? B. two thousands ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?C. two thousands of ?D. thousands ( ?)36.He always thinks of?____more than himself. ? ? A .other ? ?B others ? ? C the other?? ? D the others ? ( ?)37.--_______ good news, isn’t it? ?-- Yes, it is. ? ? A What ? ?B What a ? ? ?C How a ? ? ? ? ?D How ( ?)38.—Would you like to go swimming with me? --_______,but I have lots of homework today A. No,I wouldn’t ? B. I’m not sure???? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? ? ?C. I’d love to ?D. Yes,she didn’t ( ?)39.How about ________ basketball? ? ? A play ? ? ? ? ?B to play?? ? C playing ? ? D played ( ?)40. --Do you know if she ______tomorrow? --If she ____ tomorrow, I will tell you. A. will come, comes ? ? ? ? B. comes, will come C. will come, will come ? ? ?D. comes, comes ( ?)41.There_____a great movie at the cinema next week. Shall we go? ? ? A .will have ? ? ?B. is ? ? ? ? C. has ? ? ? D.will be ( ?)42. Our teacher told us light_______faster than sound last term ? ?A. travels ? ? B. travel ? C. traveled ? ? D. traveling ( ?)43. Tony enjoys ______ music from the Internet. A. to listen ? ?B. listening to ? C. listening ? ?D. listen ( ?)44.He kept thinking _______ it and found the answer at last. ? ? A with ? ? ? ? ? B at ? ? ? ? ? ? C to ? ? ? ? ? ?D about ( ?)45.-Jenny woks hard! ? ?-So ______ Li Ming. was ? ? ? B do ? ? ? ? ?C is ? ? ? ?D does ( ?)46.The man_____over there is Li Ming’s father. A .standing ? ? ? ?B stood ? ? ? ? C stands ? ? D to stand ( ?)47.I’m _______ to see such a strange animal. ? ? A to amazed ? ? ? ?B amazed ? ? ? ? ? ??C amazing ? ?D to amazing ( ?)48.We’ll need our caps to protect us?__ the sun. ? ? A off ? ? ? ? ? ?B away ? ? ? ? C from ? ? ? ? D of ( ?)49.Please stop him from _______. ? ? A smoke?? B smoking ? C be smoking ? D smoked ( ?)50. ___ the students __ interested in the Internet. A. Most of, is ? ? B. Most from, are ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?C.Most of, are ? ? ?D. Most, is IV.阅读理解?20分 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?A John lives in New York. He likes travelling. Here are john Smith's plan for his trip August21 Leave New York ?12:25 Arrive Ottawa ? ?14:20 August23 Leave Ottawa ? ?15:50 Arrive Toronto ? 17:15 August25 Leave Toronto ? ?9:45 Arrive Tokyo ? ? 15:10 August29 Leave Tokyo ? ? 14:20 Arrive Seoul ? ? 16:05 September2 Leave Seoul ? ? 08:20 Arrive New York ? 12:25 ( ?)51. When will John Smith get to Toronto??_____ A. At a quarter to five in the afternoon, Aug. 23rd. B. At a quarter past five in the afternoon, Aug. 23rd. C. At a quarter to ten in the morning, Aug. 25th. D. At a quarter past ten in the morning, Aug. 25th. ( ?)52. How long will it take John Smith to fly from Tokyo to Seoul? _________ 65 minutes. ? B. 85 minutes. ? C. 95 minutes. ??D. 105 minutes. ( ?)53. How many cities will John go to visit??_____ A. Three. ??B. Four.??C. Five. ? ? D. Six. ( ?)54.How long is John going to travel? A 9 days ? ? ?B. 10 days ? ?C.11 days ? D. 12 days ( ?)55.Where will be on the morning of August 29th?? ?? ?A Tokyo ? ? B Toronto ? ? ?C Seoul ? ? D New York ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ??B Recently more and more big cities in china are having heavy smog(雾霾)。There isa popular joke about it on the Internet.“The longest distance in the world isn’t between life and death,but between you and me when I hold your hand in the street but can’t see your face” ?Air pollution(污染)is one of the causes of?lung(肺) cancer.What shall we do to?keep healthy in this situation? Try to remember the following advice . ? Reduce(减少) outdoor activities. ? If you have to go outside ,remember to wear a?mask . Drink enough water every day and have fresh food . ? Wash hands and face after outdoor activities. ? Keep indoor environment clean . ( ?)56The underline word?“mask”means____in Chinese ??A?帽子?? ? ? B?手套?? ? ? ? C?口罩?? ? ? ?D.风衣 ( ?)57What is one of the causes of lung cancer according to this article? A Smoking ? ? B Drinking ? ? C Air?pollution?? D.?Outdoor activities ( ?)58The writer advises people to reduce?outdoor activities because_______ A heavy smog is bad for health?? ? B?outdoor activities?are too boring?? C the don’t want to go out?? ? ? D.?it is very cold ( ?)59 The writer thinks we should ______every day A?wear a mask?anytime ? ? ? ?B?have fresh food?? C drink enough water ? ? ? ?D.?both B and C ( ?)60 Which is true according to the passage? A?Air pollution can make people blind?? ? ? ? B?We’d better wash hands and face before going outside?? C We should stay indoor as much as possible ? ? ? D.?both B and C V口语交际:从方框中选择恰当的句子补全对话,其中有两项多余选项(每空2分,共10分)。 (An interviewer记者?is interviewing采访?a Chinese student who is studying in America.) A=an interviewer ? ? ? B=a Chinese student A: Excuse me,??61 ??. B: Sure. A: How long have you been studying here? B:?? ? ? ?62 ? ? ? ? ? ??. A: How are you getting on with your study? B: Very well. A:?? ? ? ?63 ? ? ? ? ? ??. B: I’m going back to China. A: Why? B: Er, you know,China is developing faster and faster.?? ? ? ? 64 ? ? ? ? ??. A: Any more reasons? B: Yes, I’d like to spend more time with my parents. A: Wow! Good! Caring for parents comes first in China.?? ? ? ? 65 ? ? ? ? ??. B: Thank you. Wish you a nice future! ? ? B.And I want to do something for it. C.Can I help you??? D.May I ask you some questions? E.For about two years. ? ? ? ? F.When are you going back to China? G.What are you going to do after finishing your study? VI.句型转换:按括号内的要求转换下列句型,每空一词。(每空1分,共10分) ?66.They will arrive here?in ten minutes.(对画线部分提问)? ________ ________ will they arrive here? ?67.Let us stop to have rest,?___ ?___(反义疑问句) ?68. Both Danny and Jenny like playing on the swings.(改为否定句) ? ??__ Danny nor Jenny ____ playing on the swings. ?69.It is not easy to learn English well . (变同义句) ________ is ________ to learn well. ?70.They didn’t know how they could work out the problem. (同义句转换) ? ?They didn’t know how _________ _________ out the problem. VII.完形填空1(10分) Have you ever observed plants or animals?Both plants and animals are??71things.but plants can’t walk as animals do .So??72 ?do flowersgrow here?and there ? ? Some plants have very light??73 ??The wind moves them from place to place. The seeds seem to?74 ??.Actually,they are taken far by the wind.Then new plants start to??75 ?in the place where the wind has taken them.Some trees are near the sea.Their seeds can fall??76 ??the sea water .They may stay in the water for many days .Then the water??77 ??them to new places.Some animals help plant seeds,too.Some squirrels dig??78 ??in the ground to store(储存)seeds. Sometimes squirrels?79 ??the places where they put the seeds .They can’t find them.When spring comes ,the weather gets??80 ??again.Then these seeds will grow. ( ?)71A.dying ? ? ? B.living ? ? ?C.dead ? ? ?D.alive ( ?)?72A.what ? ? ? B.where ? ? ?C.when ? ? ?D.how ( ?)73A.seeds ? ? ? B.stems ? ? ?C.roots ? ? ?D.leaves ( ?)74. A.smile ? ? ?B.shout ? ? ? C.jump ? ? ?D.fly ( ?)75. A.move ? ? ?B.wake ? ? ? C.freeze ? ? D.grow ( ?)76.A..at ? ? ? ? B.into ? ? ? ?C.out ? ? ? ?D.off ( ?)77.A.pulls ? ? ? B.carries ? ? ?C.blows ? ? D.keeps ( ?)78 A.holes ? ? ? B.fences ? ? ?C.pots ? ? ? D.shade ( ?)79.A.remember ? B.consider ? ?C.forget?? ?D.leaves ( ?)80.A.cool ? ? ? ?B.cold ? ? ? ?C.hot ? ? ? D.warm B?卷 VIII.完形填空2(10分) 阅读短文,在空白处填入适当的内容或括号内单词的正确形式 Thomas Edison was a great American ?81 ?(invent) .When he was a child,he was always?82 ??questions and trying out new ideas. No matter?83 ??hard it was, henever gave up. Young Tom was in school for only three months. His teacher didn’t understand why he had??84 ??many strange questions. Most of them were not about his lessons. The teacher didn’t want to teach Tom any??85 ?. He asked Tom’s mother to take the boy home. Tom’s mother taught him to read and write, and she found that he??86?a very good pupil. He learnt very fast and became very??87 ?(interest) in science. One day , he saw a little boy??88 ??(play) on the railway tracks at a station. A train was coming near quickly, and the boy was too frightened to move. Edison rushed out and carried the boy to??89?(safe). The boy’s father was so??90 ??(thank) that he taught Edison to send messages by telegraph(电报). inventor ? asking ?How ?so ? more ? was ? interested playing ?safety thankful IX阅读理解2 ?(10分) 根据短文内容,从下面方框中选择适当的选项补全短文。 My mother is a kind and nice woman.??91 ??One Sunday night, when I was watching the film Harry Potter very happily, Mother asked me to go to bed.?92 ? that I didn’t move. But for a while, I noticed that she didn’t say anything.?93 ??I was so sad and that I went into my room and cried. I thought?“I have only two nights in a week to enjoy the TV.??94 ?”?The next day she cooked and talked with me as usual. I pretended(假装) not to hear, but she didn’t mind and told me why she didn’t allow me to watch TV,??95 ??. Then I understood her. I love my mother. A. But she is very strict with me. B. Because she wanted me to have a good rest. C. Then she got angry and turned off the TV. D. I loved the film so much. E. Why doesn’t mother allow me to watch TV? X.英汉互译(每小题2分,共10分) 96在很多国家学生正在学习英语,. Some of these students are small children.Many are old.Some learn at school. Others are not at school. They work hard to learn another language. Why do people want to learn English ? 97It is difficult to answer this question.?Many boys and girls learn English 98.因为它是他们的学科之一. 99Some people learn English because it is useful for their work.Other people learn English because 100.they want to read books and newspapers in English. ? ? 96._______________________________________ 97._______________________________________ 98._______________________________________ 99._______________________________________ 100.______________________________________ XI.短文改错(10分) 下面短文中共有10处错误,错误仅涉及一个单词的增加,删除或修改。直接改在原文中 Jane lived with her grandma.The old woman was enough strong that she could do everything herself at home.As soon as Jane began to clean the rooms or wash something,her grandma stopped her and tell her to work on her lessons.Jane had to listen her grandma.She spent all her time on studying. So she went to college at last. Now the girl has left college.She did well all her subjects and easily found work in a company.She was sure she will be in an important position(职位).On the first day the boss gave her a broom(笤帚)and said,“Your first work is sweep the offices.”“What?”the girl called out in surprised.“I’m a college student,you know.”“I’m sorry I don’t know that.Here,give me the broom and let me to show you!” XII.写作(10分) 今年五一假期,你打算和你父母一起乘飞机去青岛度假。你们要在那里待3天。在那里你们要观光,游泳,吃饭,购物等。请把这个好消息写信告诉你的澳大利亚笔友pole。80词左右。 Dear Pole: How are you?_____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ Yours, LiMing ?

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