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  • ID:4-5950707 [精] Unit 8 Pets 期末复习学案与巩固测试(含答案)

    初中英语/牛津译林版/七年级下/Unit 8 Pets

    中小学教育资源及组卷应用平台 Unit 8 Pets 期末复习学案与巩固测试 Unit 8 Pets 期末复习学案 一、课本单词与短语默写 序号 汉语 词性 英文默写 序号 汉语 词性 英文默写 1 宠物 n.   23 麻烦 n.   2 粗鲁的,不礼貌的 adj.   24 吐泡泡 vi.   3 金鱼 n.   25 温柔的 adj.   4 老鼠,耗子 n.   26 触摸,碰 n.   5 鹦鹉 n.   27 押韵 vi.   6 膝,膝盖 n.   28 照料,照顾 n.   7 握住,拿 vt.   29 照顾     8 喂,喂养 vt.   30 任何地方 adv.   9 教 vt.   31 重复 v.   10 诗歌 n.   32 一直,总是     11 充分地 adv.   33 同意;应允 v.   12 寻找,搜寻;打猎 v.   34 养,饲养 vt.   13 藏,隐藏 v.   35 重;有…重 v.   14 建造,建筑 vt.   36 克 n.   15 营地;阵营 n.   37 成长;长大成人     16 树枝,枝条;棍,棒 n.   38 讲座;演讲 n.   17 (狗)吠,叫 vi.   39 声音,响声;噪音 n.   18 咬 v.   40 刷;擦 vt.   19 打仗(架)与…打仗 v.   41 软毛,毛皮 n.   20 照顾     42 (动物的)爪 n.   21 到…时;直到…为止 prep.   43 篮子 n.   22 终止;末尾,终点 n.   44 吵闹的,嘈杂的 adj.   二、重要短语回顾 1. 一些吃的东西___________________ 2. 睡在我的膝盖上 ___________________ 3. 某人手里握着某物 ___________________ 4. 教某人做某事___________________ 5. 睁大眼睛 ___________________ 6. 用树枝为我搭建营地___________________ 7. 照顾 ___________________ 8. 四处找我 ___________________ 9. 照顾___________________ 10. 重复我的话___________________ 11. 一直,总是___________________ 12. 在阳光下___________________ 13. 重大约40克___________________ 14. 成长;长大成人___________________ 15. 发出任何噪音___________________ 16. 给她刷毛___________________ 17. 睡在篮子里___________________ Unit 8 Pets 巩固测试 一、单项选择 1. (2018·新疆) I really want to have a pet dog, _______ my mother disagrees. A. but B. and C. or D. so 2. (2018·江苏连云港)— Harry, you should mind your manners. It is ___ to push in before others. — Sorry, Mum. I won’t do it next time. A. polite B. rude C. active D. careless 3. (2018·天津) —Tom fell off his bike and hurt his knee. —_________. A. Pretty good. B. That’s too bad C. That’s funny D. That’s a good idea 4. (2018·内蒙古呼和浩特)— Dad, could you please teach __________ English? —Sure! But it’ s more important to learn it by ___________. A. my, yourself B. my, you C. me, you D. me, yourself 5. (2018·黑龙江哈尔滨) So far, Confucius Institute(孔子学院)has been set up in many other countries. And Chinese is _____ spoken in those countries. A. widely B. badly C. hardly 6. (2018·贵州贵阳) Reading books a bridge between our lives and the unknown world. A. built B. build C. builds 7. (2018·江苏淮安) The girl has to ________ her grandma because her parents are working in another city. A. look at B. look into C. look through D. look after \ 8. (2018·四川遂宁) If it ____sunny, we____ camping this weekend. A. get; will go B. gets; will go C. gets; go D. will get; go 9. (2018·广东省) After long years of war, many people in Syria are homeless. I think it important ________ a peaceful world. A. build B. not build C. to build D. not to build 10. (2018?广西贵港中考)—Did you go last summer holiday? —Yes. I went to Shanghai Disney. A. somewhere special B. anywhere special C. special somewhere D. special anywhere 11. (2018·吉林) —Do you agree ______ my plan? —Yes, it is wonderful. A. in B. with C. of 12. (2018·辽宁葫芦岛) —I want to visit Red Beach in Xingcheng. Could you tell me ? —It’s free all the time. A. how far it is B. how much the ticket is C. how I can get there D. how long it takes to go there 13. (2018?辽宁沈阳) —I don’t like the short story “The gifts”. I think it’s out of date. —I’m sorry, but . Although it may be old, I still think it’s a moving story. A. it doesn’t matter B.I don’t agree C. you’re welcome D. that’s all right 14. (2018 ? 吉林长春) My little brother is a tidy boy. He always keeps his room ________. A. clean B. to clean C. cleaning D. cleaned 15. (2018·四川德阳) —Do you know ? —Tomorrow morning. A. where Mr. Zhang will give us a talk B. where will Mr. Zhang give us a talk C. when will Mr. Zhang give us a talk D. when Mr. Zhang will give us a talk 16. (2018?辽宁沈阳) — do you brush your teeth? —Twice or more a day. A. How soon B. How far C. How long D. How often 17. (2018·四川甘孜州、阿坝州)Of the three boys, Tom is the ________. A. tall B. taller C. tallest 18. (2018·黑龙江齐齐哈尔) — ________ I finish my work now? — No, you _________. You can do it later. A. May; needn’t B. Must; don’t have to C. Can, couldn’t 19. (2018·四川甘孜州、阿坝州)We have to get up earlier tomorrow, ________ we may be late for the meetng. A. and B. or C. so 20. (2018·四川雅安)—Whose bike is this? —Oh, it’s ________. Thank you. A. mw B. mine C. my D. I 21. (2018·辽宁营口) —Let’s go to the museum this Sunday! —Shall we make it ________ day? I will visit my grandparents then. A. other B. another C. the other D. others 22. (2018·内蒙古通辽)Money is important, but it can’t buy ________, especially happiness and health. A. anything B. something C. everything D. nothing 二、词汇应用 1. (2018·广西北部湾) My cousin has a pet dog. (it) name is Wangwang. 2. (2018 ? 吉林长春) Li Fang is one of the most beautiful ________ (teach) in our country. 3. (2018·贵州铜仁) Tom is old enough to take c______ of himself. 4. (2018·四川雅安)I didn’t hear the phone because it was too ________(吵闹的) in the supermarket. 三、句型转换 1. (2018·重庆A卷) My sister will take care of my cat when I am on holiday.(改为同义句) My sister will my cat when I am on holiday. 2. (2018 ? 新疆乌鲁木齐)You shouldn’t shout back to your parents! ( 改为祈使句 ) back to your parents! 3. (2018·四川达州) The fishes in the pond died off because the water was polluted seriously.(对划线部分提问) ______ did the fishes in the pond _______ off? 四、完成句子 1. (2018·辽宁本溪) 别发出噪音了,因为有人在看书。 ____________________because?someone?is?reading. 2. (2018·山东滨州)当陌生人遇到麻烦时我们应该帮忙吗? ( should ) _______________________________________________________________________________ Unit 8 Pets期末复习学案 答案 一、课本单词与短语默写 1. pet 2. rude 3. goldfish 4. mouse 5. parrot 6. knee 7. hold 8. feed 9. teach 10. poem 11. wide 12. hunt 13. hide 14. build 15. camp 16. stick 17. bark 18. bite 19. fight 20. look after 21. till 22. end 23. trouble 24. bubble 25. gentle 26. touch 27. rhyme 28. care 29. take care of 30. anywhere 31. repeat 32. all the time 33. agree 34. keep 35. weigh 36. gram 37. grow up 38. talk 39. noise 40. brush 41. fur 42. paw 43. basket 44. noisy 二、重要短语回顾 1. something to eat 2. sleep on my knees 3. hold sth in one’s hand 4. teach sb to do sth 5. with eyes open wide 6. build me camps out of sticks 7. look after 8. look around for me 9. take care of 10. repeat my words 11. all the time 12. in the sun 13. weigh up to 40 grams 14. grow up 15. make any noise 16. brush her fur 17. sleep in a basket Unit 8 Pets巩固测试 答案 一、单项选择 1. A 考查连词词义辨析。前半句是肯定句,后半句是否定句,前后句之间是转折关系,故应用连词but表转折。故选A。 2. B 【解析】考查形容词辨析。句意:—哈瑞,你应该注意你的礼貌。在别人面前推搡是____。—对不起,妈妈。我下次不这样了。polite “有礼貌的”;rude“粗鲁的”;active “积极的”;careless“粗心的”。由下文“我下次不这样了”可推知:在别人面前推搡是鲁莽的,故选B。 3. B 【解析】考查情景交际。Pretty good.意为“非常好”,That’s too bad.意为“那太坏了”,That’s funny.意为“太有趣了”,That’s a good idea.意为“那是个好主意”。第一句表达Tom从自行车上摔下伤到了膝盖。下面应该选择表示遗憾的句子,因此选用That's too bad.。故选B。 4. D考查代词词义辨析。句意:——爸爸,你能教我英语吗?——当然可以!但是自学更重要。根据teach sb. sth.可知第一空格填me;learn by oneself为固定搭配,意为“自学” ,第二空应填yourself。故选D。 5. A 考查句意理解。句意:目前,在很多国家都建立了孔子学院,并且中文在很多国家被广泛的应用。故选A。 6. C考查动词的时态及变形。句意:读书为我们的生活架起了一座通往未知领域的桥梁。用一般现在时表达客观事实;动名词短语作主语表达的是一件事情,谓语动词用第三人称单数形式。故选C。 7. D考查动词短语辨析。句意:这个女孩必须照顾她的奶奶,因为她的父母在另一个城市工作。Look at注视,look into调查,look through浏览。根据句意,用look after表示“照顾”。故选D。 8. B 考查动词时态。在状语从句中,主句用将来时,从句一般用现在时代替将来时,即:主将从现,故选B。 9. C考查非谓语动词。句意:经过数年长时间的战争,许多的叙利亚人失去家园。我认为建立一个和平的世界非常重要。本题中,it为形式宾语,不定式to build…作真正的宾语。故选C。 10. B【解析】考查不定副词和形容词的用法辨析。somewhere某个地方,一般用于肯定句;anywhere任何地方,一般用于疑问及否定句当中。修饰词一般放在单词后面,句意:——你去年暑假去过特殊的地方吗?——是的,我去了上海迪斯尼乐园。故选B。 11. B【解析】考查介词辨析。 agree与with连用,后面接人或某事。结构:agree with sb./sth 表示同意某人或某人的观点看法等。从答语可知完全赞同,故选B。 12. B【解析】考查宾语从句。句意为:——我想去在兴城红海滩。请你告诉我 ?——一直免费。how far it is它多远;how much the ticket is票是多少钱;how I can get there我怎样到达那里;how long it takes to go there到那里花费多长时间。根据答句可知此处询问票价。故选B。 13. B 【解析】考查情景交际用语。A没关系 B我不同意 C.别客气,不用谢 D. 没关系。上文I don’t like the short story “The gifts”.我不喜欢这篇短篇故事。而下文but, 以及Although it may be old, I still think it’s a moving story. 尽管他可能是陈旧的,我仍然认为它是一个感人的故事。可知第二人是不同意第一人的,故答案选B。句意:——我不喜欢这篇短篇故事--“礼物”,我认为它过时了。——抱歉,但是我不同意。尽管他可能是陈旧的,我仍然认为它是一个感人的故事。 14. A 考查固定搭配。句意:我的小弟弟是个干净的孩子。他总是使他的房间保持清洁。keep…clean表“使……保持清洁”,其中的clean是形容词,作宾语补足语。故选A。 15. D 考查宾语从句。句意:——你知道张先生将什么时候给我们作报告吗?——明早。根据答语表示时间可知用when引导宾语从句,宾语从句用陈述语序,故答案选D。 16. D【解析】考查疑问词的用法辨析。句意:——你多久刷一次牙?——一天两次或更多。 A.多久;B. 多远;C. 多长时间;D. 多久一次。 根据答句:一天两次或更多,本题对频率提问。故选D。 17. C 考查形容词及其比较等级。句意为:这三个男孩中,Tom个子最高。空格前有定冠词the修饰,应用形容词的最高级。故选C。 18. B 考查情态动词的用法。句意:——我必须现在完成工作吗?——不,你不必。你可以稍后再做。must意为“必须”;don’t have to意为“不必”。故选B。 19. B 考查连词辨析。句意为:我们明天得早点起床,否则开会可能要迟到了。B项意为“否则,要不然”。故选B。 20. B 考查代词的用法。根据语境可知,答语意为:这辆自行车是我的。谢谢你。表示“我的”,用名词性物主代词mine。故选B。 21. B 考查词义辨析。根据答语中的“I will visit my grandparents then.”可知,此处表示“我们可以改天其博物馆吗?”another意为“(三者或三者以上中的)另一个”,后跟可数名词单数,符合句意。other意为“其他的”,其后跟可数名词复数;the other意为“两者中的另一个”;others是代词,其后不跟名词。故选B。 22. C【解析】考查不定代词的用法辨析。句意:钱是重要的,但是它并不能买到_______,特别是快乐和健康。anything意为“任何东西”;something“某事物”;everything“一切东西”;nothing“没有事物;没有东西”。由“Money is important”和连词but可知这里表示“钱并不是万能的”,故用everything表示“不能买到一切东西”。故选C。 二、词汇应用 1. Its 句意:它的名字叫汪汪。在此处主语指代的是小狗的名字,且后面有名词name,故此处用形容词性物主代词its。 2. teachers 句意:李芳是我们国家最美的教师之一。考查固定结构one of + the + 形容词的最高级+ 复数名词。 3. care 句意:汤姆足够大能照顾他自己。表示“照顾”,应用take care of或look after。故答案是care。 4. noisy 句意:我没有听到电话,因为超市里太吵了。根据句中的was,可知此处应用形容词,表示“吵闹的”,应用noisy。 三、句型转换 1. look after 【解析】考查同义词短语。take care of意为“照顾;照看”,与look after同义。 2. Don’t, shout 3. Why, die 四、完成句子 1. Don’t make any noise 2. Should we help strangers when they get into trouble / when they are in trouble? 21世纪教育网 www.21cnjy.com 精品试卷·第 2 页 (共 2 页) HYPERLINK "http://21世纪教育网(www.21cnjy.com) " 21世纪教育网(www.21cnjy.com)

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  • ID:4-5950240 [精] Unit 7 Abilities 期末复习学案与巩固测试(含答案)

    初中英语/牛津译林版/七年级下/Unit 7 Abilities

    中小学教育资源及组卷应用平台 Unit 7 Abilities期末复习学案与巩固测试 Unit 7 Abilities 期末复习学案 一、课本单词与短语默写 序号 汉语 词性 英文默写 序号 汉语 词性 英文默写 1 能力 n.   35 新闻,消息 n.   2 相信 vt.   36 报纸 n.   3 信不信由你     37 火柴 n.   4 留神,当心     38 垃圾,废弃物 n.   5 座位 n.   39 垃圾箱 n.   6 发送;邮寄 vt.   40 吸(烟),抽(烟) v.   7 甚至 adv.   41 顺便问一下     8 能,能够 adj.   42 照相机 n.   9 付费 v.   43 没问题     10 为…付款     44 X光,X射线 n.   11 笔记本 n.   45 学期 n.   12 募集 vt.   46 努力地;费力地 adv.   13 勇敢的 adj.   47 文章 n.   14 救,救助 vt.   48 粗心的 adj.   15 从…中救出…     49 尽某人最大努力     16 烟,烟雾 n.   50 钢琴 n.   17 在隔壁     51 …做得好     18 严重地,厉害地 adv.   52 (well的比较级) adv.   19 受伤的 adj.   53 小提琴 n.   20 (can的过去式) modal   54 在…岁时     21 倾倒 vt.   55 教;演示;展示 vt.   22 保护 vt.   56 先生 n.   23 冲,奔 vi.   57 女士;夫人     24 湿的;有雨的 adj.   58 推荐 vt.   25 毯子 n.   59 奖;奖品;奖金 n.   26 消防员 n.   60 部分 n.   27 扑灭     61 参加     28 烧伤;烧 v.   62 (食物钱等的)短缺 n.   29 住院     63 迷失;丢失 vt.   30 时刻;片刻,瞬间 n.   64 迷路     31 点头 v.   65 到…为止;在…之前 conj.   32 仔细认真的;小心的 adj.   66 收到…的来信     33 使受伤,伤害;疼 v.   67 (签名前)您忠实的     34 记者 n.           二、重要短语回顾 1. believe it or not 1. 信不信由你___________________ 2. look out 2. 留神,当心___________________ 3. plant trees 3. 植树 ___________________ 4. clean up the park 4. 把公园打扫干净 ___________________ 5. give a seat to someone on the bus 5. 在公交车上给某人让座 ___________________ 6. collect things for Project Hope 6. 为希望工程筹集物品___________________ 7. visit an old people’s home 7. 拜访老年公寓___________________ 8. rush into the kitchen 8. 冲进厨房 ___________________ 9. do/try one’s best 9. 尽某人最大的努力 ___________________ 10. raise some money for them 10. 为他们募集资金 ___________________ 11. put out the fire 11. 扑灭火 ___________________ 12. be in hospital 12. 生病住院___________________ 13. play with matches 13. 玩火柴___________________ 14. be careful with 14. 小心___________________ 15. be on fire 15. 着火了___________________ 16. in the newspaper 16. 在报纸上___________________ 17. work hard on the subject 17. 努力学习这门功课___________________ 18. pour water over his clothes 18. 把水泼在他的衣服上___________________ 19. by the way 19. 顺便问一下;顺便说说___________________ 20. as fast as light 20. 像光一样快___________________ 21. do well in …/be good at … 21. 在……方面做得好___________________ 22. at the age of … 22. 在……岁时___________________ 23. take part in 23. 参加___________________ 24. lose(lost) one’s way 24. 迷路___________________ 25. get the award 25. 获得奖项___________________ 26. before his parents came 26. 在他父母来之前 ___________________ Unit 7 Abilities巩固测试 一、单项选择 1. (2018·广西北部湾) the map and tell me where Shanghai is. A. Look around B. Look like C. Look at D. Look out 2. (2018·江苏南京) Some people enjoy ________ out their messages in bottles when they travel on the sea. A. to send B. send C. sending D. sent 3. (2018·内蒙古通辽) Tim is ________ eleven-year-old boy. He likes playing ________ basketball. A. /; a B. an;/ C. an; the D. a; an 4. (2018·山东日照) The high-speed train will ______ you about two hours from Rizhao to Jinan A. save B. pay C. use D. spend 5. (2018·贵州贵阳)The doctor advised Paul strongly that he should stop smoking, but ______ didn’t help. A. it B. he C. one 6. (2018·江苏淮安)The fish you bought yesterday smells ________. You’d better throw it away. A. good B. bad C. well D. badly 7. (2018·湖南湘西) —What happened just now? —A car hit an old lady at the crossing. She was hurt, _______not too bad. A. and B. but C. or 8. (2018·湖北黄石) —It’s too hot. _______ I swim in the lake? —No, you _______. That’s too dangerous! A. Should; can’t B. Need; mustn’t C. Must; needn’t D. Could; can’t 9. (2018·四川达州) —Have you heard of the big fire that broke out at Hao Yixing Clothes Market on June 2nd? —Yes.Luckily,hundreds of firemen immediately drove there and ______ the fire. A.put off B.put away C.put down D.put out 10. (2018·广西北部湾) My uncle works in a hospital. He is a/an . A. singer B. farmer C. actor D. doctor 11. (2018·湖南岳阳) —Could you please help me do the dishes? — . I cut my finger and I’m trying not to get it wet. A. Yes, sure B. Sorry, I can’t C. Yes, here you are 12. (2018·广西百色)—Kitty, I’m busy cooking. Can you give me a hand? —Mum, just wait a moment. I _______ my bed now. A. make B. will make C. am making D. making 13 (2018·湖北襄阳) —China’s star skater Wu Dajing won the gold in the men’s 500 meters in PycongChang Winter Olympic Games, setting a world record time of 39,584 seconds. —_______exciting news it is! Let’s give him the thumbs-up(点赞)! A. What B. What an C. How D. How an 14.(2018·四川乐山) ______ exciting the news is! Beijing will hold 2022 Winter Olympic Games. A. How B. What a C. What 15.(2018·海南中考) David likes taking photos, so his father bought him a______ last week. A. camera B. dictionary C. bicycle 16. (2018·河北)Did you hear the ______? A scientist will visit our school. A. advice B. news C. praise D. choice 17. (2018·江苏连云港) — Could you help me carry the equipment to the basketball field, Robin? — ______. I’ll do it at once. A. Not at all B. No problem C. Wait a moment D. That’s right 18. (2018江苏扬州) Hi, guys, please write three facts you _______ last term in your project. A. learned B. are learning C. have learned D. learn 19. (2018浙江·温州) John ______ so hard on his project that he didn’t notice his mom enter the room. A. works B. has worked C. was working D. will work 20. (2018·甘肃天水) It took us one week this article by Mo Yan. A. read, written B. to read, written C. reading, to write D. to read, to write 21. (2018·四川巴中) He was so ________ that he failed the math test. A. careful B. carefully C. careless 22. (2018·贵州毕节) Tom likes playing _____ piano, but he doesn't like playing ______ soccer. A. /: / B. the; / C. the; the D. /; the 23. (2018江苏扬州) — If I want to be an astronaut, how will I get to be one? — You ____ do well in school and tame your fears, A. may B. can C. must D. could 24. (2018·四川攀枝花)Which season do you like ________ in Panzhihua, dry season or rainy season? A. well B. better C. best D. the best 25. (2018·辽宁朝阳) —What did you do last night, Tom? —First, I did my homework, and then I played ________ violin for half ________ hour. A. the; an B. the; a C. at; the D. /; an 26. (2018·新疆阜康米泉)Anyone who is good at singing can _______ the activity in our school. A. take part in B. take off C. take out D. take care of 27. (2018·辽宁辽阳) Luckily, I arrived home before it . A. rains B. is raining C. rained D. will rain 28. (2018·辽宁营口)—Jack, don’t always copy what others do. ________ your head, please. —Thanks for telling me. A. Using B. Used C. Uses D. Use 二、词汇应用 1. (2018·黑龙江绥化) No one knows what robots will be able ________ (do)in the future. 2. (2018·江苏淮安)Be confident! Everyone has the ________ (能力) to learn new skills. 3. (2018·山东日照) She got well after a _______(勇敢)fight against cancer. 4. (2018·江苏淮安) He tried all the ways he could think of ________(protect) himself against all possible dangers. 5. (2018·广西百色) Kitty, you’ve made some mistakes in this exam. Be more c________ next time. 三、完成句子 1. (2018·辽宁葫芦岛)仔细记笔记,这对你的学习有帮助。 , and it is helpful for your study. 2. (2018·广东广州) 如果你足够细心,就不会犯简单的错误。 You won’t ________ any simple mistakes ________ you _______ careful enough 3. (2018·辽宁营口)这本书讲述的是坏人如何为他们的行为付出代价。 The book tells how bad people ________ ________ their actions. 4. (2018. 贵州安顺) Listen! It ________ a girl singing next door. 5. (2018·辽宁营口)我姐姐过去常常每天傍晚读报纸。 ________________________________________________________________________ 6. (2018·江苏淮安) 我们中国人正在尽最大的努力使“绿水青山”成为现实。 We Chinese are trying our best ________ “Clear Waters and Green Mountains” ________. 7. (2018·湖北随州) 她在四岁时就能够独自看书了。 She could read by the age of four. Unit 7 Abilities期末复习学案 答案 一、课本单词与短语默写 1. ability 2. believe 3. believe it or not 4. look out 5. seat 6. send 7. even 8. able 9. pay 10. pay for 11. notebook 12. raise 13. brave 14. save 15. save … from … 16. smoke 17. next door 18. badly 19. hurt 20. could 21. pour 22. protect 23. rush 24. wet 25. blanket 26. fireman 27. put out 28. burn 29. hospital 30. moment 31. nod 32. careful 33. hurt 34. reporter 35. news 36. newspaper 37. match 38. rubbish 39. bin 40. smoke 41. by the way 42. camera 43. no problem 44. X-ray 45. term 46. hard 47. article 48. careless 49. do/try one’s best 50. piano 51. do well in 52. better 53. violin 54. at the age of 55. show 56. sir 57. madam 58. recommend 59. award 60. part 61. take part in 62. need 63. lose 64. lose one’s way 65. before 66. hear from 67. yours faithfully 二、重要短语回顾 1. believe it or not 2. look out 3. plant trees 4. clean up the park 5. give a seat to someone on the bus 6. collect things for Project Hope 7. visit an old people’s home 8. rush into the kitchen 9. do/try one’s best 10. raise some money for them 11. put out the fire 12. be in hospital 13. play with matches 14. be careful with 15. be on fire 16. in the newspaper 17. work hard on the subject 18. pour water over his clothes 19. by the way 20. as fast as light 21. do well in …/be good at … 22. at the age of … 23. take part in 24. lose(lost) one’s way 25. get the award 26. before his parents came Unit 7 Abilities 巩固测试 答案 一、单项选择 1. C考查动词短语词义辨析。句意:看看地图,告诉我上海在哪里。look around看看周围,look like看起来像,look at看着,look out当心。只有look at合适,故选C。 2. C 考查非谓语动词。句意:一些人喜欢在海边旅游的时候用漂流瓶送出信息。此处用到固定短语enjoy doing sth.表示“喜欢做某事”。故选C。 3. B【解析】考查冠词的用法辨析。句意:提姆是一个11岁的男孩,他喜欢打篮球。第一个空格表示泛指“一个”,eleven的第一个音是元音音素,故其前表示一个,用不定冠词an;动词play 后跟球类运动名词时,球类名词前不用冠词。 play basketball意为“打篮球”。故选B。 4. A【解析】考查动词词义的理解。句意:从日照去济南的高铁将为你节省大约两个小时。save意为“节省;节约”;pay 意为“支付;付款”;use意为“使用”;spend意为“花费”。故选A。 5. A考查代词。句意:医生强烈建议保罗他应该停止抽烟,但是没什么效果。本句在didn’t help后省略了动词不定式to do so。用it代替动词不定式作形式主语。故选A。 6.B考查形容词、副词辨析。句意:你昨天买的鱼闻起来坏了。你最好把它扔掉吧。下文意义提示用形容词bad“坏的”作系动词smell的表语,符合句意。故选B。 7. B【解析】考查连词辨析。句意:——刚才发生什么事?—一辆小汽车在十字路口处撞到一位老太太。她受伤了,但并不太严重。由后文大意“并不太严重”可推知:前后句存在一种转折关系,故用but引导。故选B。 8. D 考查情态动词的辨析。should表示“应该,应当”;must表示“必须”;need意为“需要”;mustn’t表示“禁止,不允许”;needn’t意为“不需要”,一般用来回答must引导的疑问句;could表示“能,可以”,语气更委婉;can’t表示“不能”。由句意“——太热了,我能在湖里游泳吗?——不,不能。那太危险了!”可知,第一空用could对方提出请求;第二空表示禁止,故选D。 9. D 考查动词短语辨析。句意:——你听说了6月2日发生在宜兴宜兴服装市场的大火了吗?——是的。幸运的是,数百名消防员立刻开车赶到那里____大火。put off推迟; put away放好,收起来;put down放下;put out扑灭。 根据语境可知,消防员及时赶来,扑灭了大伙。故选D。 10. D 考查名词词义辨析。My uncle works in a hospital. 我的叔叔在医院工作。由此可以推测我的叔叔应该是一位医生,故答案选D。 11. B考查情景交际。句意是:——你能帮我刷盘子吗?——_____。我切伤了手指,尽量不弄湿它。根据答语后句可推知此空表示“不能帮着刷盘子”,应用Sorry, I can’t。故选B。 12. C 考查动词的时态。句意:——姬蒂,我忙于做饭。你能帮我一下吗?——妈妈,稍等一下。我现在正在整理床铺。根据答题空所在句中的时间状语为now,可知使用现在进行时态。再根据现在进行时态的构成:be+动词-ing形式,故选C。 13. A考查感叹句用法。句意:——在平昌冬季运动会上,中国的滑冰明星武大靖赢得了男子500米冠军,创造了39.584秒的世界记录。——多么令人兴奋的消息!让我们给他点赞。感叹句的两种句型是:What(a/an)+adj.+n.+主语+谓语!或者How +adj./adv+主语+谓语!该句强调的部分newt为n(不可数名词),故选A。 14. A 考查感叹句的用法。句意:多么令人激动的消息! 北京将举办2022年冬季奥运会。句中中心词是形容词exciting,应用感叹词how修饰,其结构为“How + adj. + 主语+谓语!”,故选A。 15. A【解析】考查名词辨析。由前半句大卫喜欢照相可推断他父亲上周给他买了台相机。camera“相机”;dictionary“字典”;bicycle“自行车”。故选A。 16. B 考查名词词义辨析。句意:你听说这个消息了吗?一位科学家将要拜访我们的学校。advice意见;news新闻,消息;praise表扬,赞扬;choice 选择,抉择。根据语境可知,应是听说这个消息。故选B。 17. B 【解析】考查交际用语。——罗宾,你能帮我把这个设备拿到篮球场地吗?——_____。我立刻就做。Not at all“一点儿也不”;No problem “没问题”;Wait a moment “等一会”;That’s right “对的,正确的”。根据答语“我立刻就做”可推知表示“同意”,故选B。 18.A 考查动词的时态。句意:嗨,伙计们,请写三个你们上学期在课题当中学到的事实。时间状语last term“上个学期”提示定语从句中的谓语动词用一般过去时。故选A。 19. C本题考查动词时态。句意:约翰是如此努力地做功课,以至于他没有注意到妈妈进入房间。结合语境可知,此处强调“过去进行”。故选C。 20. B 【解析】考查非谓语动词的用法。句意:我们花费了一个星期的时间才阅读这个由莫言创作的作品。固定用法:It takes sb. some time to do sth. 意为“某人花费一些时间做某事”。故第一个空格用不定式to read作真正的主语,句中it是形式主语;第二个空格用过去分词written作定语,修饰名词article,表示被动。故选B。 21. C 考查形容词。由该句中的“he failed the math test”可知,他是如此粗心以至于数学考试失败了。careless意为“粗心的”,符合题意。故选C。 22. B 【解析】考查冠词的用法。句意:汤姆喜欢弹钢琴,但他不喜欢踢足球。前者乐器前加定冠词the;后者球类前不加冠词。故选B。 23. C 考查情态动词辨析。句意:——如果我想成为一名宇航员,我怎样才能成为呢?——你必须在学校里好好表现并且消除你的恐惧心理。may可能;can能、会;must必须;could能、会,为can的过去式或表示“委婉”的语气。答语用情态动词must“必须”说明成为宇航员的必备条件。故选C。 24. B 考查副词的比较等级。句意为:你更喜欢攀枝花的哪个季节,旱季还是雨季?表示两者间的比较,用比较级。故选B。 25. A 考查冠词的用法。表示弹奏某种乐器时,乐器前面需加定冠词the;half an hour是固定搭配,意为“半个小时”,hour的读音以元音音素开头,其前应用不定冠词an。故选A。 26. A考查短语动词辨析。句意:任何擅长唱歌的人可以参加我们学校的这个活动。take part in参加; take off起飞; take out拿出; take care of照顾。后面的宾语是the activity,故此处表示参加活动。故选A。 27. C 考查动词的时态。句意:幸运的是,下雨之前我回到了家。由arrived和before两个词可知,下雨这个动作发生在过去,故用一般过去时,故选C。 28. D 考查祈使句。分析句子结构可知,此处是一个祈使句,应用动词原形开头。故选D。 二、词汇应用 1. to do 2. ability 3. brave【解析】她在同癌症进行了顽强的斗争之后康复了。表示“勇敢的”,应用brave,此处考查形容词brave修饰名词fight。故答案是brave。 4. to protect 5. careful 根据上句“姬蒂,在这次考试中你已经犯了一些错误”可推知下句表达“下次要更认真”,因be后面接形容词,故填careful。 三、完成句子 1. Be careful with your notes/ Write down your notes carefully 【解析】考查祈使句。本题对“仔细记笔记”挖空。可用be careful with,也可用write down carefully。 2. make, if, are 第二空表示“假如,如果”,应用if,引导条件状语从句,遵循“主将从现”,因此第一空won’t,后接动词原形,表示“犯错误”,应用make mistakes;第三空考查表示“细心”的be careful,因句子的主语you表示非三单,谓语动词应用are。故答案是make, if, are。 3. pay for 4.sounds like 5. My (elder) sister used to read newspapers/a newspaper every evening./ My (elder) sister often read newspapers/a newspaper every evening in the past. 6. to make, come true 7. herself at 前者表示“独自”,应用by oneself,因句子的主语是she,此处应用herself;后者表示“在几岁时”,应用at the age of …。 21世纪教育网 www.21cnjy.com 精品试卷·第 2 页 (共 2 页) HYPERLINK "http://21世纪教育网(www.21cnjy.com) " 21世纪教育网(www.21cnjy.com)

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  • ID:4-5949147 [精] Unit 6 Outdoor fun 期末复习学案与巩固测试(含答案)

    初中英语/牛津译林版/七年级下/Unit 6 Outdoor fun

    中小学教育资源及组卷应用平台 牛津七下 Unit 6 期末复习学案与巩固测试 牛津七下 Unit 6 期末复习学案 一、课本单词与短语默写 序号 汉语 词性 英文默写 序号 汉语 词性 英文默写 1 户外的 adj.   29 侧,边 n.   2 急忙,匆忙 vi.   30 穿过,通过 prep.   3 快点,赶快     31 通过     4 抱怨 v.   32 使惊奇 vt.   5 那样 adv.   33 搭,竖立     6 野营 n.   34 帐篷 n.   7 骑自行车运动 n.   35 木头,木材 n.   8 骑马 n.   36 一段时间,时期 n.   9 溜冰 n.   37 朝代,王朝 n.   10 骑(马、自行车) vt.   38 世纪,百年 n.   11 在外面 adv.   39 意大利的 adj.   12 兔,家兔 n.   40 省 n.   13 洞 n.   41 从那时起     14 在…旁边,靠近 prep.   42 激动的 adj.   15 经过;通过 v.   43 手机     16 经过 adv.   44 一点,少许   17 哎呀,天哪,啊 excl.   45 甜的 adj.   18 手表 n.   46 开始变得,变成 v.   19 站起身,起立     47 足够地,充分地 adv.   20 逃脱;离开     48 决定 v   21 落下,掉落;倒 vi.   49 进入 vt.   22 到达;击中,撞 vt.   50 向,朝 prep   23 她自己 pron.   51 忘记 v.   24 独自,单独 adj.   52 太…而不能…     25 低的,矮的 adj.   53 伸手(脚)够到 vt.   26 锁上的 adj.   54 爬,攀登 v.   27 注意,察觉 vt.   55 失败 v.   28 到…里面 prep.           二、重要短语回顾 1. 太重___________________ 2. 室外活动___________________ 3. 去骑马___________________ 4. 去野营___________________ 5. 喜欢待在外面___________________ 6. 抬头看___________________ 7. 看见某人正在做某事___________________ 8. 路过___________________ 9. 一只穿外套的白兔___________________ 10. 从它口袋里拿出一块表___________________ 11. 穿过田野___________________ 12. 太…不能…___________________ 13. 跳进一个大洞___________________ 14. 让兔子逃离___________________ 15. 发现她自己独自一人___________________ 16. 在一个又长又矮的礼堂里___________________ 17. 在另一边___________________ 18. 试着做某事___________________ 19. 用钥匙开门___________________ 20. 练习做某事___________________ 21. 搭帐篷___________________ 22. 整夜待在外面___________________ 23. 西方人___________________ 24. 一种做某事方法___________________ 25. 使用竹子制风筝___________________ 26. 用木头制成一只鸟___________________ 27. 有悠久的历史___________________ 28. 历史上的第一只风筝___________________ 29. 以…闻名___________________ 30. 举行野炊___________________ 31. 记得做某事(事情未做)___________________ 32. 尝起来甜___________________ 33. 再喝一些___________________ 34. 感到有点儿病了___________________ 35. 越来越小___________________ 36. 足以做某事___________________ 37. 决定做某事___________________ 38. 进入花园___________________ 39. 朝门走去___________________ 40. 爬上去___________________ 七下Unit 6 巩固测试 一、单项选择 1. (2018·广西梧州) Hurry up, _______ you’ll miss the early bus. A. or B. and C. so D. but 2. (2018·江苏南京) —________ is it from the Children’s Palace to Nanjing South Railway Station, Tom? —About 10 minutes’ ride by bus. A. How soon B. How long C. How far D. How much 3. (2018?河南中考) As a child, I would sit for hours by the river doing _____—simply daydreaming. A. nothing B. everything C. something D. anything 4. (2018·广西梧州) We will go camping if it ______ tomorrow. A. rained B. doesn’t rain C. will rain D. won’t rain 5. (2018·江苏淮安) —Have you watched the movie Operation Red Sea? —Not yet. I ________ it with my friends tomorrow. A. watch B. have watched C. will watch D. am watching 6. (2018·辽宁鞍山) —What’s the matter with Tom? —He hit ________ on the knee by mistake yesterday. A. his B. him C. himself D. her 7. (2018·广西北部湾) Don' t worry, the girl is old enough to look after . A. herself B. her C. hers D. she 8. (2018?贵州黔南) It is very relaxing to listen to light music by oneself. A. together B. lonely C. alone D. again 9. (2018?云南曲靖) When I saw my father _____ for me on a cold winter night. I couldn’t keep back my tears. A. wait B. waited C. to wait D. waiting 10. (2018?黑龙江大庆) The monkey was _____ the other side of the door and looked at Dr. Morgan ____ the keyhole. A. on; across B. on; through C. in; through D. in; across 11.(2018 ?吉林长春) When you meet a new word, you can ________ in a dictionary. A. cut it up B. clean it up C. look it up D. put it up 12. (2018·湖北荆州) —We are planning a Yangtze River Perfection Day this weekend. Do you have any advice? —You'd better_______ signs around the school to tell all the students about that. A. make up B. put up C. set up D. show up 13. (2018·辽宁营口) Harry has decided ________ an online shop after graduating from school. A. open B. to open C. opened D. opening 14. (2018?广西贵港中考) —Sam, don’t forget the book to the library tomorrow. —OK, I won’t. A. return B. returning C. returned D.to return 15. (2018·广西梧州) Mr. Smith will arrive at our school next week. The underlined part “arrive at” means ______. A. get B. go C. come D. reach 16. (2018·山东东营) —I’ve tried hard at my school work but still ________ . — Don’t be upset. Sometimes losing is only a sign that you really tried. A. failed B. worried C. improved D. succeeded 17.(2018·湖南长沙)—How many apples can I have? —You can have two._____ are for Jim. A. The others B. Others C. The other 18. (2018·黑龙江哈尔滨)—I have seen the film The Jurassic World Ⅱ《侏罗纪世界Ⅱ》. It’s very interesting. —Really? When ____ you _____ it? A. have, seen B. did, see C. will, see 19.(2018江苏扬州)— Mr Wu has recommended many books. Have you decided ______ first? — Yes. The Little Prince. A. how to read B. which to read C. when to read D. where to read 二、词汇应用 1. (2018 ? 新疆乌鲁木齐)In the book A Brief History of Time, the famous British professor Dr. Hawking describes his theory of black ________. 2. (2018?黑龙江大庆) You will have a better chance of __________ (pass) your exams if you work harder. 3. (2018·内蒙古呼和浩特) You can see objects and paintings from different __________ (century) in the Louvre Museum. 4. (2018·江苏泰州) As China continues developing quickly, the Chinese language becomes ________(popular) than before. 5.(2018·湖北武汉中考) Amy wants to keep her old things because they bring back _______ (甜蜜的) memories. 6. (2018·江苏苏州) — Can we put another bed in this room? — Sure. It’s big __________ for a third one. 三、完成句子 1. (2018·四川甘孜州、阿坝州)最好不要逃避问题。 It’s best not to ________ ________ from the problem. 2. (2018·江苏宿迁) 历史上的第一个风筝是用木头做的。 The first kite __________ wood in history. 3. (2018·江苏常州)听到这个结果,朱莉激动得说不出话来了。 Julie was _____________________________ the result. 4. (2018·内蒙古通辽)这个小男孩没够到树上的苹果。 The little boy __________ to _______ the apple on the tree. 5. (2018江苏扬州) 糖果含糖太多,对我们的牙齿有害。 __________________________________________________ 牛津七下 Unit 6 期末复习学案 答案 一、课本单词与短语默写 1. outdoor 2. hurry 3. hurry up 4. complain 5. that 6. camping 7. cycling 8. riding 9. skating 10. ride 11. outside 12. rabbit 13. hole 14. by 15. pass 16. by 17. dear 18. watch 19. stand up 20. run away 21. fall 22. hit 23. herself 24. alone 25. low 26. locked 27. notice 28. into 29. side 30. through 31. go through 32. surprise 33. put up 34. tent 35. wood 36. period 37. dynasty 38. century 39. Italian 40. province 41. from then on 42. excited 43. mobile phone 44. a little 45. sweet 46. become 47. enough 48. decide 49. enter 50. toward(s) 51. forget 52. too … to … 53. reach 54. climb 55. fail 二、重要短语回顾 1. too heavy/ much too heavy 2. outdoor activity 3. go riding/ horse-riding 4. go camping 5. like being outside 6. look up 7. see sb doing sth 8. pass by 9. a white rabbit in a coat 10. take a watch out of its pocket 11. run across the field 12. too…to… 13. jump down a big hole 14. let the rabbit get away 15. find herself alone 16. in a long low hall 17. on the other side 18. try to do sth 19. open the door with the key 20. practise doing sth 21. put up a tent 22. stay outside all night 23. people in the West 24. a new way to do sth 25. use bamboo to make kites 26. make a bird out of wood 27. have a long history 28. the first kite in history 29. be famous for 30. have a picnic 31. remember to do sth 32. taste sweet 33. drink some more 34. feel a little ill 35. smaller and smaller 36. …enough to do sth 37. decide to do sth 38. enter the garden 39. walk towards the door 40. climb up 七下Unit 6 巩固测试 答案 一、单项选择 1. A 考查连词。句意:快点,否则你会错过早班车的。or表示一种否定的条件,意为“否则”。故选A。 2. C 考查疑问词组辨析。句意:?——从少年宫到南京南站有多远?——乘坐公交车大概10分钟。How soon多久,用于将来时,回答用in+一段时间;How long多长,对时间或长度提问;How far多远,对距离提问;How much多少,对不可数名词或价格提问。根据答句“About 10 minutes’ ride by bus”可知问句是对距离提问。故选C。 3. A 【解析】考查不定代词词义辨析。句意:小时候,我会在河边坐几个小时什么也不做——只做白日梦。nothing没什么;everything每件事;something一些事情;anything任何事情。根据句意选A。 4. B 考查动词的时态。如果主句中用了一般将来时,在条件状语从句中用一般现在时表将来,所以横线上用一般现在时。故选B。 5. C 考查动词时态辨析。句意:——你们看过电影《红海行动》吗?——还没有。明天我要和我的朋友们一起看。时间状语tomorrow提示谓语动词用一般将来时态。故选C。 6. C 考查代代词辨析。句意为:——Tom怎么了?——他昨天不小心撞伤了自己的膝盖。根据答句的的主语“He”可知,此处应用反身代词himself与之呼应。故选C。 7. A 考查代词辨析。the girl和后面动词短语look after是动宾关系,是同一个人,故要用反身代词。句意:别担心,这个女孩足够大了,能够照顾好她自己。故选A。 8. C【解析】考察词组搭配。句意:一个人听轻音乐是非常放松的。by oneself独自,相当于alone单独;together一起;lonely孤单的、寂寞的;again重新。故选C。 9. D 考查非谓语动词的用法。句意:当我看到我的父亲在一个寒冷的冬夜里等着我的时候。我无法抑制住我的眼泪。see sb. doing sth. 意为“看到某人正在做某事”;现在分词作宾语补足语。故选D。 10. B?考查介词的用法。on the other side"?在另边”?;through?指从物体内部透过;across指从物体表面横穿。故选B。 11. C 考查动词短语辨析。句意:当你碰上生词的时候,你可以在字典上查一下。cut up切碎;clean up打扫干净;look up查阅;put up张贴,悬挂。故选C。 12. B 考查动词短语辨析。make up编造;put up张贴,搭起;set up建立;show up出现,露面。根据signs 可知是“张贴通告“,故选B。 13. B 考查非谓语动词。decide to do sth.是固定搭配,意为“决定做某事”。故选B。 14. D【解析】考查非谓语动词辨析。句意:——山姆,不要忘记明天把书还给图书馆——好的,我不会忘记的。由答语中“I won’t”意为我不会忘记的,可知书未还,所以用固定搭配forget to do sth.忘记去做某事。故选D。 15. D 考查动词的辨析。arrive at 意为“抵达;到达”;相当于get to或reach。故选D。 16.A【解析】考查动词词义辨析。句意:——我已经努力学习我的功课,但是仍然_______。——不要难过。有时失败只是你真正尽力的一个标志。fail失败;worry担心;improve提高;succeed成功。由“Don’t be upset”可知是指“尽管尽力了,仍然没有成功”。故选A。 17.A 考查代词用法辨析。句意:我能有多少个苹果?你可以有两个苹果,剩余的苹果给吉姆。the others表示"剩余的人或事"相当于the other+名词,others表示"其他的人或事"相当于other+名词。the other表示"两者中另一个"或"剩余的",若表示"剩余的"后接名词,故选A。 18. B 考查动词的时态。句意:——我已经看过《侏罗纪世界II》了,非常有趣!——真的吗?你什么时候看的?本题是咨询过去的具体时间,应用一般过去时态。故选B。 19.B 考查“特殊疑问词+动词不定式”的结构。句意:—吴先生已经推荐了许多书。你已经决定先看哪一本了吗?—是的。《小王子》。此题考查“特殊疑问词+动词不定式”在句中作宾语,前文many books提示用which和动词不定式连用,表示“读哪一本”,which作动词read的宾语。故选B。 二、词汇应用 1. holes 句意:在这本书《时间简史》中,著名英国教授霍金博士描述了他的黑洞理论。black作为形容词,其后跟名词,holes名词,意为“洞”。 2. passing?【解析】句意:如果你更努力,你将有一个更好地通过考试的机会。本题考查固定结构have a chance of doing sth,其中的of是介词,后接动名词。故答案是passing。 3. centuries 4. more popular 句意:随着中国继续快速发展,汉语变得比以前更受欢迎。 5. sweet 【解析】sweet“甜蜜的”。根据前半句“Amy想要保留她的旧东西”可知后半句句意“因为它们(这些旧东西)带来甜蜜的回忆”。 6. enough 句意:—我们可以在这个房间再放一张床吗?—当然可以。这房子足够大,可以再放一个。空白处应用enough表示“足够的”。故答案为enough。 三、完成句子 1. run away/get away 2. was made of 表示“由……制成”,看到原材料,应用be made of。 3. too excited to speak 4. failed, reach【解析】本题对“没够到”挖空。fail to do意为“在某事失败/ 不成功”,reach“够着”。 5. Sweets have too much sugar and are bad for our teeth. 21世纪教育网 www.21cnjy.com 精品试卷·第 2 页 (共 2 页) HYPERLINK "http://21世纪教育网(www.21cnjy.com) " 21世纪教育网(www.21cnjy.com)

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    7b unit8 pets 复习课件:32张PPT
    Unit 8 pets
    What are they
    1 Daniel: I love my parrot because ______
    2 Kitty: I like my rabbit because _____
    3 Peter: I like goldfish because ____
    4 Sandy: I like my mouse best because _____
    5 Millie: I love my dog because _____
    6 Amy: I like my cat
    because _____

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    初中英语/牛津译林版/七年级下/Unit 5 Amazing things

    中小学教育资源及组卷应用平台 牛津七下 Unit 5 期末复习学案与巩固测试 牛津七下 Unit 5 期末复习学案 一、课本单词与短语默写 序号 汉语 词性 英文默写 序号 汉语 词性 英文默写 1 令人吃惊的 adj.   34 (猫叫声)喵 vi.   2 同一的,相同的 adj.   35 拾起 vt.   3 出生,诞生 n.   36 拿起,举起     4 停止做某事     37 吃惊的,惊讶的 adj.   5 (用于比较)倍数 n.   38 随后,后来 adv.   6 地球 n.   39 逃离,跑开     7 骨头 n.   40 某人,有人 pron.   8 后部;背部 n.   41 以前 adv.   9 脂肪 n.   42 前天     10 事实 n.   43 <英>厘米,公分 n.   11 和…一样 adv.   44 渡渡鸟     12 通常的,平常的 adj.   45 蛇 n.   13 像往常一样     46 骆驼     14 坐下     47 蚂蚁 n.   15 突然 adv.   48 不多的,少数的 pron   16 低语,耳语 n.   49 干的;干燥的 adj.   17 灌木丛 n.   50 没有 prep.   18 转身     51 害怕     19 任何人 pron.   52 再也不,不再     20 没有人,无人 pron   53 听说,知道     21 答复,回答 vi.   54 那天,前几天     22 奇怪的;陌生的 adj.   55 同时     23 离开 vt.   56 三维,立体 n.   24 迅速地,飞快地 adv.   57 粉笔 n.   25 在…路上     58 三明治 n.   26 发生 vi.   59 遍及全世界     27 每件事,一切 pron.   60 在…之前 prep.   28 琢磨,想知道 v.   61 每,每一 prep.   29 仔细地,认真地 adv.   62 至少     30 搜查,搜寻 v.   63 像…一样     31 他自己 pron.   64 英寸 n.   32 自言自语     65 请求;要     33 虚弱的,无力的 adj.           二、重要短语回顾 1. 加油___________________ 2. 睁着眼___________________ 3. 自出生时相同的尺寸___________________ 4. 没有看到什么东西___________________ 5. 在他们回家的路上___________________ 6. 搜寻___________________ 7. 听起来像___________________ 8. 那天晚些时候___________________ 9. 把小猫带到动物中心___________________ 10. 对某人大吼___________________ 11. 快速地离开___________________ 12. 返回到公园___________________ 13. 拍照___________________ 14. 还有什么___________________ 15. 生活在地球上___________________ 16. 很久前___________________ 17. 生活在地上/水里___________________ 18. 几个月少吃或不吃___________________ 19. 在寒冷的冬天里___________________ 20. 生活在非常寒冷的地方___________________ 21. 很长时间___________________ 22. 闻东西好___________________ 23. 惊奇做某事___________________ 24. 保持我们的房子干净___________________ 25. 听说___________________ 26. 周游全世界___________________ 27. 一手写字,另一只手画画___________________ 28. 刚才___________________ 29. 停下来吃饭___________________ 30. 把肉放在两篇面包之间___________________ 31. 变得流行___________________ 32. 在使用___________________ 33. 每百户家庭___________________ 34. 和…一样大___________________ 牛津七下 Unit 5 期末复习学案 答案 一、课本单词与短语默写 1. amazing 2. same 3. birth 4. stop doing sth 5. times 6. earth 7. bone 8. back 9. fat 10. fact 11. as 12. usual 13. as usual 14. sit down 15. suddenly 16. whisper 17. bush 18. turn around 19. anybody 20. nobody 21. reply 22. strange 23. leave 24. quickly 25. on one’s/the way 26. happen 27. everything 28. wonder 29. carefully 30. search 31. himself 32. say to oneself 33. weak 34. miaow 35. pick 36. pick up 37. surprised 38. later 39. run away 40. somebody 41. ago 42. the day before yesterday 43. centimeter 44. dodo 45. snake 46. camel 47. ant 48. little 49. dry 50. without 51. be afraid of 52. not … any more 53. hear of 54. the other day 55. at the same time 56. 3-D 57. chalk 58. sandwich 59. all over the world 60. by 61. per 62. at least 63. as … as 64. inch 65. ask for 二、重要短语回顾 1. come on 2. with eyes open 3. the same size from birth 4. see nothing 5. on their way home 6. search …for… 7. sound like 8. later that day 9. take the little cat to the animal centre 10. shout at sb 11. run away quickly 12. go back to the park 13. take photos 14. what else 15. live on the earth 16. a long time ago 17. live on the ground/ in water 18. eat little or nothing for months 19. in cold winter 20. live in very dry places 21. for a long time 22. smell things well 23. be surprised to do sth 24. keep our house clean 25. hear of/ from 26. travel around the world 27. write with one hand and draw with the other 28. a minute ago 29. stop for meals 30. put meat between two pieces of bread 31. become popular 32. in use 33. per 100 families 34. as large as 七下Unit 5 巩固测试 一、单项选择 1. (2018?湖北十堰)—I watched the live(直播)NBA game last night. How about you? —Of course I did. ______ amazing game it was! A. What an B. How an C. What D. How 2. (2018·广西北部湾)—Happy New Year ! — . A. That's OK B. The same to you C. It doesn’t matter D. You're welcome. 3. (2018·辽宁本溪) — Joe, _____ do you clean your house? — Three times a week. A. how long B. how much C. how often D. how far 4. (2018?新疆乌鲁木齐) John told his little daughter the earth from the west to the east. A. moved B. moving C. moves D. move 5.(2018·湖北孝感) It’s not necessary to find a friend who is the same__________ you. A. in B. as C. to D. from 6. (2018·甘肃武威) The?earth?goes __________ the?sun. A.?around B.?through C.?between D. across 7. (2018·青海西宁) —Lisa, don't let _______ in. I am too busy to meet anyone this morning. —OK. I _________. A. nobody; will B. anybody; won't C. somebody; don't D. anybody; don't 8. (2018福建A卷)—How ________! There are no workers in the bank. —It’s the first self-service bank in China. A. strange B. scary C. boring 9. (2018?山东莱芜) —Oh, dear! I can’t find my key to the office. —Don’t worry. I think you might _______ it in your car. A. offer B. forget C. borrow D. leave 10. (2018?四川泸州)We are happy to see our city is developing these years than before. A. quickly B. more quickly C. very quickly D. the most quickly 11. (2018·新疆阜康米泉) Nobody can predict what _______ in the future. So enjoy your life. A. will happen B. Happen C. have happen D. happen 12. (2018?山东济南)—We can search the Internet for all kinds of information. —But you can’t believe ________ on the Internet. A. something B.anything C. everything D. nothing 13. (2018·湖南湘西) Alice does her homework as ____as Peter. A. carefully B. more careful C. careful 14. (2018?山东莱芜)—Could you help me clean the floor, Bob? —Wait a moment. I ______ for some information about the World Cup. A. search B. have searched C. am searching D. was searching 15. (2018·辽宁葫芦岛)Everyone should litter whenever he sees it on the playground. A. give up B. mix up C. pick up D. use up 16. (2018·贵州贵阳) Karl Marx, a great thinker and politician, was born in Germany ago. A. the two hundredth year B. two hundred-year C. two hundred years 17. (2018?山东莱芜) —Would you like something to drink, Mum? —Yes, I’d like a cup of coffee _______ nothing in it. A. with B. without C. for D. to 18. (2018?贵州安顺) —Tom, have you ever read the book《A Tale of Two Cities》_______by Charles Dickens ? —Yes , I finished reading it last winter vocation. A. wrote B. to write C. writing D. written 19. (2018?山东济南) There is a ________ /b??k/ across from the park. A. bike B. book C. back D. bank 20. (2018·贵州铜仁)?—What?would?you like to drink? —I’d like three __________. A.?bottles?of?waters? B. bottle of waters C. bottle?of?water ?D.?bottles?of?water 21. (2018·湖南湘西) —Hi, Bob. What club do you want to join? —I want to join a sports club. I can ____very well. A. play the football B. play a football C. play football 二、词汇应用 1. (2018·广西北部湾) Everyone was (surprise) to see her at the party hast night. 2. (2018·黑龙江绥化) We’ve worked for a long time, let’s stop ________ (have)a rest. 3. (2018·广西百色) My little brother studies hard, and he always finishes his homework by _______(他自己). 4.?(2018·江苏盐城) It is the 200th anniversary of the??? ???of Karl Marx this year. (生日) 5. (2018·黑龙江龙东) —Did you hear anything (usual) in the next door? —No, I was chatting online with friends. 三、完成句子 1. (2018?湖北宜昌) 你最好是勇敢面对挑战而不是逃避。(run) You’d better face challenges bravely instead of ______________them. 2. (2018?山东枣庄) 你能回想起他十多年前长什么样吗? Can you remember what he ten years ago? 七下Unit 5 巩固测试 答案 一、单项选择 1. A【解析】考查感叹句 句意:——昨晚我看NBA直播了,你呢?——我也看了,好精彩的一场比赛。根据感叹句句式结构:What+a/an+adj.+名词单数+其它!以及amazing以元音音素开头,故选A。 2. B考查情景交际。句意:Happy New Year!新年快乐!选项:That's OK. 没关系。It doesn’t matter没关系。You're welcome.别客气。只有The same to you.彼此彼此,同乐同乐!符合题意,故答案选B。 3. C 考查疑问词用法。句意:—— 乔,你多久打扫一次你的房子?—— 一周三次。how long多长时间,多久,对段时间提问;how much多少,对不可数名词或价格提问;how often多久一次,对动作频率提问;how far多远,对距离提问。根据答语可知,询问动作的频率,故选C。 4. C 考查宾语从句。句意:约翰告诉他的女儿地球从西到东运行。该句为含有宾语从句的复合句,其中从句内容为客观真理,不管主句为什么时态,从句都为一般现在时。故选C。 5. B 考查介词。本题中the same as 为固定搭配,意为:和...一样。因此答案选B。 6. A考查介词。句意:地球围着太阳转。around围绕,其他选项through通过,between在两者之间,across穿过,都不符合句意。故选A。 7. B【解析】考查不定代词的用法辨析和助动词的用法。句意:——莉莎,不要让_______进来。我今天上午太忙了,不能会见任何人。——好的,我_______。nobody意为“没有人”;anybody“任何人”;somebody“某个人”。will和won’t表示将来,don’t表示经常。由“too busy to meet anyone”可知:第一个空格表示叮嘱“不要让任何人进来”,故用anybody;第二个空格表示答应,“自己将会做到不会让人进来的”,故用won’t。故选B。 8. A 考查形容词辨析。句意:—真奇怪!这家银行里没有工作人员。—这是中国第一家自助银行。strange奇怪的,scary可怕的,恐怖的,boring无聊的。根据句意,可知空白处意为“奇怪的”。故选A。 9. D【解析】考查动词的词义辨析。句意:——哎呀,天哪!我找不到我的办公室的钥匙了。——不要担心。我想你可能把它忘在你的汽车里。offer“提供”;forget“忘记”,表示想不起来某事物或忘记做某事;borrow“借”;leave“离开;丢下;遗忘”。根据“can’t find my key”可知:这里表示把钥匙遗忘在某地。故选D。 10. B 考查副词比较级。句意:我们很高兴看到我们的城市比以前发展更快了。根据than before可知,应用副词比较级。故选B。 11. A考查动词的时态。句意:没有人能预知未来会发生什么事,所以享受你的生活吧。考查动词时态辨析题。in the future将来,用于一般将来时。故选A。 12. C 考查不定代词的用法辨析。句意:——我们可以在互联网上查寻各种信息。——但是你不能相信互联网上的一切东西。something意为“某事物”;anything“任何事物”;everything“一切东西”;nothing“没有东西”。根据生活常识可知:网上的东西有的可信,有的不可信。故用everything。故选C。 13. A【解析】考查副词用法。句意:爱丽丝做作业和皮特一样仔细。as…as…之间只跟形容词或副词原形,排查B;且修饰动词does,应用副词carefully。故选A。 14. C【解析】考查动词的时态。句意:——鲍勃,你可以帮助我打扫地板吗?——等一会。我正在搜索有关世界杯的一些信息。根据“Wait a moment”可知:此时正忙着,临时不能去劳动,故要用现在进行时am searching。故选C。 15.C【解析】考查动副词组词义辨析。句意为:每个人应该 垃圾不论他什么时候在地上看见它。give up放弃;mix up混合;pick up捡起;use up用光。结合常识可知此处指“捡起”垃圾。故选C。 16. C 考查基数词修饰名词。句意:伟大的思想家、政治家卡尔?马克思于200年前出生于德国。序数词用来表示顺序,排除A;合成形容词用来作定语,排除B。“200年以前”固定表达方式为two hundred years ago,故选C。 17. A【解析】考查介词的用法辨析。句意:——妈妈,你想要喝点什么吗?——是的,我想要一杯里面什么也不加的咖啡。with意为“有”;without“没有”;for“为了”;to“去”。根据句意可知选A。 18. D 考查非谓语动词。句意:汤姆,你读过由查尔斯·狄更斯写的这本书《双城记》吗?,根据句意,可知答案。分词短语部分作定语修饰the book《A Tale of Two Cities》,故选D。 19. D 考查音标。句意:在公园的对面有一家银行。音标中最关键的是元音/?/,通常元音字母a在闭音节中发这个音,辅音字母n发/? /音。结合句意可知空格处应填名词bank。故选D。 20. D 考查名词。句意:——你想喝点什么?——我想来三瓶水。bottle是可数名词,用复数,water不可数名词,故选D。 21. C【解析】考查短语用法。句意:——嗨,鲍勃。你想参加什么样的俱乐部?——我想参加运动俱乐部。我足球踢得非常好。play和球类名词连用时不加任何冠词。故选C。 二、词汇应用 1. surprised be surprised to do sth.是固定搭配,故答案为surprised。 2. to have 3. himself 考查反身代词。句意:我的小弟弟努力学习,并且他总是独自完成作业。本题与he一致的反身代词是himself。故答案是himself。 4. birthday 5. unusual 形容词的反义词。句意:—你听到隔壁有什么不寻常的东西吗?—没有。我正在网上跟朋友聊天。 三、完成句子 1. running away from 表示“逃避某人或某物”,应用run away from sb/sth;其次表示“代替”,应用instead of,其中的of是介词,其后需要接动词的-ing形式。故答案是running away from。 2. was like / looked like 表示“长大怎么样”,应用句型What is he like? 或What did he look like? 因句中的ten years ago表示一般过去时,其一般过去时的句型则是:What was he like? 或 What did he look like? 故答案是was like / looked like。 21世纪教育网 www.21cnjy.com 精品试卷·第 2 页 (共 2 页) HYPERLINK "http://21世纪教育网(www.21cnjy.com) " 21世纪教育网(www.21cnjy.com)

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  • ID:4-5946563 江苏省江都区大桥镇中学2019年七年级下学期英语U2-U3综合测试(无答案)

    初中英语/牛津译林版/七年级下/Unit 3 Welcome to Sunshine Town

    七年级下学期英语U2-U3综合测试 一、单项选择题: 1. Beijing is big city and it’s capital of China. A. the, the B. a, a C. the, a D. a, the 2.This is _______ bicycle. _______ is over there. A. my father’s; My B. my father; Mine C. my father’s; Mine D. My father; My 3. Tony, __________his father, _________ walking from home to school. A. likes; like B. likes; likes C. like; like D. like; likes 4. The teacher asks us not to __________ the garden in class . A. look into B. look out of C. look to D. look out at 5. My uncle lives a small flat ____ the ground floor . A. on, in B. in, in C. in, on D. on, on 6. ------- Nanjing is an old city in China? ----- Yes. It has a history of over _________ years. A. two hundreds B. two hundred C. two hundreds of D. two hundred of 7. ---- _____ is it from Sunshine Town to the center of Beijing? -- It’s about 20 kilometers __ our school. A .How far , far from???????????????????????B. How long, away from? C. How far, far away from?????????????????????D. How far, away from 8. Of the three men, one is a worker, _______ two are masters. A. the others B. the other C. others D. other 9. There are ___________ days in a year. A. three hundreds and sixty five B. three hundred and sixty five C. three hundred and sixty-five D. three hundred sixty-five 10. If you are hungry, I’ll_______ my cake_______ you. A. share; with B. take; with C. buy; for D. share; to 11. ----“May I speak to Millie?” ----- ____________. A. Yes, I am B. I’m Millie C. Yes, speaking D. Who are you? 12. I sit between Millie and Amy, so my desk is between __________ desks. A. Millie and Amy’s B. Millie’s and Amy C. Millie and Amy D. Millie’s and Amy’s 13. How do you say 15,858? A. Fifteen thousands, eight hundred and fifty-eight B. Fifteen thousand, eight hundreds and fifty eight. C. Fifteen thousand, eight hundred and fifty-eight D. Fifteen thousand and eight hundred and fifty-eight. 14. ---- Look at the clouds. It ________ in a few minutes.----Yes, I think so. ????A.?rains?????????????????????????B. to rain?????????????????C. is raining?????????????????D. is going to rain 15. —It will be my turn. I feel a bit nervous.???????—_____! You can make it. ?????A. Take it easy?????????????????????B. Look out??????????????C. Have a good time???????D. Congratulations 16.-Let’s go to visit the Palace Museum -OK. Spring is the best time to see ___________ in it. A. animals B. films C. Beijing opera D. works of art 17.-Is it easy from my building to yours? -Yes. And we look forward to you at the party. A. to walk; seeing B. to walk; to see C. walking; to see D. walking; seeing 18.-There is _________ with my fridge. -I’m afraid you have to ask someone to check it. A. nothing wrong B. something wrong C. wrong nothing D. wrong something 19. You are to have to buy a new car. A. lucky enough; enough money B. enough lucky; enough money C. lucky enough; money enough D. enough lucky; money enough 20. -Hello, May I speak to Daniel?   -__________. A. Sorry, you can’t B. Sorry, he’s not at home. Who’re you? C. Sorry, you can’t. D. Sorry, he’s not at home. Who’s that speaking, please? 二、完型填空: Once upon a time, there was a little boy named Rakesh, he studied and lived in a boarding school(寄宿学校). Every night he jumped over the wall and played outside. He??1??returned before dawn (黎明) and lay on his bed again, so no one knew that Rakesh went out at??2??. One night as usual, Rakesh found??3??asleep. He decided to play outside again. He went into his teacher—Mrs. Green’s room??4??and saw her??5??. Then Rakesh walked out towards the wall. Near the wall, there was a ladder in the bushes, he hid it there. He??6????the ladders and he climbed it up , then jumped over the wall.??7??at that time his teacher was awake and saw him going out. ??8??got up and took away the??9??from the wall. A few hours??10??, Rakesh returned. In the dark, he tried to climb??11??from the wall. Sadly, there was no ladder, instead, Mrs. Green was standing where the ladder was and waiting?for him. Rakesh was very???12??to be punished (处罚), but to his surprise, she just helped Rakesh to get onto the ground , said, "Rakesh, at leas??13??a warm coat with you, when you go out at night." Mrs. Green's??14??made Rakesh know his own faults. He apologized (道歉) and never went out at night again. It is the??15??lesson that he has ever had. 1. A. never???????????????B. always????????????C. seldom?????????????D. sometimes 2. A. daytime?????????????B. weekends??????????C. night???????????????D. noon 3. A. someone????????????B. anyone????????????C. no one??????????????D. everyone 4. A. loudly??????????????B. quietly?????????????C. happily?????????????D. quickly 5. A. sleeping????????????B. reading????????????C. watching TV??????????D. running 6. A. took care of??????????B. took away?????????C. took a look at?????????D. took out 7. A. And????????????????B. But???????????????C. So???????????????????D. Because 8. A. He?????????????????B. They?????????????C. She??????????????????D. It 9. A. bed????????????????B. chair??????????????C. bushes??????????????D. ladder 10. A. ago????????????????B. before?????????????C. later????????????????D. late 11. A. up?????????????????B. down??????????????C. out????????????????D. in 12. A. afraid??????????????B. glad???????????????C. sorry???????????????D. surprised 13. A. buy???????????????B. bring??????????????C. take????????????????D. borrow 14. A. kindness???????????B. illness?????????????C. happiness????????????D. sadness 15.?A. worst??????????????B. best???????????????C. furthest??????????????D. smallest 三、阅读理解: A Tony Wheeler was born to travel. His father worked for an airline. For the first 16 years of his life,Wheeler and his family lived in many different countries. In the early 1970s,Tony met a young woman named Maureen. They soon married(结婚). Before getting jobs,Tony and Maureen wanted to travel. They took a yearlong trip from England,through Asia(亚洲),to Australia. On the trip,they visited places like Iran (伊朗),India,and so on. When Tony and Maureen arrived in Australia,people asked many questions about their trip. To answer these questions,Wheeler wrote a book called Across Asia on the Cheap. The book told people about different countries' weather,customs (风俗),and places to see. But unlike other travel books then,Tony Wheeler's book also talked about places most tourists did not go. He also wrote about unusual things to see and do. The book was very popular. Tony and Maureen started a company(公司) called Lonely Planet. They went on travelling. They wrote books for each place they visited. Today,800 people work for Lonely Planet. The company has over 650 books. Tony Wheeler,the great traveller,still writes about travels to many places and will bring us more surprises. 1. Tony Wheeler and his wife ended the year?long trip in ________. A. England   B. Iran   C. India  D. Australia 2. Tony Wheeler wrote the book Across Asia on the Cheap to ________. A. make money for his next trip B. tell people about his new company C. draw people's attention to his family D. answer people's questions about his trip 3. How was the book Across Asia on the Cheap different from other travel books then? ________ A. It was longer and more popular. B.It was the first travel book in the world. C. It talked about places most tourists did not go. D. It talked about a country's weather and customs. 4. Which of the following is TRUE about Tony Wheeler's company? _______ A. His father started it. B. It is an airline company. C. Hundreds of people work for it. D. It has no books about travelling. 5. The passage mainly talks about _______. A. a great traveller and his books B. a tour of different countries C. a great writer and his family D. different kinds of companies B Many students ask for advice about improving their English. There are three basic questions. The first question is about real English. Li Hao from Hubei wrote, “I enjoy watching English films and listening to real English songs. But it takes a long time. What do you think?” This is a great way to learn English! Talk about the film or song with your friends, and guess the meaning of the new words. Just enjoy yourself! The second question is about speaking. Sam, from Suzhou wrote, “Our school has a foreign teacher. But I’m shy and can’t speak to her. What should I do?” When I visit China, lots of people in the street say, “Hello! How are you? Where are you from? Do you like China?” These are good questions to start a conversation. Many people are shy when they speak English, so before you begin, take a deep breath and smile! Smiling always helps. The third question is about vocabulary. Olive, from Anhui wrote, “I want to remember all the new words. I wrote them down, but I forget them quickly. What should I do?” Try to remember eight or nine words a day. Write them on pieces of paper and place them in your bedroom. Say the words when you see them, and change them every day. And when you’re shopping, how about counting the English words, or saying the English names for everything you see? 6. How many basic questions do the students often ask? A. Two.?????? B. Three.?????? C. Four.?????????? D. Five. 7. What should you do if you are shy to speak English? A. Watch English films. B. Write down the words first. C. Listen to real English songs. D. Take a deep breath and smile before you begin. 8. What is Oliver’s problem? A. He’s too shy to talk with others. B. He’s not able to count English words. C. He can’t remember new words. D. He doesn’t know what real English is. 9. What’s the best title of this passage? A. How to learn English B. Talking about English films C.Advice about English writing D.The way of beginning an English conversation C There’s always something deep in our soul?that?never dies.?I moved to the small, busy town of Edison in New Jersey six years ago. It was during the second term of my fifth grade. My parents got new jobs and higher income, so they decided it was time to move from Woodbridge to a better, more educational town. In the US, it is unnecessary to take a test to get into a “good” middle or high school. You just attend the school close to where you live. So, many parents will think about the quality?(质量,品质)?of the local school when they decide to buy a new house. My parents did the same. We finally chose Edison mainly because of the high quality of its school. In New Jersey, an area with a good school usually means?a concentration of?Asian people. There are about 300 students in our school. 55% are Asians and just under half of that are Chinese. There are so many Chinese people nearby that we even have our own Chinese school. Edison is an old town, just like thousands of others in the United States. However, I have treated it as my hometown. That’s where I spend much of my youth, and the memories there can’t be moved at all. 10. Why did the writer’s parents move to Edison? A. Because they were born there. B. Because it was a better educational town. C. Because the writer began his fifth grade. D. Because the writer didn’t need to take a test. 11. How many students are from Asia in the writer’s school? A. About 80.???????B. About 160.???????C. About 220.??????????????D. About 300. 12. What does the underlined expression?“a concentration of” mean in Paragraph 3? A. None of???????B. The whole of???????C. A large number of??????????????D. A small number of 13. Why can’t the writer forget Edison? A. Because he regards it as his hometown.???????B. Because his parents got new jobs there. C. Because there are many Asians there.??????? D. Because it is in the state of New Jersey 四、词汇应用 1. Our school is as beautiful as????????????????????.(他们的) 2. I don’t like ____________ (西方)food . I like Chinese food . 3. He always spends a lot of time________ (jog) in the park in the morning. 4. This picture is one of the greatest __________ (art)in the world. 5. The _____________(经理) in this company look so handsome. 6. What problems will you have on a farm _______??(养) these cows? 7. Please look at the ________below. It may help you. (信息) 8. ___________ (幸运), he didn’t pass the exam. 9. Lucy often gets up so late that he _______________(错过) the last train. 10. I am _______ about how to learn English well these days. (担心) 五、翻译句子: 1.你最近感觉好吗?????? __________________________________________________________???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 2.这个消息会让你们感觉更好。? __________________________________________________________???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 3.你的洗衣机有毛病了吗?????? ?__________________________________________________________??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 4.我正在担心晚会穿什么,如何设计我的家。??? ??__________________________________________________________?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 5.我们所有的组员对颜色很了解。?????? __________________________________________________________? 六、任务型阅读: Four ways to have a good school life Your schooldays should be some of the best and happiest days of your life. How can you get the most from them, and make sure you do not waste this wonderful chance to learn. Be active at school! Don’t say things are difficult or boring. Be interested in school-life and your school subjects. Join in lots of activities. Be quick to put your hand up. Go round the school with a big smile. If you are not working, you are not learning, and you are wasting your time at school. Teachers cannot make everything enjoyable. Keep fit. If you do not eat a good breakfast, you will be thinking about food in class. If you go to bed late and do not have enough sleep, you will be sleepy in class. Play some sports to keep your body strong. Face the problem. Do not say you will do things tomorrow. If you get behind the class, it is very difficult to get back in front. You cannot finish a race if you rest all the time. Everyone fails(失败) some tests, loses some matches and has bad days.?Don’t let small problems seem very big and important. Don’t forget to ask for help. You are young. No one thinks you can do everything! Spend the weekends. Don’t waste time lying in bed on Saturday morning. Go and play a sport, get together with friends in the park to relax, learn the piano, or help someone with problems. If you don’t want to go out, there are always a lot of things to do. You may read a book, practice English or help mother with housework. Follow my advice, and have a happy school-life! Title How to 1 a good school life Be 2 at school Take an ___3___ in school life and school subjects. Join in many activities. Make yourself 4 every day. Keep fit Eat 5 every morning. Have enough 6 . Take a lot of exercise daily. Face the problem Don’t put off(推迟) what you can do till 7 . Don’t give up if you 8 . 9 to ask for help if you can’t solve your problems. Spend the weekends You can do ___10__ things during the weekend. Try to make your weekends colourful. 七、首字母填空: People at home keep asking me, “Is it hard to learn Chinese? Why have you learned it so well?” Well, there’s one thing that 1. m ______ Chinese easy to learn: there are so many people to talk to. You’ve probably heard that it’s the most spoken language. Today it’s 2.a ______one of the most written languages online. And with so many Chinese people interested in learning English, it couldn’t be 3. e______ to find a friend for language learning. You just have to know 4.w______ to look for them. The really good place to look for them is QQ. QQ has the same status(地位) in China as AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) 5. d______ in the US. It is reported that at any moment, up to 9,000,000 people are using QQ. They’re at work, or in a web cafe, or at home, and the information of the 6.u______ can be found. If you sign on with your 7.a______ set to “abroad”, you’ll soon find that many thousands of them are interested in 8.s______ to you! This is a great way for you to learn Chinese, and for them to learn English. I think that it’s a very interesting way of cultural communication, too, for ordinary people from 9.a______ the world to be 10.a______ to have one-on-one communication. 八、书面表达: 以My classmate为题,写一篇60字左右的短文,文章中要求简介你的同学,并阐述他(她)的特征以及学习等。要求条理清楚,意思连贯,语句通顺,标点正确。



  • ID:4-5946274 江苏省扬州市江都区嘶马中学2019年七年级英语下册 Unit 2—Unit 3期末复习练习(无答案)

    初中英语/牛津译林版/七年级下/Unit 3 Welcome to Sunshine Town

    七年级下英语期末复习练习(U2-U3) 一、单选题 1. Mr Zhang is ________office worker. He works in _________office near our school. A. an, an B. the, the C. a, the D. an, the 2. Miss Green is very helpful. She is always________others. A. ready to helping B. ready help C. ready helping D. ready to help 3. Is there__________with your MP5? It doesn’t work. A. something wrong B. anything wrong C. nothing wrong D. wrong anything 4. ----I’m afraid i can’t help you__________your problem. ----Thank you all the same (仍然). I can’t ask Fiona______help. A. for; for B. for; with C. with; with D. with; for 5. My uncle lives a small flat ____ the ground floor . A. on, in B. in, in C. in, on D. on, on 6. I have problems with my homework. I want_________Lily________me. A. to ask; help B. ask; help C. ask; to help D. to ask; to help 7. There_________a “helping hands” meeting tomorrow afternoon. A. will be going B. will going to be C. is going to be D. will go to be 8. The boy is______his father. He also________playing football. A. likes; like B. like; like C. likes; likes D. like; likes 9. ---Did you enjoy the party last night? ---Very much. _________wonderful the party was! A. What B. How C. How a D. What a 10. ---_______the fine day! Shall we go for a walk? ---That sounds great. A. What B. How C. How a D. What a 11. Mary isn’t here at the moment. She________later. A. comes B. coming C. is come D. is coming 12. I like soft and gentle music. It______nice. A. tastes B. looks C. sounds D. feels 13. He wants to go there _____ his bike, but I’d like to _______ there. A. on; on the underground B. by; take an underground C. on ; take the underground D. by, take an underground to 14.The hospital is a little far from here. It’s about ________. A. forty minutes’s walk B. forty minute’s walk C. forty minutes walk D. forty minutes’ walk 15. -I can’t find _______ dictionary. May I use ________? –Sure. Here you are. A. my; your B. mine; yours C. my; yours D. mine; your 二、完型填空: Do you have a beautiful dream? I know everyone 1 their own dreams in their life. The dreams are very2 to them. The dreams can make them 3 harder. I am studying in a school now. My dream is to be a 4 in West China. Many children there want to go to school 5 they can’t. Their families are very 6 and the parents don’t have 7 money to let their children 8 to school. I think going to school and studying hard is the only 9 to change their life. Those places 10 teachers greatly. So I want to be a teacher _11 them. I 12 kind to my students and make friends 13 them. I will give them love and teach them 14 to be a useful person. I think it is a(n) 15 job in the world. I hope I will realize(实现) my dream! 1. A. has B. have C. is D. are 2. A. interesting B. important C. difficult D. easy 3. A. to work B. to study C. work D. working 4. A. worker B. doctor C. teacher D. student 5. A. and B. but C. or D. so 6. A. rich B. happy C. small D. poor 7. A. some B. many C. any D. a lot 8. A. going B. to go C. go D. goes 9. A. way B. dream C. school D. place 10. A. need B. needs C. need to D. needs to 11. A. helps B. helping C. help D. to help 12. A. am B. will be C. are D. am going to 13. A. for B. with C. to D. among 14. A. when B. why C. how D. what 15. A. easy B. interesting C. funny D. great 三、阅读理解 A For Sale An iPhone 4, second-hand, 90% new, the price can be negotiated (协商) in person, call Coco at 757-6589 Looking to rent One-bedroom apartment, from January 1st?to April 30th, with bath and shower, near the dining hall of the university(大学) but not inside the university. Call Charlie at 422-3895 Lost Lost two days ago near Man Street. Puppy is only 8 months old. He is a black schnauzer. It is priceless(无价的) for me. Reward. Call Salina at 633-7856 Found A purple wallet was found on the street in Packard-Jewett area yesterday afternoon, Sept 22nd. Please call Jason at 909-8972. 1. You can get in touch with(与……联系) ________ if you want to buy an old cell phone. A. Elaine???B. Coco????C. Salina????D. Jason 2. Charlie wishes to rent(租) an apartment ___________. A. which is near restaurants B. which is in the university C. which has a dining hall D. which he can take a shower in 3. From the last two advertisements, we know ___________. A. the puppy has been missing for 8 months? B. the purple wallet was found on Sept 21st C. Salina loves the puppy very much??? D. Salina lived on Man Street B People in different countries have different ways of doing things. Something that is polite in one country may be quite impolite in another. In Britain, you mustn’t lift (举起) your bowl to your mouth when you are having some soup. But it’s different in China. And in Japan you even needn’t worry about making a noise when you have it. It shows that you are enjoying it. Making a noise is considered as (被认为) bad manners (举止,礼仪) in Britain. If you are a visitor in Mongolia(蒙古), what manners do they wish you to have? They wish you to give a loud “burp” (打嗝) after you finish eating. Burping shows that you like the food. In Britain, you should try not to put your hands on the table when you’re having a meal. In Mexico(墨西哥), however, they hope you keep the hands on the table during a meal. But Arabians(阿拉伯人) consider you must be very careful with your hands. You mustn’t eat with your left hand. Arabians consider it very bad manners eating with left hands. So, what should you do if you are on a visit in another country? Well, you can ask the local people to help you or just watch carefully and follow them if you are on a visit in another country. 4. It is impolite to lift your bowl to your mouth when you are having some soup in ______. A. Britain B. China C. Japan D. Mexico 5.. In Mongolia, burping after eating shows that _________. A. you are rude B. you are hungry C. you dislike the food D. you like the food 6. What’s the main idea of the passage? A. People in different countries have different ways of doing things. B. British people are very polite. C. You mustn’t eat with your left hand. D. Don’t worry about making a noise when you have soup 四、词汇运用 1.The window is_______(坏的). It is very cold in the room. 2.We have a new___________(邻居). He is very kind and helpful. 3.We are very ___________(幸运的) to go to the party and meet the great singer. 4.I like Jay Chou’s songs because they can make me________(feel) great. 5.Are you worrying about what__________(wear) to a party? 6.The social workers will be happy_______________(give) you some ideas. 7.It’s________(real) hot. I want to go swimming this afternoon. 8.His idea__________(sound) very good. Let’s have a try. 9.It is so cloudy. I think it________(rain). 10.--There is something wrong with my computer. ---OK, i_________(ask) my uncle to help. 五、任务型阅读 Do you want to be a popular person in the class? You don’t need to change your character(性格); you just need to improve(改善) it. The most popular people are trusted (信任) and loved because they stay usual but still have something different from the rest of us. Here are some pieces of advice(建议) on how to become a popular person in the class. ·If you want others to like and respect (尊重) you, you have to start by liking yourself. Do not change yourself in order to please others. ·Be helpful to everyone and do it happily. Being nice to people is almost like helping them, too, because by being nice you make others happy. ·Be active and have a positive attitude (积极的态度) towards life. Develop confidence(自信) in yourself. ·Stay clean and wear fresh clothes. Do not try to follow fashion to please others. Respect cannot be bought with big words or money. You have to get it by being honest. It also helps your personal growth. You must be a person that can be trusted to get respect. To be a 1 person Something you don’t need to do ·Don’t try to 2 __fashion or change yourself to make others pleased. ·You can’t get respect with big 3 or money. Something you 4 to do ·Win others’ respect 5 liking yourself. ·Be honest, helpful and 6 to everyone. ·Have an7 and positive attitude towards life and develop confidence in yourself. ·8 fresh clothes and keep clean. Conclusion(结论) 9 your personality(性格) and don’t10 your character if you want to be a popular person. 六、缺词填空 Are you looking for something fun and would you like to help others when you're free? Then j 1 us to be a volunteer! We have voluntary jobs of all ages. Anyone, from twelve-year-old children to people in their seventies,can b 2 a volunteer. You can help people in m 3 ways. Schools need help with taking care of children while parents are working. H 4____ need volunteers to look after children while their parents are seeing a doctor. Animal lovers can help take care of those dogs and cats w 5 homes. There is something for e 6 . "As a volunteer, I don't want to get anything. Seeing the " children's h 7 faces, I'm glad, too," said Carlos Domingo, an old woman of 62. "I often played computer games b 8 . Now I help older people learn h 9 to use computers," said another volunteer at the age of 18. If everyone helps out a bit, we'll have a b 10 world to live in. Are you interested? Call us on 800-555-5756 or visit our website www. activol, com. 七、写作: My neighbours 本单元的标题是My neighbours ,课文在Reading部分介绍了Simon生活的社区的邻居们的生活状况,及其日常的一些活动,主要体现了邻居们互相帮助的那种和谐生活的场景,所以请你以My neighbour 为题,描写自己喜欢的一个邻居,并阐述自己为什么喜欢这样的邻居。 (60词左右)



  • ID:4-5945743 牛津译林版七年级下全册知识点


    7B Unit 1 Dream homes 重点知识汇总
    1、the biggest one 最大的一个
    2、the capital of Japan 日本首都
    3、in the centre of 在……的中心
    4、have my own bedroom 有我自己的卧室
    5、in most homes 在大多数家庭里
    6、see/watch films 看电影
    7、on the seventh floor 在第七层
    8、square metres 平方米
    9、have fun with my dog 和我的狗玩
    10、listen to music in bed 躺在床上听音乐
    11、on the eighth of March在三月八日
    12、of one’s own属于某人自己的
    13、take a message传个话,捎个口信
    14、call sb back给某人回电话
    15、more than enough food超多的食物
    16、have a party 举办一个聚会

    1、The living room is the best place to chat and watch TV.
    2、Where would you like to live? 你想住在哪?
    3、He is always the first to come to school in our class
    4、What kind of home do you live in?
    Which floor do you live on?
    5、My dream home is at the foot of a hill.
    6、My favourite room is the kitchen.

    1、Would you like to live in the palace, Eddie?
    ①Would you like sth?
    肯定回答: Yes, please.
    否定回答: No, thanks.
    ②Would you like to do sth?
    肯定回答:Yes, I’d like/love to.
    否定回答:I’d like/love to, but…

    2、There are twenty restaurants in town.
    There are about 8,000,000 people living in London.
    ①表示某地有……,用there be 句型,谓语动词就近原则。
    There __________(be) an art room, a music room
    and two computer rooms in our school.
    ②表示有事情要做,用there be sth to do。
    There are lots of things ___________(see) in Beijing..
    ③表示有某人正在做某事,用there be sb doing sth.。
    On game shows, there are always famous
    people___________(talk) about their lives.
    3、I live in a town 15 miles from London.
    be far (away) from 离……远,但出现具体距离时,不用far
    My home is __________________(离......远)from the school.
    但出现具体距离时,不用far,用be away from
    My home is 5 kilometres ___________from the school(单选).
    A. away B. far C. close D. next to
    4. have fun with sb./sth. 和某人/某物玩得开心
    have fun doing sth. 做某事很开心
    have(has/had) fun= have(has/had) a good time
    = enjoy(enjoyed) onself(myself/yourself/youselves……)
    5、I also have a bedroom of my own. =I also have my own bedroom.
    own ①(adj.) 自己的
    ②(vt.) 拥有 owner (n.) 物主,所有人
    He______________(own) a big company in New York.
    He is the______________(own) of a big company in New York.
    6、I share a bedroom with my sister. 我和妹妹共享一间卧室。
    share sth. with sb. 和某人共享……
    7、We often listen to music in bed. 我们经常躺在床上听音乐。
    ①in bed 意为 (躺)在床上,bed 前无冠词修饰。
    Don't read ________________. 不要躺在床上看书。
    ②on the bed 表示某样东西在床上。
    There is a book ____________. 床上有本书。
    8、I love to sit there and look out at the beach and the sea.
    look out at sth 向外看……
    look out of… 看……的外面
    look out 向外看,小心
    Q:It’s good for your eyes to ______________ the green
    trees for a minute or two.(单选)
    A. look out of B. look out at
    C. look out from D. look for at
    look like 看起来像
    look up 查阅(字典/资料),向上看
    look after 照顾
    look for 寻找(强调动作)

    in the sea 在海里
    by sea= by ship坐船
    by the sea 在海边
    9、Your house is really different from the flats here in our town.
    be different from… 和……不同,不同于……
    be the same as……和……相同
    different 是形容词,名词为difference
    Our classroom is different from___________(he ).
    There are some _____________(different) between the four words.
    10、Each room has a new computer. 每间房间都有台新电脑。
    each 用于两者及以上的每一个,后面可以直接跟 of。
    如 each of them/you/us
    every 用于三者及以上的每一个,后面不能直接跟 of,
    如要表示每一个,_可用 every one。如every one of them/you/us
    Each student _________________(have) a book in his hand.
    Each of the students__________________(have) a book in his hand.
    11. knife n.刀子,小刀 其复数为knives
    12. thanks for sth./doing sth.
    = thank sb. for doing sth. 因为……而感谢某人
    Thank you for helping me.
    = Thanks for helping me.
    =Thank you/Thanks for your help.
    13. Your garden is full of flowrs.你的花园里都是花。
    be full of……= be filled with…… 充满着……
    14. I hope to visit your home some day.
    hope to do sth.希望去做某事
    hope +(that)从句,
    上句等于I hope I can visit your home some day.
    常用I hope you have a good time.
    some day 将来有一天,总有一天 只用来指将来
    one day 某一天 可以指过去,也可以指将来
    the other day 前几天 常用于一般过去时
    He writes such wonderful stories that
    he _____________(make) a good writer some day.
    I______________(happen) to meet him in the street the other day.
    15. May I speak to Daniel, please?
    This is Daniel speaking.=Speaking. 表示某人正在接电话。
    Is that Tom speaking?那是Tom吗?
    16. Can you ask him to call me back?你能让他给我回电话吗?
    ask sb. to do sth. 叫某人去做某事
    ask sb. not to do sth. 叫某人不要去做某事
    ask (sb.) for sth. (向某人)要某物
    17、I would like to invite my friends to watch films with me at the weekend.
    invite (v.) 邀请
    invite sb to someplace 邀请某人去某地或参加活动
    invite sb to do sth 邀请某人去做某事

    18、have an area of over 260,000 square miles 占地260,000多平方英里
    91,000 square meters in size 91,000平方米的面积
    square ①adj. 平方的square metres 平方米
    ②n.广场 Tian’an men Square 天安门广场
    有其各自的形式one, two, three, four, five, six, seven,
    eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve
    2、13-19都以teen结尾 thirteen, fourteen, fifteen,
    sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen
    3、20-90之间的“整十”都以ty结尾 twenty, thirty, forty, fifty,
    sixty, seventy, eighty, ninety
    如:22 twenty-two, 49 forty-nine, 94 ninety-four
    如:608 six hundred and eight, 732 seven hundred and thirty-two
    1、表顺序。由单数名词 + 基数词,此时名词和基数词第一个字母大写。
    如:Class One, Room Five, Lesson Ten, Page 108, No. 9 Middle School
    基数词+ hundred, thousand, million, billion+ 名词复数
    six hundred students
    短语:hundreds, thousands, millions, billions+ of +名词的复数
    Thousands of visitors have come to Hangzhou in the last two weeks.
    注意:two hundred of the students 学生中的两百个
    3、another+基数词+名词复数= 基数词+more+名词复数
    He ate another two cakes. = He ate two more cakes.
    We need one more hour to finish the work.
    = We need another hour to finish the work
    1、第一到第三需逐个记忆first, second, third
    2、第四到第十九,特殊的是:fifth, eighth, ninth, twelfth。
    3、20-90之间“第几十”的序数词由相应的基数词去掉y加 ieth构成。
    twentieth, thirtieth, fortieth, fiftieth, sixtieth,
    seventieth, eightieth, ninetieth
    4、21-99之间的“第几十几”的序数词,前面的十位数用基数词,后面的个位用序数词,中间用连词符连接。如:twenty-first, twenty-ninth, seventy-eighth。
    5、对比以下序数的写法:fourth, fourteenth, fortiethninth, nineteenth, ninetieth
    The second picture is very beautiful. 第二幅图很漂亮。
    Today is grandma’s______________(nine) birthday.
    He is always the first __________ (come) to school in our class.
    2、表日期中的“日”。 2009 年7月6日 July 6th, 2009
    (1) He lives on ___________________(seven) floor.
    (2) The ________________(twenty-nine) Olympic Games took place in Beijing.
    (3) Father’s Day is the ________________(three) Sunday in June.
    (4) Now, everyone, please turn to Page________ and look at the _________ picture.
    A. Twelve, fifth B. Twelfth, fifth C. Twelve, five D. Twelfth, five
    7B Unit 2 Neighbours 重点知识汇总
    1..most students=most of the students 大多数学生
    2..have/hold a meeting 开会
    3.do some shopping 购物
    do some washing/reading/cleaning
    4.plan a day out 计划外出一天
    5.the day after tomorrow 后天
    6.make a fire 生火
    7.work in a restaurant 在一家餐馆工作
    8.her elder brother 她的哥哥
    9.go to work by train.
    乘火车上班 by +交通工具
    10.at the community centre 在社区中心
    11.on the afternoon of 5 March
    12.worry about what to wear to a party
    13.know a lot about styles and colours
    14.be happy to give you some ideas
    15. worry about= be worried about 担心……
    1.People here are like a big family.
    ( like 为介词,像)这儿的人像一个大家庭。
    2.What are y

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  • ID:4-5945722 [精] Unit 4 Finding your way 期末复习学案与巩固测试(含答案)

    初中英语/牛津译林版/七年级下/Unit 4 Finding your way

    中小学教育资源及组卷应用平台 牛津七下 Unit 4 期末复习学案与巩固测试 牛津七下 Unit 4 期末复习学案 一、课本单词与短语默写 序号 汉语 词性 英文默写 序号 汉语 词性 英文默写 1 跟随;仿效 vt.   28 (树、菜)叶 n.   2 小路,小径 n.   29 东北方 n.   3 不得不,必须     30 桥 n.   4 北,北方 n.   31 穿过,横过 vt.   5 西,西方 n.   32 笼子,鸟笼 n.   6 南,南方 n.   33 在…对面;横过 prep.   7 东,东方 n.   34 在…里面 prep.   8 旅行,旅游 n.   35 在…外面 prep.   9 <英>千米,公里 n.   36 在…上面 prep.   10 每人,人人 pron.   37 在…下面 prep.   11 径直地 adv.   38 指示牌 n.   12 向前移动 adv.   39 在…上面 prep.   13 竹 n.   40 长椅 n.   14 整天地     41 在另一边 prep.   15 沿着,顺着 prep.   42 宝藏 n.   16 路,道路 n.   43 转弯处 n.   17 国王 n.   44 交通,来往车辆 n.   18 记得,记住 vt.   45 红绿灯     19 用于引导从句 conj.   46 应当,应该 modal.   20 危险的 adj.   47 交叉路口 n.   21 声音 n.   48 拐角,街角;角落 n.   22 森林 n.   49 准备 vt.   23 好笑的,滑稽的 adj.   50 为…准备…     24 笑,大笑 vi.   51 大量,充足 pron.   25 长颈鹿 n.   52 大量,足够     26 相当,非常 adv.   53 出口 n.   27 脖子 n.   54 银行 n.   二、重要短语回顾 1. 跟我走___________________ 2. 下去___________________ 3. 别害怕。___________________ 4. 不得不___________________ 5. 上去___________________ 6. 进行一次旅行___________________ 7. 三公里远___________________ 8. 一直走___________________ 9. 躺下___________________ 10. 一整天___________________ 11. 沿着路走___________________ 12. 在…的北部___________________ 13. 走近他们___________________ 14. 左转___________________ 15. 发出美妙的声音___________________ 16. 吃来自树上的叶子___________________ 17. 过桥___________________ 18. 旅途愉快___________________ 19. 躺在草地上___________________ 20. 在一个宽敞的区域___________________ 21. 半小时后___________________ 22. 在左边___________________ 23. 路过___________________ 24. 朝桥走过去___________________ 25. 第二个路口右转___________________ 26. 在街道的拐角___________________ 27. 一封邀请函___________________ 28. 举行生日聚会___________________ 29. 许多的 大量的___________________ 30. 回家的路___________________ 31. 坐地铁___________________ 32. 在A出口出来___________________ 牛津七下 Unit 4 期末复习学案 答案 一、课本单词与短语默写 1. follow 2. path 3. have to 4. north 5. west 6. south 7. east 8. trip 9. kilometer 10. everybody 11. straight 12. on 13. bamboo 14. all day long 15. along 16. road 17. king 18. remember 19. that 20. dangerous 21. sound 22. forest 23. funny 24. laugh 25. giraffe 26. quite 27. neck 28. leaf 29. north-east 30. bridge 31. cross 32. cage 33. across 34. inside 35. outside 36. above 37. below 38. sign 39. over 40. bench 41. past 42. treasure 43. turning 44. traffic 45. traffic lights 46. should 47. crossing 48. corner 49. prepare 50. prepare … for … 51. plenty of 52. exit 53. bank 二、重要短语回顾 1. follow me= come with me 2. go down 3. Don’t be afraid. 4. have to 5. go up 6. go on a trip 7. three kilometers away 8. go straight on 9. lie down 10. all day long 11. walk along the road 12. to the north of … 13. go near them 14. turn left 15. make beautiful sounds 16. eat the leaves from trees 17. cross the bridge= go across the bridge 18. have a nice trip 19. lie on the grass 20. in an open area 21. half an hour later 22. on the left 23. walk past 24. walk to the bridge 25. take the second turning on the right 26. at the corner of the street 27. an invitation letter 28. have a birthday party 29. plenty of 30. the way to home 31. take the underground 32. get out at Exit A 七下Unit 4 巩固测试 一、单项选择 1. (2018?内蒙古包头) I' m afraid I didn't ________ you. Could you repeat your words? A. believe B. follow C. please D. satisfy 2. (2018·黑龙江齐齐哈尔) — ________ I finish my work now? — No, you _________. You can do it later. A. May; needn’t B. Must; don’t have to C. Can, couldn’t 3. (2018·贵州毕节) Bijie is _______the northwest of Guizhou. A. on B. to C. in D. at 4. (2018?黑龙江大庆) I plan to go on ____ trip in ____ coming summer holiday. A. a; / B. /; the C. a; the D. the; a 5. (2018?山东莱芜) We will have a sports meeting in October, but ________ knows the date for sure. A. everybody B. nobody C. anybody D. somebody 6. (2018·辽宁盘锦) I like taking a walk ______ the river after dinner. A. above B. on C. under D. along 7. (2018·四川达州) —Jack,remember ______ off the lights when ______ your bedroom. —OK,I won’t forget,Mom. A.turning;leaving B.to turn;leave C.turning;left D.to turn;leaving 8. (2018·四川广元)In hi free time, he always tells funny stories to make us ________. A. laugh B. laughs C. to laugh 9. (2018·江苏连云港) — Bill, did you see Tom? — Yes, he just parked his car here and then hurried ______ the street. A. through B. over C. past D. across 10. (2018·辽宁营口) —Oh, my God! I’ve left my keys in the room. I’ll have to get in ________ the window. —It’s dangerous. You’d better wait for your mom to come back. A. past B. over C. across D. through 11. (2018·重庆B卷) You ____ stop when the traffic lights turn red. A. can’t B. may C. must D. needn’t 12. (2018·湖南株洲) You look so weak! I think you ____ go to see a doctor at once. A. might B. should C. could 13. (2018·天津) There is________ old piano in__________ corner of the living room. A. an; the B. an; 不填 C. a; the D. a; a 14. (2018·湖北孝感) — Could you come and help with our book sale. Alice? —_________. A. Never mind B. I think so C. Sure, I'd love to D. Have a good time 15. (2018·湖北武汉中考) —Kate, I’m going shopping. Anything to buy for you? —Yes, that will save me a ______. A. hand B. trip C. visit D. bill 16. (2018·黑龙江绥化) Work hard, _______ you’ll catch up with your classmates next time. A. and B. or C. but 17. (2018 湖北恩施)—My friends and I are going out for a picnic tomorrow. — . A. My pleasure. B. Have a good time! C. Help yourselves. 18. (2018·四川甘孜州、阿坝州)I’ll write ________ e-mail to Tom to tell him the good news. A. the B. a C. an 二、词汇应用 1. (2018·江苏宿迁) Before travelling, my mother often __________ (准备) everything well. 2. (2018·海南中考) Look left and right to make sure it’s safe before you go a_______ the street. 3. (2018·江苏镇江) Giraffes are quite tall. Their long necks help them eat the_______(树叶) from trees. 4.(2018·山东泰安) It's d_______ for people to use the mobile phone while crossing the street. 5.(2018·四川乐山) I couldn’t help laughing loudly when I heard such a ______ (humorous) story. 七下Unit 4 巩固测试 答案 一、单项选择 1. B 【解析】考查动词词义辨析。句意:我恐怕我不能____你。你能重复一下你的话吗?believe相信;follow跟随,理解;please请;satisfy满足。根据后文大意“你能重复你说的话吗”可推知:我没有跟上你说的话,故用follow表示,选B。 2. B 考查情态动词的用法。句意:——我必须现在完成工作吗?——不,你不必。你可以稍后再做。must意为“必须”;don’t have to意为“不必”。故选B。 3. C 【解析】考查介词的用法。句意:毕节在贵州的西北部。本题考查毕节是贵州省的一个地级市,位于贵州的西北部,应用in the northwest of Guizhou。故选C。 4. C考查冠词的用法。go on a trip“ 去旅行”,固定短语。in the?coming summer holiday"“在即将到来的暑假”,固定短语。故选C。 5. B【解析】考查代词的用法辨析。句意:我们将要在10月份举行运动会,但是没有人知道具体的时期。everybody意为“每个人;人人”;nobody“没有人”;anybody“任何人”;somebody“某人;有人”。连词but表示转折,故判断后面的分句表示否定,故用nobody。故选B。 6. D考查介词辨析。句意:我喜欢晚饭后沿着小河散步。表达“沿着……”用介词along。故选D。 7. D 考查非谓语动词和时态的用法。句意:——杰克,离开卧室的时候记得把灯关掉。——好的。我不会忘的,妈妈。remember to do sth.记住要去做某事(未做);根据句意可知,杰克还没有离开,所以关灯这件事还没有做。第一句的后半句是时间状语从句,Jack与leave之间是主动关系,要用现在分词表伴随,故选D。 8. A 考查非谓语动词。动词make后接动词不定式作宾语补足语,动词不定式符号to要省略。故选A。 9. D 【解析】考查介词。句意:—比尔,你看见汤姆了吗?—是的,他刚才把车停在这儿然后急忙穿过街道。through “穿过”,表示从内部穿过;over “在……上面”;past “经过”;across “穿过”,强调从物体表面穿过。“穿过大街”强调从一端到另一端,用across表示,故选D。 10. D 考查介词辨析。根据空格前一句“I’ve left my keys in the room.” 可知,此处指“我”把钥匙落在房间里了。“我”不得不从窗户进去。through意为“从……内部穿过”,符合句意。故选D。 11. C 考查情态动词的用法。句意:当路灯变红的时候你必须停下来。根据下文”when the traffic lights turn red”可知,此处指”你必须停下来。”must必须,一定。故选C。 12.B【解析】考查情态动词辨析。句意:你看起来如何虚弱!我认为你____立刻去看医生。might可以,许可;should应该;could可能。根据句意可知,看起来虚弱,应该去看医生。故选B。 13. A【解析】考查冠词的用法。句意:在客厅的角落里有一架旧钢琴。old是元音音素开头的单词,其前应该使用不定冠词an;后空表示“在客厅的角落里”使用词组in the corner of。故选A。 14. C 考查情景交际。问句中询问Alice是否愿意帮忙,答句要么是欣然接受,要么就是礼貌回绝。A项意为:没关系。B项意为:我也这样认为。C项意为:当然,我很乐意。D项:玩的愉快。故选C。 15. B【解析】考查名词词义辨析。句意:——Kate,我要去买东西。给你买点东西?——好的。那将帮我省一趟腿。hand“手”,give me a hand “帮助我”;trip“(短途)旅行”,save me a trip“帮助我省了一趟腿”;visit“拜访”;bill“账单”;根据句意,故选B。 16. A 考查连词辨析。句意:努力学习,下次你就会赶上你的同学的。根据句意,表示顺承关系,用and,故选A。 17. B 考查情景交际,表达祝愿。“我和朋友们明天要出去野炊”。“玩开心哦”。A 用来回答谢谢你,C表示“自便”。故选B。 18. C 考查冠词的用法。句意为:我要给Tom写一封电子邮件,告诉他这个好消息。根据句意可知,空格处泛指“一封电子邮件”,应用不定冠词;且e-mail是读音以元音音素开头的单词。故用an。故选C。 二、词汇应用 1. prepares 句意:在旅游之前,我母亲经常准备好一切东西。根据句中的often可知该题是一般现在时,因句子的主语my mother表示三单,此处应用表示“prepare”的prepare的第三人称单数形式。故答案是prepares。 2. across【解析】句意:为确保安全,在你过马路之前,左右看。表示“穿过”,应用across。故答案是across。 3. leaves 句意:长颈鹿十分高,他们的长颈帮助它们吃来自树上的叶子。根据句意,此处应用表示“叶子”的leaf的复数形式。故答案是leaves。 4. dangerous 【解析】句意:对人们来说,当过马路时,使用手机很危险。表示“危险的”,应用dangerous。故答案是dangerous。 5. funny 句意:当我听到这么幽默的故事时忍不住大笑起来。应用形容词作定语修饰名词。humorous是形容词,意为“幽默的,滑稽的,可笑的”,相当于funny,故答案为funny。 21世纪教育网 www.21cnjy.com 精品试卷·第 2 页 (共 2 页) HYPERLINK "http://21世纪教育网(www.21cnjy.com) " 21世纪教育网(www.21cnjy.com)

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  • ID:4-5944765 [精] Unit 3 Welcome to Sunshine Town 期末复习学案与巩固测试(含答案)

    初中英语/牛津译林版/七年级下/Unit 3 Welcome to Sunshine Town

    牛津七下 Unit 3 期末复习学案与巩固测试 七下 Unit 3 期末复习学案 一、课本单词短语默写 1 我的(名词性) 2 没有什么 3 等一会儿 4 元(人民币) 5 听、罐 6 比萨饼 7 交流学生 8 安静的 9 空气 10 新鲜的 11 本地的 12 慢跑锻炼 13 地铁 14 出名的、著名的 15 西方的 16 歌剧、戏剧 17 戏院、剧院 18 错过、失去 19 向前、前进 20 盼望、期待 21 很快、不久 22 明信片 23 钥匙 24 环、圈 25 钥匙扣 26 你的(名词性) 27 我们的(名词性) 28 他们的(名词性) 29 她的(名词性) 30 到处、遍及 31 笔盒、笔袋 32 金銮宝座 33 作品、著作 34 艺术品 35 绘画、油画 36 划(船) 37 旅馆 38 拥有、所有 39 家乡 40 友好的 41 饲养 42 生长、发育 43 小麦 44 嗅、闻到 45 驾驶、开(车) 二、重要词组回顾 1. 等等___________________ 2. 中国菜___________________ 3. 期待做... ___________________ 4. 离...远___________________ 5. 在湖上划船___________________ 6. 买一个新的___________________ 7. 一些练习本___________________ 8. 带你参观我的家乡___________________ 9. 在我房子周围___________________ 10. 饲养奶牛和种植小麦___________________ 11. 相互认识___________________ 12. 我的一位老朋友___________________ 13. 一听狗食___________________ 14. 带他们到剧院___________________ 15. 邀请他们吃饭___________________ 16. 品尝一下中国食品___________________ 17. 西餐厅___________________ 18. 欣赏京剧___________________ 19. 参观我们的当地的剧院___________________ 20. 中国艺术___________________ 21. 如何干某事___________________ 22. 中国画___________________ 23. 许多更多的东西___________________ 24. 一套带有四个卧室的公寓___________________ 25. 开车带某人干某事___________________ 七下 Unit 3 期末复习学案 一、课本单词短语默写 1. mine 2. nothing 3. wait a minute 4. yuan 5. tin 6. pizza 7. exchange students 8. quiet 9/ air 10. fresh 11. local 12. jogging 13. underground 14. famous 15. western 16. opera 17. theatre 18. miss 19. forward 20. look forward to 21. soon 22. postcard 23. key 24. ring 25. key ring 26. yours 27. ours 28. theirs 29. hers 30. all over 31. pencil case 32. golden throne 33. work 34. works of art 35. painting 36. row 37. hotel 38. own 39. hometown 40. friendly 41. raise 42. grow 43. wheat 44. smell 45. drive 二、重要词组回顾 1. wait a minute? 2. Chinese food? 3. be look forward to doing? 4. be far from? 5. row a boat on the lake? 6. buy a new one? 7. some exercise books? 8. show you around my hometown? 9. around my house? 10. raise cows and grow wheat? 11. know each other? 12. an old friend of mine 13. a tin of dog food 14. take them to the cinema 15. invite them to have dinner 16. try some Chinese food 17. Western restaurants 18. enjoy Beijing opera 19. visit our local theatre 20. Chinese art 21. how to do sth 22. Chinese paintings 23. many more things 24. a four-bedroom flat 25. drive sb to do sth 七下 Unit 3 巩固测试 一、单项选择 1. (2018·四川雅安)—Whose bike is this? —Oh, it’s ________. Thank you. A. mw B. mine C. my D. I 2. (2018?贵州黔南)He was so angry that he could say ________ . A. anything B. nothing C. something D. everything 3. (2018·湖北随州)It was late. She opened the door ______ because she didn't want to wake up her parents. A. heavily B loudly C quietly D. angrily 4 . (2018?贵州安顺) — fresh air it is now! —Yes. go out for a walk. A. How, Let B. What a, Let’s C. What, Let’s D. How, Let us 5. (2018·四川巴中) Look, there are many boys ________ basketball on the playground. A. playing B. play C. to play 6. (2018·辽宁营口)—Jack, don’t always copy what others do. ________ your head, please. —Thanks for telling me. A. Using B. Used C. Uses D. Use 7.(2018·重庆A)I’m surprised at the new look of_________ hometown. A. I B. me C. my D. mine 8.(2018·山东东营) The 119 passengers are ________ Liu Chuanjian. Without him, they would probably have lost their lives. A. hard on B. thankful to C. friendly to D. responsible for 9. (2018·黑龙江齐齐哈尔) — How long does it take us to go to your hometown from here? —It takes us _______ hour to go to my home town by ________ train. A. an; a B. an; / C. an; the 10. (2018·江苏常州) —Are you going to try out for the host of the English party? —______? It is such a good chance to improve my spoken English. A. What’s up B. What’s wrong C. Why me D. Why not 11. (2018?山东济南) —How far is it from here to the subway station? —About________ kilometers. A. one B. three C. first D. third 12. (2018?上海中考)Catherine has two cousins. One is quiet, and ______ is noisy. A. another B. the other C. other D. others 13. (2018?贵州铜仁) —Listen!?Who?is?singing?in?the?next?room? ——It?must?be?Sally.?I?often?hear?her ________ there. A.?singing B.?sings C.?to?sing D.?sing 二、词汇应用 1. (2018·江苏扬州) Visitors to Yangzhou can enjoy a bite of ________ dishes at Yechun Tea House. (当地的) 2. (2018·江苏徐州) Mary, I shall ______ (错过) our pleasant talks when you leave. 3. (2018·山东临沂) Chinese scientists have successfully cloned (克隆) two _______(monkey). They are named Zhong Zhong and Hua Hua. 4. (2018·湖南常德) If he _______ (go)to the party, he ll have a good time 三、句型转换 1. (2018?山东济南)There are some restaurants on Bridge Street. (改为一般疑问句) ____________ ____________any restaurants on Bridge Street.? 2. (2018?山东济南)They talked about Mary’s hometown in class. (就句子画线部分提问) ____________ hometown ____________ they talk about in class? 四、完成句子 1. (2018·四川自贡)乡村的空气是多么新鲜啊! __________ ________ the air in the countryside is! 2. (2018. 贵州安顺) An shun ________ (以……而出名) Huang Guoshu Waterfall and its fresh air. 3. (2018 ?山东潍坊) 我表姐每周花两个小时的时间学京剧。(spend…in…) __________________________________ 4. (2018·山东烟台) 非常期待在下次聚会见到您。 I’m really ____________________ the next gathering. 5. (2018·黑龙江绥化) 邮局在旅馆和图书馆之间。 __________________________________________________ 6. (2018·山东青岛中考) —Why are they so busy? — Because they ____________ (正在筹钱) money for homeless people. 七下 Unit 3 巩固测试 一、单项选择 1. B 考查代词的用法。根据语境可知,答语意为:这辆自行车是我的。谢谢你。表示“我的”,用名词性物主代词mine。故选B。 2. B【解析】考查不定代词。句意:他如此生气以至于他什么都说不出来。anything任何事情,用于否定句;nothing没有事情,相当于not anything;something一些事情;everything,每件事情。故选B。 3.C考查副词词义辨析。句意:时间很晚了,他轻轻地推开门,因为他不想吵醒他的父母。 heavily 沉重地,猛烈地;loudly 大声地;quietly 轻轻地;angrily 生气地。故选C。 4. C 考查感叹句和祈使句的用法。感叹句有三种结构:How+adj/adv+主语+其它! What a/an+adj+单数可数名词+主语+其它! What+adj+名词复数或不可数名词+主语+其它!第一句感叹部分是fresh air,适合What+adj+不可数名词句式;第二句是祈使句Let’s后面接动词原形go,故选C。 5. A 考查动词的时态。由“look”可知,本句应用现在进行时。故选A。 6. D 考查祈使句。分析句子结构可知,此处是一个祈使句,应用动词原形开头。故选D。 7. C考查代词用法。句意:看到我的家乡的新面貌,我非常惊讶。根据空后的名词hometown可知前面要用形容词性物主代词,I的形物代为my。故选C。 8.C【解析】考查动词短语的用法辨析。句意:(飞机上的)119名乘客都对(飞机长)刘传建________。没有他,他们将都或许已经丧失了生命。be hard on“对……苛刻”;be thankful to“对……充满感激”;be friendly to“对……友好”;be responsible for“对……负责任”。根据后面的假设“Without him, they would probably have lost their lives”可知:乘客应该对这位英雄机长表示感激。故选D。 9. B 考查冠词的用法。 hour首字母不发音,故以元音开头,用冠词 an;by后跟交通工具名词不用冠词,故选B。 10. D 考查情景交际。句意:——你要参加英语晚会主持人的选拔吗?——______? 这是一个提高英语口语的多么好的一个机会呀。What’s up“怎么了”;What’s wrong“怎么了”;Why me“为什么是我”;Why not“为什么不”。根据语境可知,“我”想参加,故选why not。 11. B 考查数词的用法。句意:——从这儿到地铁站有多远? ——大约三公里。由问句中的疑问词how far可知答语应该是表示距离的多少,而first和third是序数词,表示顺序。故要用基数词,one后跟名词单数,three后跟名词复数,由答语中的kilometers,故选B。 12. B【解析】考查代词的用法。句意:凯瑟琳有两个表兄弟。一个是安静的,另一个是嘈杂的。根据前面的one可知此处用the other(另一个)。 13. D 考查非谓语动词。句意:——听,水正在隔壁唱歌?——一定是萨利。我经常听见她在哪里唱歌。hear sb. do sth. 听见某人做某事,强调经常做或是做某事的过程;hear sb. doing sth. 听见某人正在做某事,强调动作正在发生,故选D。 二、词汇应用 1. local 句意:到扬州的游客可以在宜春茶馆品尝当地的菜肴。表示“当地的”,应用local。故答案是local。 2. miss 3. monkeys 句意:中国科学家已经成功地克隆了两只猴子,他们被命名为“中中”和“华华”。 4. goes 考查条件状语从句。由if 引导的条件状语从句,当主句用一般将来是,从句要用一般现在时,且主要为he。故填goes。 三、句型转换 1. Are there 2. Whose, did 四、完成句子 1. How fresh 【解析】对“多么新鲜”进行了挖空,考查感叹句的用法,fresh意为“新鲜”。感叹句结构:How+ adj./adv.+ 主语+ 谓语动词!What + a/an + adj.+ 单数名词+ 主语+ 谓语动词!What + adj.+ 不可数名词+ 主语+ 谓语动词!这里是修饰形容词fresh,所以用how 结构,故填How fresh。注意位于句首首字母应该大写。 2. is famous for 3. My cousin spends two hours in learning Beijing Opera every/each week. 4. looking forward to meeting/seeing you 由句意及所给句子可知设空处应表示期待见到,look forward to doing sth.意为“期待做某事”,为固定搭配,故填looking forward to meeting/seeing you。 5. The post office is between the hotel and the library. 6. are raising 【解析】考查现在进行时。句意:—他们为什么这么忙?—因为他们一直在为无家可归的人筹集资金。根据后文“_______ money for homeless people”可知为无家可归的人捐款,所以用raise,构成短语raise money,因问句询问的是现在忙碌的原因,所以答语应该用现在进行时表示现阶段在做的事情,故答案是 are raising。

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